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Author Topic: Denivar's Roleplay Ideas  (Read 3531 times)

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Denivar's Roleplay Ideas
« on: May 28, 2011, 09:54:20 PM »
Below are my current roleplay ideas/cravings. I'll try to update the list regularly. Please send me a PM if you have interest in any of them.

Note that I'm often oversubscribed to roleplays, so it's possible I'll reply and say I'd love to play with you but don't have time right now. (Though we can probably still chat about the setup and so forth).

The Space Pirate -- You are a young woman, traveling on a space transport that is taking you to a far-flung colony to begin a highly prized job for a major mining corporation. The corridor along which the transport is traveling is ostensibly very safe, being in the heart of Federation territory. However, a certain cunning pirate has locked on to the co-ordinates of one of your jump points. Your transport is attacked by space pirates, who board your hapless vessel, and take many of those on board, including you, as prisoners.

The pirates are based on a secluded desert planet. One rated in the 'orange -- very hostile to human life' spectrum of habitability. With very short days, very hot temperatures, an arid desert planet, it is difficult to survive on, but also unlikely to be taken note of by the Federation. There you will most likely be trained as a slave, and either kept to serve the pirates, or if you are lucky, sold on the black market, hopefully to end up on a more hospitable planet as some kind of slave. What will become of you? Will you ever be able to escape the space pirates?

The Young Slaver -- In this roleplay I would be a young man, a skilled warrior, mercenary perhaps. Skilled in combat, cunning, a well-developed sense of survival. A little down on my luck, penniless, and with nothing but the clothes on my back and my sword, I come across a hapless maiden in the wilderness, I take advantage of the situation, capturing her, enslaving her. Then, I mercilessly sell her off at the next town, for profit. Having found this a rather lucrative and enjoyable experience, I decide that being a slaver is the life for me, seeking to acquire women (and sometimes men) and sell them for profit.

This roleplay would see my character as the protagonist, traveling this dangerous world, acquiring slaves, training them, overcoming all sorts of enemies and obstacles, and haggling to sell them.

I'd love to play this with someone who can make an effective game master. They'd have to make the world interesting, with lots of challenges. Different girls, each with varying personalities and traits. Of course, I wouldn't always 'win' -- some girls might get away. Some might even go back to their villages and I find a bunch of soldiers after me, seeking my head!

It would work well to develop a rudimentary system for such a game -- how good is the character at ropecraft and tying knots? How fast is he? How much money does he have? How attractive is a girl? How much will she fetch when sold? A nice detailed world complete with a map and different towns and cities -- some which are good to sell slaves at, some are good to buy slaves at, some are good to capture slaves from.

This could also work well as a group game -- for instance, multiple players in the slaving party, or someone willing to play slaves.

I'd also be willing to consider being the 'game master' of this if someone else is interested in being the 'player'. I'd very much like to have lots of discussion and collaboration on setup beforehand though.

The Adventurer -- A warrior, a barbarian, a mercenary, an adventurer struck with wanderlust. My character is young, ambitious, and greedy. A powerful swordsman he has dreams and ambitions of great wealth and power. He goes on quests for objects of power. Serves as a mercenary captain for esteemed lords. Loots and steals as needed to fulfill his goals.

However, he has a weakness: he is infatuated with women. Not just one woman. He likes to have lots of women. Girlfriends, mistresses, whores, slaves. This invariably leads him to ruin -- he has wealth one moment, and then finds that it is spent on a steady stream of women. Or perhaps one specific woman cunningly betrays him, stealing all he gained.

Like the above idea, this concept is suited well to have a player and a game master -- with the game master playing many NPC's. I'd be happy to be either the player or the game master with the right person.

Abusing the maid in Dubai -- Dubai, a jewel of a city on the Arabian peninsula. Western culture mixed with Middle Eastern culture. A modern, flourishing city, many foreign workers come to Dubai: workers from the US, UK, and elsewhere come to share expertise that is lacking in Dubai. Workers from India, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, and elsewhere come in hopes of a better wage and improved life than in their home country.

But, many feel that foreign workers have too few rights and protections in Dubai. Naturally, those who are the least powerful are the ones who are the most vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

My character is an American engineer. Cynical, cruel, finding that American women don't put up with my shit, I decide that Dubai is a perfect opportunity for me: getting a job in Dubai, I travel there, and almost immediately start interviewing women to be my domestic servant.

You are a young woman from a background of poverty who comes to Dubai in the hopes of a better life. Promised a job as a maid, I select you from amongst photos and descriptions of various possible maids. Almost as soon as you start working for me I begin taking advantage of you: firstly I take away your passport, locking it in my safe. Then I make you do whatever tasks I feel you should. Things move on to beatings, and then sexual service. If you complain I beat you and dock your pay. Try to go to the authorities? They'll believe me. After all I'm the one who has the job that's actually valuable to the economy; you're just a domestic worker. Try to leave? Well, I have your passport, and then you'll be stuck in Dubai without a job.

Will you ever see your home again? Will you somehow find a softer side of me? Plenty of possible abuse and cruel exploitation awaits in Dubai!

Heir to the Estate -- You are a young woman, 18 years old, the daughter of a wealthy land owner, ruler of an estate with many servants and slaves. Your father is an enterprising man, and has acquired great wealth, indulging you in many luxuries, pampering you, his only child, well.

However, your mother died many years ago. Rather than marry a woman for love, your father re-marries to further his political and business goals. With his new wife comes a step brother for you. 16 year old Gareth is rude, brash, and obnoxious. It is clear that he doesn't like you! Fortunately, you don't have to spend too much time worrying about him, until one day your father dies in a tragic accident.

You are horrified to hear that your father didn't leave a will behind, and by the laws of the land his legal son -- Gareth -- inherits the entire estate. You are allowed to remain on the estate, but Gareth makes your life a living hell! What will you do to cope? Lots of delicious, evil cruelty awaits! :)

Forgotten Highways -- Set in a dystopian future, perhaps twenty things from now, things have not gone well for the United States. After a disastrous Bachmann presidency (I did say dystopian ;) ), oil prices surge, global warming continues to get worse, the US defaults on its debts, and the economy begins to collapse. Some states talk of seceding from the union. In other places, with federal and state governments unable to maintain control, various city governments, churches, corporations, and criminal organizations fight for power.

You are a young woman from Vermont, who won a scholarship to study at UCLA back when the crisis was still at a relatively early stage, and people assumed that the course America was on was reversible. However, as the crisis has progressed, you have watched in horror as LA has become more and more decrepit, crime ridden and downright scary, with various gangs controlling most of the city.

The North East being the area that is still the most stable, you finally decide to abandon your scholarship and travel home. However, air travel is far too expensive. You have a choice between driving and catching a variety of buses and trains to get home. You hear rumors of just how dangerous different parts of the country now are, and must prepare carefully for your trek across the country...

In this role play I would be the game master, and my partner the player. There would be many challenges to encounter, and strange and bizarre characters to meet. The style of the role play would be fairly free form, with me creating many different characters and obstacles which the player must navigate around.

The Princess's Handmaiden -- The kingdom is abuzz with the news: The King has arranged marriage of his son to Lady Gwendolyn, of the House Emeria. A political move on his part, to shore up his alliances, yet the new Princess is beautiful, and the talk of Welnia, the capital.

You are a young woman, the daughter of a poor tailor, living in a small village, twenty leagues or so from the capital. You are beautiful and intelligent, yet with little opportunity for either gift to shine. You find work in the local tavern as a simple serving girl, initially the tavern owner hoping that your beauty would impress his more lewd customers, but soon finding that your shy demeanor makes this too difficult, you are put to work cleaning rooms and scrubbing pots and pans.

The prince and princess pass through the village on their way back to the capital, from their honeymoon. They stay at the inn for the night, and while they are there, the princess becomes displeased with some of her servants. She has them cast from her service, and then notices you, the diligent maid, scrubbing the floors. She decides that you will become her handmaiden, will return to the capital with her as her servant.

In the capital, you, a simple girl are thrust into a game of intrigue -- the nobles being capricious with their power. You must maneuver your way into the favor of the princess, the prince, knights, other servants, advisors, and even the king himself. Can you survive the deadly intrigue that occurs within the royal palace?

The games nobles play are deadly and brutal, so expect plenty of nastiness going on in here. Also expect to meet plenty of characters, from the interesting to the bizarre.

The Reluctant Queen -- You are a young woman, a princess, in a brutal, ancient world full of city-states. Before you were born, your father sailed from the West, across the sea, and founded a city in a choice location on a fertile peninsula. Despite being surrounded by other peoples, many of them hostile, the city survived and prospered. It offers protection, and takes tribute from nearby towns and villages which promise allegiance. Its location makes it an important trading port and place of commerce.

Your father has sired two sons, and two other daughters. You are his youngest child, and are often overlooked. Your two brothers are groomed to be his heir. Your two sisters are married off to powerful rulers in order to build alliances. It is decided that your path will be a quiet one, away from the intrigue of politics: you will become a Priestess in a monastery in the mountains, at the young age of 18.

But, shortly before you take your vows, becoming a celibate Priestess forever, disaster strikes: your father and brothers are all slain in battle in a single day. Enemy forces seize much territory. There is confusion, chaos, a succession crisis in the city.

In this male-dominated world, it is rare for a woman to rule. But, there are many loyal to your father, and you are his rightful heir. From being an obscure, overlooked young woman, you suddenly become Queen, and must do your all to assure the survival of the fledgling kingdom your father has left you.

This role play would see me as the GM, with you playing the Queen. There would be many possibilities, and the role play would cover everything from how you make laws, handle crises, dispense justice, plan battle, deal with espionage, manage those who would court you, and so forth. Will you survive as Queen? Will you end up assassinated? Or perhaps as the slave and pet to some enemy who conquers you? Let's play to find out. :)

The Princess and the Dragon -- You are a young, classically beautiful princess. Pampered and spoiled and coddled, your father makes sure you want for nothing, having anything and everything you want.

But one day, when in your carriage on the way to a festival, a dragon swoops down, carrying you off to his lair, your father's knights and soldiers powerless to stop the beast. You are held prisoner by the dragon, who is intelligent, cunning, and takes rather a liking to you. Will you be doomed to serve him forever, or will you be rescued? Time will tell!

Indentured Servant -- Set in an alternate reality that is similar to our own, but with one big difference -- if you are unable to pay your debts, bankruptcy is not an option. Instead, you can sell yourself into indentured servitude for a number of years, depending on the size of your debt. The economy is driven by people being able to spend money, fueled by credit cards that are spammed to people like crazy -- after all, in this society, credit cards are considered nicely secured debts. All is well until you can't pay your credit card -- the company is obliged to give you a certain amount of time to repay, but once you miss too many payments and/or your debt is too large, you might be taken to court, your assets sold, and if there is still debt obligation remaining, you  become an indentured servant for a number of years.

Of course, there are some laws to protect indentured servants, but they are not well enforced, and much of the citizenry is of the perspective that people who don't pay their debts and cover their financial obligations don't deserve much legal protection anyhow. Until they lose their job unexpectedly, of course. :)

You would be a young woman who has racked up a mass of debt. On clothes, shoes, parties, that kind of thing -- you have no idea how it happened! (Or choose a different background/reason for indebtedness, maybe something more sympathetic -- your choice!)

Using an indentured servant for any kind of sex-work is illegal, but having them serve as a household domestic -- nannying, house keeping, cooking, etc is very common. It is a fashionable thing for a middle class family to have an "indent" as a live-in maid, making their lives much more convenient.

In this role play, I will play all the characters in a family (mother, father, late-teen offspring), who has your character in their home. The situation lends itself to plenty of hot and steamy interaction, though I'm most interested in exploring all the dynamics that such power inequality introduces -- please only message me about this role play if you're up for character depth, world exploration (she might have reason to meet other maids, other families, find how they are treated etc), and so forth -- not just lots of "banging the maid". Also I'm up for a wide variety of characters as a maid -- she might be a young or older, she might be beautiful or homely (I think the treatment of a homely maid is more interesting in many ways, since it's less obvious), and she might be from a wealthy spoiled background or working class.

The Admiral's Daughter

Set in an alternate world, where the American colonies never revolted, where many modern technologies such as internal combustion engines, plastics, electronics, etc, were never invented, steam power rules the day -- steam trains, steam ships, and lumbering great ships of the air.

Admiral James Ellsworth commands the Royal Navy's eight fleet, based out of Boston. The Admiral's wife died in childbirth, giving birth to their only daughter, leading the Admiral -- who was but a captain at that time -- to bury his grief in drink for a while, and then in his work. His strict, militaristic approach has seen great success in his career, and he has served with distinction both in times of peace and war.

However, the Admiral never really knew how to raise his daughter. He did see that she wanted for nothing materially, spoiling her with gifts and dresses and toys. But he has always been distant from her. Leaving her to the care of governesses when she was younger, and sending her to boarding school as she grows older.

The Admiral did try to court other women for a time -- both as comfort and companionship for himself, and to try to find a new mother for his daughter -- but none of the women he met were anything like his Elizabeth who he lost. He has resigned himself to never being able to find a woman worthy of replacing her.

The role play would begin shortly after her sixteenth birthday. Desiring to give her a proper education, he sent her away to a prestigious boarding school in England. However, she has grown somewhat rebellious, after feeling shunned by her father, and is expelled from the school. The role play would begin with her returning home, and her father determined that he has to properly discipline her.

The Admiral would find himself, quite disturbingly, enjoying disciplining her. Meanwhile, while she would hate the punishment, she finds that it does give her the attention she craves, and so she continues to rebel, resulting in more discipline.

The Admiral would eventually realize that his own daughter is the one woman he wants -- despite it being an incredibly and monumentally forbidden taboo. His daughter might discover that he enjoys punishing her, and find that she is very willing to make that sacrifice to please him. He might discover her ... satisfying ... herself after being punished, and move things on from there.

He'd also become very possessive of her -- he might even become stationed at a new post, where people leer at her or otherwise treat her unkindly, and he uses his power to exact extreme revenge on those people.
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Re: KneelToTheWhips Roleplay Ideas
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2011, 02:21:31 PM »
Updated -- added Abusing the maid in Dubai.

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Re: KneelToTheWhips Roleplay Ideas
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2011, 11:26:31 PM »
updated: added "Heir to the Estate".

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Re: KneelToTheWhip's Roleplay Ideas
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2011, 03:54:45 PM »
Added "Forgotten Highways"

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Re: KneelToTheWhip's Roleplay Ideas
« Reply #4 on: August 28, 2011, 12:14:01 AM »
Neysha: Thank you for the kind words! :) I'm sure if you pm me to discuss we could decide if a role play between us could work out; I'm not too picky about my partner's post rates (Heck, if I were I'd be a rather big hypocrite, as my muse isn't always with me. :) )

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Re: KneelToTheWhip's Roleplay Ideas
« Reply #5 on: September 06, 2011, 12:40:41 PM »
Added The Princess's Handmaiden

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Re: KneelToTheWhip's Roleplay Ideas
« Reply #6 on: September 15, 2011, 06:25:26 PM »
Added The Reluctant Queen.

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Re: KneelToTheWhip's Roleplay Ideas
« Reply #7 on: August 21, 2012, 09:33:31 PM »
Added The Valley

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Re: KneelToTheWhip's Roleplay Ideas
« Reply #8 on: October 21, 2012, 03:08:55 PM »
Added The Princess and the Dragon.

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Re: Denivar's Roleplay Ideas
« Reply #9 on: January 18, 2013, 01:58:49 PM »
Cleaned up the list and added a new role play idea.

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Re: Denivar's Roleplay Ideas
« Reply #10 on: April 24, 2013, 02:39:15 AM »
Added a new plot.

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Re: Denivar's Roleplay Ideas
« Reply #11 on: April 14, 2014, 02:13:47 AM »
Added The Space Pirate.

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Re: Denivar's Roleplay Ideas
« Reply #12 on: February 17, 2015, 01:30:20 AM »
I am cautiously adding more role plays. Please look over my role play ideas -- which can be seen as more of a smattering of the kinds of things I enjoy than anything -- and PM me if you see something that really tickles your fancy!