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Author Topic: Antisoul's Request Thread [MxF, FxF : Cross-Gender okay] (Updated 6/3/11)  (Read 739 times)

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Offline AntisoulTopic starter

Antisoul's RP Requests

  First let me say that I'm largely open to trying new things. My O/O's are more than less a guideline and while most things listed under Never really are off limits go ahead and ask anyway I just might be open to something I didn't think I would be. With that said I also don't limit myself to the story ideas, pairings and fandoms below, if you have an idea PM me I'll probably be open to it. So here goes.

Story Plots

Zombie Apocalypse: Short-Term
  Its happened, the zombie apocalypse. A pair of survivors take shelter in an abandoned house, after barricading the home the two are holed up inside for as long as they can. As the weeks pass they grow close and a romance is sparked. This one is pretty straight forward and would be a male/female pairing but could also be a female/female pairing. It would be a short-term game as their relationship builds and culminate with a heated encounter, where it goes from there could be played by ear or just called done.

Modern Empire
  The Roman Empire never fell instead expanding to encompass the globe by the present day. Over the millienia the culture of the Empire has changed to the point that it largely resembles western civilization save for the most popular sport continuing to be gladiatorial matches and the fact that slavery was never abolished, anywhere.

 In the northwestern province of the new world lives a wealthy and upstanding family. However the parents are concerned that their child, who doesn't have many friends at school is growing depressed in his/her loneliness. Resolving to fix the situation the only way they know how, by throwing money at it, the parents purchase for the child a slave of his/her choosing in the hopes that the company will lift the child's spirits. In this game I'd play either role and either role could be either male or female.

Bargaining: Buffy S06E01
  The gang resolves to bring the Slayer back from the dead — and succeeds, despite being hindered by a band of biker demons. Meanwhile, a grieving Giles (unaware of the Scoobies' plan to resurrect Buffy) leaves Sunnydale. However when a gang of biker demons wreck the sacred Urn of Osiris the god of the dead is none too pleased and refuses to let Buffy return to life. It would seem that Willow's spell is all for naught when a seemingly all powerful entity appears on the spot and offer's Willow a bargain. Either the witch or Dawn spend one year with it in it's otherworldly realm and bear for it a strong son and the entity will return Buffy to life.

For this story I would need someone familiar with seasons 5-6 of Buffy or preferably seasons 1 - 6, that could play either Willow or Dawn. I of course would take on the roll of the all powerful being.


 - Dragon Age
  - Fallout
  - Mass Effect
  - Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
  - Doll House
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Re: Antisoul's Request Thread [MxF, FxF : Cross-Gender okay]
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2011, 03:59:52 am »
I'm really interested in the Zombie Apocalypse RP! :)

Offline AntisoulTopic starter


Offline AntisoulTopic starter

Looking for someone for a regular IM based WoD game (my own special blend of new & old WoD) focusing on mortal characters. The idea is the characters are introduced to the supernatural and cope/deal and survive, now that they know how do they stay sane? Then something happens that essentially uproots their lives giving them cause to become active hunters rather than simply reacting to the supernatural around them. So in short the evolution from regular joe to dean winchester XD. (Yes I <3 supernatural, no it wont influence the WoD game.)

I'm happy to play with anyone though this would definitely be a one-on-one game.

Add me to msnger if you are interested, I'd be running the game as the Storyteller, you'd be the player.