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Author Topic: reality based steamy combat, F or M who play F wanted  (Read 975 times)

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Offline RachwrestlesTopic starter

reality based steamy combat, F or M who play F wanted
« on: March 06, 2011, 05:05:57 AM »
I am looking for a female wrestling partner for turn based wrestling/catfighting roleplay. This works in a turn based fashion with each person posting their actions. From the start of the match through to the end. There tends to be an overall winner, and humiliation for the loser, this can involve, spanking, smothering, facesitting, tying up, plus anything else both people agree with.

Here is an example of the beginning of a match


Person 1: I may not have the same bimbo look as you but that doesn't mean I am any less attractive, I have got with some of the best looking guys in work, so I have nothing to be ashamed of. I eye you up, judging your body against mine. Your breasts may be a lot bigger but that doesn't mean they are better and I am reminded of that when you stroll into the room, my eyes scanning you up and down all the time, looking for weaknesses, and I know you are inferior to me in every way. I throw my hair back and lean on the back wall, arms spread wide, the opposite side of the room to you. I smile, I look confident, a confidence which is not unfounded, I eat girls like you for Breakfast,  I know its you who should be scared today and not me, my 5ft2 124lbs 36C 26 36 body looking hot.

 I push myself off the wall and stroll slowly towards the centre of the room, I'm always aware that I'm being filmed for our friends, always aware of the camera on me, and it excites me, knowing this is going to be watched by people, it excites me knowing anyone with any sense will be wanting me to win. I shake my arms and bounce a little bit on my toes. Its to warm me up, sure, but its also to make my chest bounce, deliberately playing up and trying to look hot. I put my arms up, fingers spread, trying to entice you into a test of strength yt

Person 2: As I settle into my side of the room, I'm aware that the camera man turns and pans over my body, starting at the floor where my toes are pressed into the dirty white carpet. My toenails are painted purple to match my cotton underwear, and my fingernails, showing the care that I take in preparing for the match. I press my toes into the carpet, and stand up on my tip toes, my calves standing out as I do, fair and toned, my thighs smooth and stretched out in the stance, flaring out to my broad hips. I take a deep breath and hold it as the camera moves up, over my flat tummy and cute navel, my ribs which stand out under my skin, and my breasts drawn up high on my chest. As the camera reaches my face, it shows the confident smile that I'm casting across the room at you as you move out to mid ring, your body shorter and thicker than mine.

You look good, but not as good as me, I tell myself, shaking out my hair over my shoulders, breasts wobbling heavily on my chest as I do. Then I push out, hips turning hard, underwear tight to me. Breasts jumping heavily up and SMACKING down against my ribs before swinging out and across my chest. I move out directly to you, side stepping briefly, testing the canvas, heels brushing over them, hands drawn up. Then I push off, and grab for your hands to accept your test of strength, confident in my new fitness level, and pushing off with my right foot to get some momentum behind it.

Some styles include:

Apartment Matches

a bit slap and tickle, lots of pinning, lots of trash talking, spanking, wrestling, light and fun


less about stretching and working your opponents body and a little more about slapping and beating her

Submission Wrestling

less slapping and more pulling and working your opponents body

Some roleplay ideas include

Sister vs Sister: A simple match between two feuding siblings

Girlfriend vs ex: a still present ex get frustrated with the new girlfriend

Girlfriend vs Boyfriends sister: The sister doesn't approve of the new girl, and teaches her a lesson

Sports rivals: matches with the competitive atmosphere lead to a locker room battle

Office catfight: promotions can be really competitive these days!

Video Company: An on-line company is paying us to fight it out, to the winner, the spoils

Really it is quite adaptable to both roleplayers. These are just a few ideas. It depends what we both like, and that can be developed. If you are interested in this, or even if you are interested in part of it, and would like to chat about something similar, let me know here, or send me a message.

Offline Eshva

Re: reality based steamy combat, F or M who play F wanted
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2011, 07:36:29 AM »
Hi Rach

Welcome to Elliquiy.

I noticed your name in the shout box the other day, and suspected/hoped you might be into wrestling/catfighting stories :)

I'm definetely interested in your story ideas. Specifically the sister vs sister or sister vs brothers girlfriend ones.

I like struggles and fighting, one girl being worn down eventually, defeated and humiliated by the winner. Facesitting, smothering, bending, stretching, wedgies, domination, forced foot worship and trash talk and all that fun stuff.

I've yet to find this here on E. I've done a lof of catfights and wrestling back when I played Second Life, but I prefer having things purely in writing, where one can use one's imagination more.

If you're up for it, I would gladly do an RP with you. Below is a writing sample:

She gazed down at him, pondering his words, studying his features to try to determine if he was lying. Finally, she decided that he was still not strong enough to take her should he try. She slid the tip of her foot softly down his stomach  before placing it back on the ground. She threw her satchel out of reach and the coil of rope on top of it, then slowly sat down astride his hips, keeping a wary eye on him.

She let out a soft little sigh as her gaze wandered over his body, reaching one hand out for the waterskin, warming the water with the same spell she had used for his tea earlier, the blue light dimming momentarily as some of her energy was diverted, leaving her a faint and slender silhouette on top of him.

Her breath was shallow, excited to finally be this close to him without using force or threats, and anxious that he would suddenly try to attack. She took the cloth in her hand, wetting it and squeezing it in her hand, letting the warm water trickle onto his chest. She watched as the water pooled in the grooves between his toned muscles and dripped slowly down his sides.

"You really do need a wash Theriin" She teased him and wrinkled her nose playfully.

She took the bar of soap and rubbed it against the cloth, leaning forward onto her palm and laying the warm damp fabric against his chest. She rubbed it in slow circles over his skin, softly scrubbing away the dirt and blood to reveal the smooth fair skin below.
She was surprisingly gentle, a little furrow of concentration on her brow as she carefully cleaned the newly healed wounds.

She remained silent, but now and then she would gaze up at him, watching his expression.

(I don't have any catfighting samples that I could show you)

What sort of things are your favourites about this kind of RP?

Do you prefer winning or losing?

Would we determine the outcome beforehand or just go with the flow until someone submits?

Let me know if you'reup for playing.

hope to hear back from you.


Offline amazonmarie

Re: reality based steamy combat, F or M who play F wanted
« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2011, 07:45:29 PM »

   I like wrestling/fighting type scenes too - I've been doing them a long time, mostly on YIM, but I can do turn-based forum as well.  Drop me a line if you're still looking?


Offline daemongirl

Re: reality based steamy combat, F or M who play F wanted
« Reply #3 on: March 08, 2011, 01:22:59 AM »
I am used to roleplaying wrestling and catfights using world of warcraft as a medium, but I have been looking for a forum to do this in for a while. I would love to play in this, particularly the ones with quite a bit of sexual moves involved like the video company one. Let me know if you want to get this going, if you get enough interest you could even do like a league for it.

Offline RachwrestlesTopic starter

Re: reality based steamy combat, F or M who play F wanted
« Reply #4 on: March 08, 2011, 11:25:55 AM »
Thanks for all the replies. A league or at least a collection of like minded roleplayers would be fun.

What sort of things are your favourites about this kind of RP?

Do you prefer winning or losing?

Would we determine the outcome beforehand or just go with the flow until someone submits?

Marie/Daemon@ I would definitely be interested!

I like the battle, the proving yourself better than your opponent, the sensual edge to it, the struggle and the building anger, as well as the whole range of emotions you can express and feel, only without getting hurt!

I go into matches competitively usually, although I am also open to roleplays with a preset winner.

It goes until someone submits, and often that's when a lot of the fun begins ;)

Offline daemongirl

Re: reality based steamy combat, F or M who play F wanted
« Reply #5 on: March 12, 2011, 12:42:00 AM »
i am a slightly more dom person than sub, so i like winning but losing can be just as fun sometimes :)

i like the matches to be very competitive so i would like the outcome not predetermined.

I love quite a bit of sexuality in the matches, and quite outlandish outfits to wear too, like skin tight spandex, leather, costumes like ninjas and nurses, or skimpy bikinis to name a few.

Offline AurelieCatena

Re: reality based steamy combat, F or M who play F wanted
« Reply #6 on: May 31, 2011, 09:26:30 AM »
I like to cyberfight too. Actually, I used to do a lot of it, mostly over Yahoo Messenger.

I tend to fight in rather harsh condition, semi- or non-consensual, with a lot of pain and bondage involved. But I have also fought more regular catfights (that's how I begun). I also fight against men occasionally, but they must be doms.

Offline Hurricane

Re: reality based steamy combat, F or M who play F wanted
« Reply #7 on: May 31, 2011, 04:15:59 PM »
Ohhh this is a real favorite kink of mine, so I absolutely have to throw my hat in the ring as well -

I'll happy play ay kind of wrestling scenarios, either as forum posts on via IM (my new fav way).

Anyone on the thread drop me a line and let's wrestle!

- Hurricane