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Author Topic: A touch of Romance and a lot of kink [F for M]  (Read 604 times)

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Offline RayneTopic starter

A touch of Romance and a lot of kink [F for M]
« on: May 31, 2011, 12:34:14 AM »
Hello all, I'm making another search thread here, ignore the one in my sig. Check out my rabbit hole and rp preferences though to see my on offs.
But, if you don't check it out, just know for my offs, I don't do vore, gore, scat or heavy violence/pain, torture etc. Right now I'm really in the mood for something consensual and more romantic.

Anyways, onto the rps. I only do forums, but I'm happy to set this up over pms or im.

Loving a Whore-
Her aunt ran the bordello, it was in the family. For several years, she worked there... not as one of the whores, mind you, but cooking in the kitchen mostly. Still, she saw things, saw people... and one of the men she saw, she grew attracted to. The women called him Casanova, because he often gave them gifts and compliments, wooing them and treating them better than most men did.
One day, when the woman scheduled to be with him got sick, she decided to act, and took her place. She wanted to be with him, if only for a night.
-looking for a guy to play this 'casanova' character of course.

Corrupting the Fairy Tales-
 Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan and Jane, Ariel and that prince dude -whatever his name is-. All of these are romances... but what about the dark side of them? Tarzan's more primal instincts leading him to see Jane as his mate, and having no respect for her personal boundaries, the beast being selfish and trying to force Belle to love him... Ariel just being utterly naive in a world that might not be so kind to a beautiful young woman.
Or we could just keep it to the romance side... with a little more kink and mature themes thrown in.

Witness Protection Program-
A secretary witnesses her boss getting shot late one night after work in the parking garage. However, this wasn't a mugging, or a random crime. He knew something, and she found it out. Now they want her dead too. Either a passerbyer in over his head, or a detective assigned to protect her gets involved. While she hides out in this person's house, unsurprisingly, feelings start to develop.

The Blood Donor-
In the mood for a bit of a vampire roleplay. My idea is that a vampire works at a blood bank -hey look free food-, when one day a girl comes in that attracts his attention. Sure, she's attractive... but the main thing that has his interest is her blood. For some reason or another, it just tastes better.
Eventually, he decides he wants this girl for himself and, after one of her donation trips, he kidnaps her and takes her to his home to keep prisoner and provide him with fresh blood whenever he desires. Of course, making the prisoner willing to stay always makes things easier.
-I'm not interested in torture or tons of pain, certainly no death. The idea is that she becomes a treasured possession to him, something he feels he needs. I'm very open to suggestions, ideas etc on this one.

And, on a completely different note, if you're not in the mood for any of the above plots, I have just a few kinks I'm interested in right now. If you have ideas how to mix them together, or are interested in working something up with me, shoot me a pm.
-Potions / Injections/ Drugs/ Experiments/ Aphrodisiacs etc
- Tentacles
-Mind control/ hypnotism
-Incubi/ vampires/ demons
and lactation

Also, A picture plot or two if that's your thing, just pm me an idea off the picture:
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