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Author Topic: Looking for a Little Mischeif.......  (Read 1388 times)

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Offline AkiothTopic starter

Looking for a Little Mischeif.......
« on: August 17, 2007, 11:07:46 pm »
1. The Welcome Home.

Your average Incest storyline. A Marine goes off to combat for four years and comes home to find out that "so and so" has grown up, and a storyline is born. Despite the overplayed scenario, which can Be Uncle/Niece or Brother/Sister....., the other writers preference, two good writers can turn this into a good plot. Things I've enjoyed with this before are things such as a current boyfriend that gets in the way, hiding the relationship from others, the secret running abouts of a forbidden relationship, perhaps exploring darker sides of themselves with the other. So on and so forth. Inquire via PM with thoughts if you'd like.

2. The Forbidden Zone.

This is a RP I've considered for a while, but never really gone past the "think it up" stage. It's post-WWIII the Nuclear fallout has consumed the earth and it's only recently that the survivors of humanity dare come out of their little holes in the ground, theirs few cars, few supplies of uncontaminated food, and even fewer supplies of uncontaminated water. So people in general have banded together in "Forts" Called Safe-Cities to live. Due to the carnage of the earth and various mutations due to fallout some men and women live in the Forbidden zone, their contact with humans limited due to various reasons. One particular man has an odd thirst for blood, and can apparently live off it. Anyone outside the safe-cities wall's are literally unsafe. But some must venture for supplies, and this is from whom he feeds. The RP can have a variety of things thanks to the nature of it, he's not truly a vampire, just a man with a taste for blood, no fangs even. So think "Gothic" with a good possibility for BDSM and other such things, also Pm with Ideas for this as well.

3. The Hopeless Dream.

Ancient times, she a daughter of noblemen, he a farmboy on their expansive land. She lost in the world of "daddy control's everything" he in the land of no family and a despondent life with few rays of light. He wants her, and she doesn't even notice him, lost in her thoughts of fancy, and sneaking very unladylike looks at adult scrolls. Until one day "the need" hits her...and she finds herself lost in masturbation and other things she really shouldn't be doing. During one such session she spies him from her bedroom window, and in the pale moonlight watches him bathe in the lake.....

This RP has many possibilities, sexual teasing on her part, sexual denial obviously on his, until either he, or she, finds a way to get the other for a romp in the hay. Let me know what you think, and Pm's are always welcome.
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Offline AkiothTopic starter

Re: Looking for a Little Mischeif.......
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2007, 12:00:47 am »
And note for those of you that want me as a partner for your own depraved rps let me know!