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Author Topic: Live by the Ocean, Love by the Moon (F seeking M characters)  (Read 3194 times)

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As noted in the title of this thread, I'm looking for someone willing to play a male character in order to join me in some tasty plot ideas. Take a look at the ideas I have available below and if you find yourself interested, here's what you should do:

1.) Take a look at my O/Os linked in my signature below.

2.) Should you decide that we appreciate similar attributes in writing partners, send me a polite PM to let me know of your interest to keep my thread clear of clutter. Just keep in mind, I will not select my partner on a first-come-first-serve basis. After I take a look at some of your posting history, I'll decide if you're the kind of player I'd be interested in joining a story with.

Anyways, take a gander. If you don't find anything interesting, but do think we'd be a good match, send me the link to your own ideas, or make a couple of suggestions. Just because something isn't listed here, doesn't mean I'm not interested in playing it! :)

Current Ideas:

Open!Even Those Cinders Should Sparkle

It seemed like yesterday that Adelaide was laughing with her mother, Helen, discussing boys and mildly risky stories as they painted perfect pink pedicures on their toes, watching a chosen chick-flick while sipping on boxed wine. It all seemed right; just the two of them, snuggled in their hardly-adequate apartment, content with just enough. Just a few months later, things quickly started to change. Her mother was dating a guy (call him James for now). That was great and all, but he showered her in gifts. At first, Adelaide was happy for her mother. It didn't hurt that she'd get a bracelet or two out of it, maybe a new dress for important occasions, but it soon got out of hand.

Adelaide didn't realize just how much money James had until her mother decided to move them both into his house. It was really more like a palace, if you asked her. She had met him a few times, and he was nice enough; older, handsome, physically fit, and he did make her mother happy--at least this version of her mother. Before, materialistic things didn't matter to Helen, but Adelaide slowly felt her mother slipping away. With no other family and attending college, Adelaide was trapped. She couldn't afford school on her own, and her mother already had maxed out her credit cards. The dependence on James' money was all too clear when finally the two were married.

And all of a sudden, tragedy struck. Helen had gone to a black-tie fundraiser, dripping in diamonds and a designer gown. When she started to feel ill, she decided to take the car and drive home early, leaving behind James to take a cab. Before Helen reached home, however, a deer darted in front of her car, forcing her to swerve off the road and over the edge of a bridge while the deer pranced panickedly away. The police found the car the next morning, completely submerged in water with Helen still inside.

For a long while, Adelaide and James shut themselves into the house, mourning the loss of Helen and unable to know how they would move on. They didn't talk to each other, both fearing one another, not sure what to say, not sure what they should even feel when near each other. But slowly, they start to cope in their different ways. For Adelaide, it's devoting her time to cooking, cleaning and baking. It keeps her busy, keeps her mind occupied and helps her, not to forget, but to relieve her pain for just a while.

For James, however, he takes his anguish out on the girl; pushing her, making demands, leaving messes on purpose and making her clean them up, even though he could perfectly afford a maid. She doesn't deserve it, but the vision of her mother lives in her, and he can't decide if he should cherish that or destroy it. Will she stand up for herself, risking the money, her college education and the security of a sturdy roof over her head, or will she swallow her pride and choke down her anger for her mother?

(So basically, this is a modern day Cinderella situation. I don't really want it to be vanilla and fluff and sparkles, but dark and a bit twisted. So I need someone to play the role of the step-father, someone willing to manipulate Adelaide, to dig their claws into her and use her, but also to show moments of tenderness when he sees those glimpses of Helen in her. Eventually things will shift, and Adelaide realizes the rush James gives her, how he uses his experience not just to please himself, but to also please her, and layers will peel back. Vulnerability eventually roars it's head. Nothing is totally set in stone, so I'm definitely open to some more ideas on this.)

Taken! The Short End of the Stick (Modern)

It wasn't hard to see that things were crumbling. He was trying, but his wife wasn't, and it was clear she was seeing someone else. It wasn't as if she were trying to hide it, at least not from him. If anything, his wife was rubbing it into his face, but Mr. Harrington was a great guy, and an even greater dad. Michelle could see that easily enough. That's why she didn't get mad when she had to stay later than anticipated or even had to hurry and take the boy, Dillon, out for ice cream when the fights started. That was her job, and she was good at it.

She'd been babysitting for the Harrington's for a couple of years now, and the decline in their marriage was hard to ignore. They were both nice people, but their issues didn't seem to be on the road to resolution, and for the first time, Mr. Harrington returned home from dinner alone. Mrs. Harrington was gone. He had no cash to pay Michelle who had fallen asleep on the couch while waiting for the two to return home. He'd known it was coming; the end of their marriage, but he hadn't expected her to just walk out like that. How would he tell Dillon?

When Mr. Harrington woke the girl, he explained the situation. He would need her help for sure. With a full time job and a hefty mortgage payment among his other bills, someone would have to make sure Dillon got ready for school and made it on the bus in the morning after he left for the office. Someone would need to be there to make sure he got home safely, ate dinner, and did his homework. He had no one else.

(Here we go again; bringing back the nanny/babysitter idea. I'll be needing someone to play Mr. Harrington, a 30-40 year old dad who's in the midst of a nasty divorce. My character, Michelle, decides to help him out until he gets back on his feet. Luckily, she's on summer vacation from college and otherwise has no obligations. Obviously, Mr. Harrington is distraught at first. He'd seen it coming, but it's still a low blow and he has his son to worry about. She will take away a lot of that worry, and being a young, attractive woman, will start to fill in the gaps in other ways. It might even serve for him as revenge at first and as a way to blow off some steam. He would be kind of rough with her, and she'd enjoy it, learning what turns him on and  to sort of distract him from the shitty life that was dumped on him.

TAKEN! Temptation Awaits in Shadow (Modern)

It wasn't love. No, nothing like that; she wasn't naive enough to let the idea of love put blinders over her eyes. It was a hunger, and one she couldn't ignore. Neither of them could, but they had to be on their best behavior. At least until the moment was right. There were too many spying eyes, and getting caught was not an option.

It was the annual fundraiser for the company that her father worked for. He was Vice President of the company, and only answered to two people; the president of the company, and the man who owned it (who he'd actually never met). The president, however, was a good friend of her father's; they'd come up the ranks together both having worked there for years. He was a handsome man, happily married and insanely successful. He thought he had everything he'd ever wanted in life.. Until he laid eyes on his good friend's daughter.

She was gorgeous; a body to kill and charming. She'd been away at school; first boarding school, and then Yale, and had returned a ravenous creature, one he couldn't keep his eyes off of. And he wanted to say he couldn't keep his hands off her. But he was better behaved than that.. It was his best friend's, and his VPs daughter for God's sake.

But she made it very hard. She flirted with just about anyone who talked to her, but with him, she was very poised, and the dangerous look in her eyes told him what the both wanted, what they both needed..

(So what I want out of this is undeniable sexual attraction. Teasing. Sexy, sexy, teasing. The President of the company should be older (everyone knows by now I love older men), I'd say near or even just over 40. She will have curves; huge breasts and a tight, big booty. I would love a lot of breast play in this leading up to the big bang. There would be the risk of getting caught; feeling each other up in the shadows, oral sex, all leading up to desperate, sweet sex. I'm not sure I want it to be a one shot; there is a potential they'd have several meetings. Parties from time to time, company dinners and such. And with her father and the President being good friends, there's always just dinner at either man's house.. A lot of opportunities for amazing, sexy play.. Please contact me if interested.)

TAKEN! A Temporary Tease (Modern/Office Setting)

"Come on, Jack, you know you owe me one."

"Yeah, well Frank, that's a lot to ask. I can't just give anyone a job. They need qualifications, they need experience."

"Are you saying my daughter isn't qualified to push your fuckin' papers around?"

"Frank, keep your voice down. You know that's not what I meant."

"Jesus, Jack, all I'm asking is to give her a chance. Temp-to-hire.. Give her 6 months."


"3 months?"

Jack leaned back in his chair, running a hand over his face as he considered his options. He'd never met the girl, but Frank was a friend. She could be terrible; unorganized, unmotivated. Or maybe she'd be great. With a sigh, Jack slid his fingers through his dark hair. "One month, Frank. That's it. If she screws up, she's gone, alright?"

"Done. One month and you'll keep her if you like her?"

"Yes, Frank. She can start tomorrow. She better not be late, you hear me?"

"She'll be a half hour early, Jack, don't you worry."

Jack hung up the phone and sighed, hoping he wasn't making a mistake. If for whatever reason he had to let the girl go, Frank would be pissed. That would make things interesting between them considering Frank was one of their highest-paying clients.

(Looking for an ultra-sexy office scenario between this Mr. Jack (name can be changed), and Mr. Franks' daughter. She's inexperienced in the field having just graduated from college and is looking to learn. Jack isn't really into the whole deal, but once he sets eyes on her, his interests change.  I want a lot of teasing and a lot of sexual attraction between the two. She may not be the best worker, but she's trying, and he may take it upon himself to punish her when she comes in with a skirt that's just a bit too short, or when she flirts a bit too much with the other suits in the office. He wants her for his own, and really isn't willing to share. This is flexible, but definitely on the top of my cravings list.)

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Re: Live by the Ocean, Love by the Moon (F seeking M characters)
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2012, 08:31:30 PM »
Added some pictures for inspiration! Send me a PM if you see anything that strikes you. :)

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Re: Live by the Ocean, Love by the Moon (F seeking M characters)
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2013, 08:56:21 AM »
Added Even Those Cinders Should Sparkle. PM me if interested!

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Re: Live by the Ocean, Love by the Moon (F seeking M characters)
« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2013, 11:27:55 AM »
Updated! Added two new plots and new picture inspirations! :) PM me if interested.

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Re: Live by the Ocean, Love by the Moon (F seeking M characters)
« Reply #4 on: May 12, 2013, 10:31:21 PM »
Updated picture inspiration!

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Re: Live by the Ocean, Love by the Moon (F seeking M characters)
« Reply #5 on: May 04, 2014, 06:45:44 PM »
New idea added! PM me if interested.

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Re: Live by the Ocean, Love by the Moon (F seeking M characters)
« Reply #6 on: May 11, 2014, 08:23:53 PM »
Added a new plot.. PM me for more details.

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Re: Live by the Ocean, Love by the Moon (F seeking M characters)
« Reply #7 on: May 26, 2014, 09:35:07 PM »
New plot up! Let me know if you're interested. :)