Severe punishment (F dom looking for M sub)

Started by elfguy, May 26, 2011, 02:56:01 AM

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In a remote town of Romania, an unscrupulous man started a very lucrative business. He started going to the train and bus stations, and talked to young female tourists. Then, when he managed to get one in a quiet corner, he would drug their drink, and bring the unconscious girl back to his house. There, the tied up girl would be kept drugged and restrained until a buyer came for them, and they would be sold as sex slaves.

Today however, this man has a special command for a "muscle beauty", and he managed to find just such a specimen in Janie. The young, muscular girl didn't suspect anything when he drugged her and tied her up, and she too ended up in the man's house. However, he underestimated her stamina. She woke up in the small room, in her underwear, and was pissed off. First, she managed to get her hands free, and then set off to get revenge. She found the man, and decided to exact her own punishment, figuring the law here would not give her satisfaction.

For this RP I will play Janie, and I need someone who would want to be pounded by the muscle beauty. This will involve a lot of physical torture, as well as sexual abuse. Prepare for broken bones, altho there will be no lasting damage.