*Alpha &Omega * (M ~ Lycan / Werewolf seeks F~ Omega Werewolf)

Started by Rog the Rake, May 27, 2011, 06:50:08 AM

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Rog the Rake


Name: Jake Charles Hamilton ~JC~

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Sexual desires/kinks/wants:: Jake's a dominate but not just any old dominate he is what is known as Wild Lone Alpha Wolf, none save the Alpha for North America & Europe ( that he has ever seen or met) is more dominate then him and he answers only to the Alpha and is not part of any pack. What he wants he his human side cannot admit to, but the wolf side longs for, a Mate. But it cannot just be any old mate it has to be a very submissive werewolf that comes to him for his human and wolf side are far too wild and hard to control in a normal relationship. The woman he has been with in his long long life have only ever been one night ruts a way to feed the beast within and then come morning seeing the damage he had done to the submissive woman who did their best to please him causes him pain. That is until the Marrok sends an OMEGA to him.

Sexual Dislikes:: No smokers, no urination or feces, he is NOT looking to beat anyone or hurt them but he might be rough even to am Omega.

Background: Jake was born in the early 1400’s he does not remember much his parents or his past life just that he was a soldier of the church and it was in the service of the church that he came across a creature that changed his world. No man should have been able to kill a werewolf with a simple sword, one that held no silver, yet Jake or Jacqui’s De’ Villiers as he was known then, was not a normal man. He thought he had been chosen by god to be his left hand the hand of righteousness but the beast had wounded him and he prepared for death.

   Only death did not take him, instead days later he woke fevered and naked in the forest blood covered him and he knew and remembered the killing of the deer and then the bear. Cursed he was, and so instead of returning to his village he traveled into the mountains deep and them made his way to Romania …. For a hundred years he lived alone until the hunter of evil became the hunted. The church , ( unknown to common men or woman) , had heard of the creature of the dark valley in Romania and sent after him a ‘witch’ one under the church’s service to bind and or kill the creature. Instead she found him and seeing what he was called to the true Lord she served a powerful Lycan known as Jordan De Kempt , the Marrok of all European and Asian lands hunted down Jacqui’s and in a battle of wills the two became blood brothers.

   Jacqui’s was taken into Jordan’s pack and became his left hand his Executioner though many wondered who the stronger was.. soon Jordan had a son and this son was protected and taught by Jacqui’s and a bond formed … Mikael was sent by his father in the late 1600’s to claim and take over the Americans North to become it Marrok , Jacqui’s went with him and Jake was born.

Mikael could not have Jake around less other wolves take him as the Marrok and Alpha so he sent his Executioner off to learn about this new land, Jake settled in the United States and fought for it…  and shed blood for it…  eventually when all was said and done he settled in Montana were he bought land and a ranch… cattle and horses… and for another 100 years lived alone save for an occasional group of hands sent by the Marrok to assist in maintain the ranch.

Now the Marrok is sending a Mate to Jake.. an Omega.. a rate thing.. an Omega …  Omega’s are people mostly woman born submissive, a man or woman can become dominate or submissive.. Omega’s are always submissive but more than that they are calming even as human they are the ones that call to others to protect them and bring peace … when made a werewolf this peace is magnified a hundred fold and can help packs to control their emotions and rage even during the full moon.

That the Marrok was sending an Omega to a single person and not a pact spoke either that there was something wrong with the woman OR he feared that the his Executioner was becoming too unstable and needed a guiding hand. Also it is told that many Omega's are also have the power of witchcraft in their blood.





As you read above I am seeking someone to play the Omega … to become the Mate of Jake…  and to help calm his wild soul and fill his lonely nights...


Rog the Rake

I have had three person PM me with interest thus at this time I am closing this request .... *smiles*