Hoshino's Requests (Primarily F/F, some M/F)

Started by Hoshino, May 30, 2011, 05:32:20 AM

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Bracing the arm she just finished bandaging, the heroine stood amidst the rubble of the warehouse that had nearly come crashing down around them during this final showdown. It was good fortune that it was abandoned, because there was no restoration of this building; all it had in store was to be finished off in demolition, and then have something built on its ashes. It was even greater fortune that she had managed to evacuate the hostages before columns went down and bits of roof lined the floor. They had been captured to be debased and broken before being sold off; dying due to falling masonry would have been a final insult.

The heroine wandered forward, to where, in the centre of a clean circle surrounded by rubble, was the ringleader of the slave girl ring, ironically hogtied and ball-gagged, breasts heaving as staggered breaths left her lips. Her back was pulled back tightly due to the rope cuffs around her wrists, and tied to her ankles. Her cheeks were purple with the bruises she got trying to wrestle with the heroine. Her goons were either unconscious due to the heroine's own mettle, or half buried in what used to be the left wall. The heroine had to consider, looking very pointedly into the ringleader's eyes to let her know what she was thinking. If their situations had been reversed, this woman would have wasted no time in making her a slave. She would probably see to breaking her personally and then selling her off to an oil tycoon somewhere. Hell, she might actually have kept her as her personal slave. It was also a hot mental image, the cold, domineering villainess capturing and torturing the heroic, pure girl guide of a super heroine. She was positive she had read about an incident exactly like this in an unofficial comic of her heroine identity she bought at a convention once. No one could really fault her; the majority would agree this was ironic punishment that the heroine was allowed to revel in.

But what kind of heroine would take advantage of a woman like that?

And so the heroine got started on her vigil, setting down for the long haul until the police and the ambulance and the rescue team all arrived, making sure none of the thugs got up and started something, that none of the girls came to further harm and were all comforted, and that the villainess, whom she decided to at least make a decent seat, didn't try getting away. If the city didn't mind, the heroine felt like a vacation was in order...

The proceeding was an example of my writing ability, and I'm always looking to improve on it, especially when it comes to the erotic. Some of the following ideas and plots are driven more on the carnal and the sexual, while others are driven more by the plot and the relationships or intrigue behind them. And some can really be interpreted either way.

There are a few things I feel only fair to share at the moment...

  • The majority of the games suggested are F/F, but players of either gender are welcome without question.
  • While I've been roleplaying for a few years now, I still have much to improve on, especially in erotic roleplaying. I am open to criticism, and with tips and pointers, wouldn't hesitate to edit and fix a post if a problem arises.
  • The fetish that always gets me going is bondage, particularly gags, gagged speech, and clothed bondage (although stark naked is dandy, any amount of clothes still being worn during bondage turns my crank much harder and better and faster and stronger)
  • While I tend to prefer more plot based RP's, I can understand the carnal need for a quick, jump right in fuck. When discussing taking on a scene, let me know what your intent is with the game (sex driven or story driven) so we can get on the same wave length (unless told, I tend to assume story driven)
  • From the above writing example, you might gather that I tend to prefer the "good guys" winning. It could even be a win in the last five posts, and sometimes, it can be a flat out victory for the antagonist side. But I tend to be happier is there's an implied "out" at the end.

All that said, I am looking forward to fun experiences with you all. Below are several ideas I've come up with (a list that will be updated from time to time as more ideas come), as well as a list of several settings and pairing styles that I really enjoy.

Plots currently craving
Ursula x Sonia (F/F)
In Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword (the first game to be released internationally), Ursula of the Black Fang was effectively the loyal subordinate to Sonia, one of the major villains of the game, even though her loyalties technically lied with Brandon Reed, the leader of the Black Fang. Ursula's loyalty to Sonia reached near slavish devotion and worship, in spite of Sonia's villainy and, in general, being a stone cold bitch.
This game would explore why Ursula's loyalties lie the way they do. Did Sonia manipulate weak or damaged emotions? Did she seduce her with power and respect? Maybe it was hypnosis, suggestion, or out right mind screwing that made Ursula so subservient to Sonia (story driven). Or maybe Sonia is just really, incredibly fucking good in bed (sex driven).

Two Souls Fiercely Entangled (M/F or F/F)
A Soul Calibur game. A duel between two warriors gets heated. Tensions run high, arousal cuts deep, and the winner can't take it any longer. The game is basically a fight between two of the following characters: "Hilde" Hildegarde von Krone, Siegfried Schtauffen, Seong Mi-na, Sophitia Alexandra, Cassandra Alexandra, Raphael Sorel, "Ivy" Isabella Valentine, Heishiro Mitsurugi, Taki, Tira. The level of friendly vs bitter rivalry, consent vs lack thereof, anger vs passion, and overall tone of the game will depend quite heavily on the two fighters chosen.

The Adventures of Nami Izayori (Various)
An ongoing series regarding super heroine/magical girl Nami Izayori, shounen heroine of Kyoto. Her constant patrols of the city result in a variety of strange and unusual incidents, both fantastic and mundane in nature. The series is open for several variations, from a naughty villainess, to suave villain, to a rogue minotaur, to incidents involving her partners in heroism teaming together to face a greater threat. If you're interested in a super heroine/magical girl based game (as Nami works well as either), PM me and let me know; we can work out the details from there.

Girl of the Plains (M/F, F/F, and various combinations)
A variety of one-shots that may or may not be connected, based around a character and a premise: Lyndis (of Fire Emblem 7), a bit more...randy than what is perhaps canon. Topping or bottoming, one or many partners, Lyn's adventures are certainly more of the..."mis" variety.

Interference (F/F, F/F/F)
Based around after the events of Fire Emblem 10. Heather the rogue manages to seduce Nephenee, but in the process, discovers a former fling the country mouse had with Calill the sage (based on their supports in Fire Emblem 9). Intrigued, Heather decides to interfere, setting up for one last fling between the two...and maybe get in on the action, herself.

Ronin Princess (F/M)
A Japanese Daiymo has enjoyed the services of a wandering Ronin for a few years, but suddenly the masterless samurai has gone missing. While he is willing to shrug this off and discard it, his daughter is unwilling to let this mystery go unsolved, worried for the man who has helped her family countless times, and even introduced her herself to the way of the samurai. So she goes on an adventure of her own to find clues as to what happened to the Ronin, discovering more of her warrior self along the way.

Favoured Styles and Settings
-Modern Life
-Superheroes and Villains
-Medieval Europe
-Feudal Japan
-Fantasy (preferably High Fantasy)
-School Setting (high school or college)
-Slice of Life

-Master and Servant
-Superhero/ine and Villain/ess
-Childhood Friends
-Consensual Mistress x Consensual Submissive
-Student x Student
-Kidnapper x Victim

Other Works, would enjoy playing canon characters of...
-Fire Emblem
-Baldur's Gate
-Persona (4 in particular)


Updated the list to include two new ideas based on the Fire Emblem series, as well as include some canon works I enjoy roleplaying in.