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Author Topic: happiness in slavery: seeking a 3rd for a training scene; dom or sub, any gender  (Read 1001 times)

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Offline rick957Topic starter

Killing Kind is a group game about organized crime and global espionage.  We're always looking for players to add to our cast, and sometimes there are short-term roles available for interested parties to come in and try out the game.  This thread will contain descriptions of cameo roles that are currently available.

Short-term characters don't need character sheets.  You'll interact with one or more of our regular characters for just one or two scenes, just some quick fun.  You can always decide to stick around if you enjoy yourself, but that's up to you.

If you see something here that you want to try out, or if you're interested in joining the game as a regular, long-term participant, shoot me a PM and we'll work something out.  Thanks!

-- Rick
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Offline rick957Topic starter

happiness in slavery: seeking a third for a dark sex scene
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2011, 05:59:09 AM »
Currently looking for one player to add to a scene involving the training of a human slave.  The content of the scene is up to the two players involved, Aragem (playing slave Rachel Linston) and Kendra (playing the trainer Vladik Sidorov).  Here's the O/O's for both players if you're curious:  Aragem ... Kendra.

This training scene will take place as part of the larger story of Killing Kind, a group game about organized crime and global espionage.  However, you won't need to know anything else about the game except what's written here.  You will only be expected to read the IC game posts for your own scene, plus all the OOC posts in case they concern your scene (IC thread ... OOC).  No character sheet will be needed.

All the necessary background info:  Rachel Linston, the slave being trained in the scene, is a 17-year-old aspiring model who recently moved to Brussels to escape her overbearing father.  After applying for work at an established local fashion agency, she was kidnapped during a morning jog and is now being held captive at The Playground (aka De Speelplaats), a secret brothel controlled by the Bratva (Russian Mafiya) and run on their behalf by Madame Portia Derevko, an experienced proprietress who cooperates with her Russian masters out of necessity.

The brothel occupies a building that used to be a hotel but now appears to be abandoned from the outside, except for the fashion agency which occupies the first floor.  In fact, the building is used as an upscale brothel, where kidnapped slaves and some volunteer prostitutes discreetly fulfill the sexual fantasies of wealthy, invitation-only clients.  The kinkiest and roughest stuff happens in the basement; the rest of the building includes both luxurious and dingy rooms designed to appeal to a range of tastes.

Possible roles that you could play in the training scene:
1) A second female slave being trained by Vladik Sidorov; you may be asked to perform various sexual favors upon him or Rachel Linston or both, individually or in tandem, possibly but not necessarily involving S&M, torture, or other kinks
2) A male slave doing the same (Vladik is bi)
3) A male or female assistant to the trainer -- you would be part of the brothel staff but working under Vladik's direction
4) A rich client of the brothel being sexually serviced by Linston under Sidorov's supervision.  You can be male or female.

Your character may or may not appear in other scenes, depending on whether or not you want to stay in the game; doing just the one scene is totally fine, it's up to you.

PM me if you're interested so that I can have a look at your writing.  It's not first-come first-served -- I want someone who can help with making the scene really come alive, adding lots of detailed description.  That will be far more important than developing your character in real depth, since you may only be doing the one scene, although your character should be as complex as you can make him or her given those constraints.

Basically, it's a chance to write about some kinky sex with some eager and gifted collaborators.  :)  Sound like fun?  Then get in touch.  Thanks!

Offline EvilEye

A male or female assistant to the trainer -- you would be part of the brothel staff but working under Vladik's direction

I can do this if you would like?

Offline MarcothTalos

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Are the slaves suppose to be willing servants already or are they being trained from scratch? just curious of how this game would start out.

Offline rick957Topic starter

To those of you whose PMs I haven't responded to yet -- thanks very much for getting in touch.  Please be patient a little while longer!  I'm trying to consult with the other players to decide on whom to add to the scene, so there's a bit of a delay while our PM communication takes place.  Rest assured that you will hear something back from me as soon as possible, by PM.

Hi MarcothTalos -- sorry for the slow reply!  It's a very good question.  The scene isn't actually part of a new game, it's part of an ongoing group game, as mentioned above.  The first slave in the scene is Rachel Linston, played by Aragem; that character is a kidnapping victim, and Aragem has done a great job of detailing her psychological trauma over being trained to become a sex slave, so she definitely isn't a willing participant; however, Rachel has also found herself privately and unexpectedly enjoying parts of her training -- she's been turned on by it physically -- so in that sense, she's not 100% unwilling either.  If a second slave gets added to the scene, the degree of willingness and previous training will be decided by the players in the scene, and mostly by the writer of the character in question.  I try to let the players do whatever they want as long as we can make it fit logically into the story. 

If you or anyone else out there is interested in joining the scene described above, please PM me, and I'll let you know an answer as soon as I talk it over with the other players.  I may create additional roles for new players if the ones mentioned above get filled, plus we're always looking for joiners for the game even outside of this particular training scene, so there are lots of opportunities for any interested parties.  Thanks!