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September 28, 2022, 08:49:08 pm

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Author Topic: World without woman roleplay seeking.  (Read 813 times)

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World without woman roleplay seeking.
« on: May 25, 2011, 06:31:15 pm »
I realize allot of people have some very specific roleplays they are looking for partners for but I only have a light idea of the type of roleplay I want to undertake.
I am open to any plot suggestions as I have some of my own, hopefully together they would be great.

Its a world without women:
Bare with me, its a parallel universe, exactly like ours except women went extinct and men reproduce using technology.
Women are almost a myth in this world, there are antiques of jewelry, valentines, magazines and such but no one currently alive has ever seen a real woman. Their grandparents generation had never seen a woman, so obviously some facts and finer points about women have been lost to time and distorted.
In this world, only wealthy men can afford a man with enough cosmetic surgery to make a believable woman. This is reserved for only the wealthiest men.
I was thinking that in a parallel universe like ours. An ordinary girl finds a peace of jewelry, a locket which contains well preserved photos of two woman and the word"LAST". When she puts it on and takes it home, she falls asleep in her bed and wakes up in a kitchen   floor of a house she's never seen before. surrounded by a few brothers, (three maybe? also it could just be one based on the other persons preferences) This part would be non- con or adleast reluctant. For men who had never seen a woman and heard fantastical stories about the now extinct sex, she seemed pretty amazing.
Following this she has to essentially be hidden, from authorities, dressed as a boy. Being the only woman in the world in a long while is not the kind of attention anyone wants.

My parameters for a western Roleplay
I am very passionate about the expansion era in american history 1820- 1890 and would like for the roleplay to take place during this time.
I have a fetish for cowboys and civil war soldiers as partner for my native american characters. The sexual, cultural and racial tension is delicious to play with in a roleplay.
I enjoy bondage, rough sex, non con and the struggle for dominance and submission.
Im looking for a man preferably or adleast a male character writer.

2nd Roleplay idea:
Ugly Duckling.
 Ugly goth girl, fairly obese and unattractive through out highschool. Ends up becoming a model after High school, a very popular somewhat X rated model. She obviously had a huge crush on the aloft, popular boy from High school who did not return her affection and his spurning her was the catalyst for her dramatic physical transformation. Fast forward 5 years to a cocktail party on upper east side of New York. They are reintroduced, she spurns him at first. Since he does not remember her but she remembers him. Her oddly specific rant when they first meet, clues him into who she is as she disappears back into the crowd... I think we could go in almost any direction from here, blackmail, her obsession with him becomes an issue again....Anywhere really.

Im thinking a non con involving stripper/ patron relations would be a fun one shot. :) No real set way I wanna take this but hopefully we could come up with something as a team?

If this appeals to you and you would like to hash out a roleplay idea around these parameters then message me :)

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I'd be your cowboy, if you'll have me. I too have a great passion for the era and find the inter-racial pairing very rich. I'm a complete sucker for Dances With Wolves.

The plot could have many points of genesis. Native tries to steal the cowboys horse and a chase ensues. Cowboy wanders in to native land and gets taken prisoner. Cowboy is hunting, gets hurt, and wakes up in a native tribe, held prisoner by his debt. Native girl does something to piss of a mayor or other wealthy man and the cowboy gets sent after her. I can keep going...