A Plethora of M/M Plots - From Vanilla to Extreme

Started by Tsume, May 25, 2011, 05:19:41 PM

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Hey guys! Trying to get back into swing of things here at Elliquiy, and as such I'll be compiling a list of all the RP that I would like to do. Some of these I've posted before, but will re-post here, in the interest of compiling all of them into one, single thread.

If you want to know more about me, or my style, please check out my O&O, or any of the scenes that I've done thus far.


The Rights of Conquerors: Looking for someone interested in playing a rather specific scene - You would play the general of a conquering nation, an extremely religious place that places a great deal of emphasis on dominance and submission - the strong, the worthy, control and shape the weak to make them better. Your men adore you, and your God smiles upon your conquest. Your latest endeavor is a small, poor country that falls easily to your fist. But while taking inventory of a small farming community near the capital, you find something most exciting - a young man, a potential magic-user - a great rarity in this world. You could make him into something incredible - but the problem being, he's an impudent little shit. It falls on you and your soldiers to break him of this, and show him how much better off he is with a strong man to guide and mold him.

Home is Where the Heart Is: This scene can really go several different ways, but the basic plot has been nagging at me for a while. The basic idea would be this - my character, Adrick, was raised by his single mother in a bustling, urban environment until he was sixteen, when a car accident claimed her life. With no other family to speak of, he's sent to live in small-town nowhere, with the father he's never met, along with his two older half-brothers. Where this could go is anybody's guess - really, really kinky sex and BDSM (sort-of the prefered path, but not necessarily) or something more tame, though still taboo? (Hey, it's incest.) Either way, I'd like to talk about it. Drop me a line. 

Finally, is someone willing to play the Stabbington brothers around here? Anyone? Biggest craving ever.

Clean(er) Scenes

Hero Worship[VAN (Possible NC/BON)]: An ordinary young man lives in a world of superheroes and supervillians, where spandex and explosions are generally regarded as ordinary, and the exploits of the various supers are chronicled on the morning and evening news, just like sports. Our young man happens to be deeply infatuated with the whole spectrum of it, one man in particular: a powerful superhero/villian, whose secret identity remains . . . well, secret. (A hard thing to do, in modern times.)  One day, the young man makes a friend, a new kid at school. After being invited to said friend's house one day, after school, the young man discovers that his new friend's father might not be the most . . .'normal' of parental units. This is also acceptable with canon characters.

I'm pretty freeform with this one. Romantic triangles can happen, or it can be a relationship exclusive between the normal/villian, or the normal/son. The "friend" character could even be a daughter. (Though with that route, any romantic feelings will probably remain unrequited.) Kind of would like to see the father be a villian, as it would make things more interesting, but hero is do-able.

Who You Callin' Freak? [VAN/BON]: Yeah, everyone says it when they're a kid. "I wanna run away, and join the circus." But few of them actually do it. Levi, as a kid, desperately wanted to leave his dull, boring life in the dust, and join up with some show, any show. As long as it would take him far away. Sadly, nothing ever came of it. Now, at age 20, walking into the Big Top, he has little idea that he's life is about to become radically altered by a chance encounter involving whiskey, a crowbar, and the Circus' own Strong Man. An inexperienced character in a strange and fascinating new life, and a big strong brute looking over his shoulder. Sounds fun, yeah?

Leather Wearin' Jerks [VAN/BON]: Rick hated March 17th. He hated it with all his heart and soul. You see, Rick worked at the local filling station, doing general cleaning and stocking work. And in the quiet town of Traibem, March 17th was the day that the biker gangs rolled through town, on their way to the big rally down south in Austin. And these big, aggressive men, all decked out in leather, sitting astride their great metal monstrosities, did a damn good job at intimidating the hell out of the kid, without fail, year after year. That is, until this year. Where a new leather wearin' jerk seems to have joined their ranks. And he's going to be gettin' Rick into a subculture he would never have even considered.

And that could be a problem.

This City, In It's Glory [Van-E]: Jake had thought his move to Chicago would be a new opportunity. A chance to separate himself from the small town nothingness that was his upbringing and establish himself as a person. Strong. Independent. Too bad things hadn't gone how he planned. Now he was living in a dingy little hovel, working at a greasy spoon, living day to day. While walking home one evening, he finds the aftermath of a drug deal gone wrong, and one of the participants, a simple goon, in the grand scheme of things, shot through the leg. Left to either bleed out, or be picked up by the police. Now, Jake is faced with a moral dilemma. The man needs help. He does all but beg for it. But what consequences will come from this act of kindness?

The Not Clean Scenes

Mythical Creature Preservation Center [NC-E/EX]: It seems that Dumas drew the short end of the stick, when it came to life-paths. Kidnapped off the street, taken into some uncharted hellhole and experimented on, his insides re-arranged in order to make him . . . fertile. God knows why they didn't just pick up some girl, they sure as hell aren't telling. Now, with his re-arranged insides, he's given a briefing on what his lot in life is, now: he's currently stationed at the NAMCPC (North American Mythical Creature Preservation Center). His role will be "host", meaning that his job will be to "accommodate" the various beasts, carrying their young, birth them, then move onto the next one, cycling through the various species until his body either breaks, or he's birthed 250+ offspring.  Great. Just great. Couple in the fact that his charges run the spectrum from Orcs, Ogres, and Beastmen to Dragons, Golems, and Minotaurs, and it looks like he's got his work cut out for him.

"Is This What a Human Female Looks Like?"[NC-E/EX] : After humanity finally made the jump into space, and established connections with other life forms, it would then come to wonder if such an action was the wisest thing to do. As it turns out, it wasn't. It left them open to be preyed upon by all manner of vicious creature, their slimy, putrid bodies far stronger, their technology far advanced. And, upon seeing the pink, soft forms of these new creatures, knew that they had struck gold. Now, any space-faring human runs the risk of being ambushed, and dragged off to some space brothel far out in the inky black, to be used by all manner of monster. When Otto, a young colonist, is intercepted whilst traveling between Athens, the Mars Colony, and Earth, he thinks he has little to worry about, being male. He is quickly proven wrong, as any soft, pink frame with orifices will suffice for these depraved space creatures.

The Hills Have Eyes [EX]: First, let me point out I never saw the movie. I have only the most loose idea of the plot and what happens therein. That said: Thomas Jennings is what they call an "urban explorer." He thrives on old buildings, ghost towns, the remnants of human civilization. So when he hears that there is an entire town out in the middle of the desert, abandoned, and still intact, he can't help but pack up his things and go to investigate it. What he finds, though, are a bunch of visious, psychotic, hideous mutants with long un-satisfied lusts. And he's in their territory now.

Superiority [EX]: Twenty years into the future, things have become royally fucked up. Our rapidly expanding population has essentially hit it's limit. Something had to be done. Enter new legislation, regarding the state of our nation's youth. The new law states that, from age 12 onward, young men will be paired off together. They will take the same classes, including academics and athletics (though extra-curricular co-participation is not necessary.) At the end of their junior year, the two young men will be analyzed, and the one who proves to be inferior (through averages based on academia, athletics, community service hours, and other factors) will be permanently collared - a slave to the other young man. Forbidden to breed, and meant to serve as a sexual outlet. (Yeah, I know, not the most realistic of situations. But still, hot? Right? Maybe . . .)

The High Cost of Living [BON] or [NC] or [EX]: It starts out simple enough. Or if not, simple, at least understandable. Ka'el, once a member of High Elven Nobility, finds himself ousted from their grand city after his father flees during a battle, placing shame upon their entire family. With little knowledge of how to survive on his own, Ka'el makes his way to the closest human settlement in search of some way to put food and shelter over his head - the small, mining town of Mehrein. Will he find a kindly someone to take him in? Or will these hardened, gruff men be the end of him?

Red Rock Saloon [NC] or [EX]: Similar to the above, only this one is more-than-a-little inspired by an erotic story from JuliusToons. I'd like to play a young man, striking out west in search of fame and fortune. He manages to find his way into the rustic town of (Insert Name Here), a way station for various cowpokes heading south, miners heading west, fur traders heading north, and army men heading every which way. Needless to say, with all of these virile men in their prime wanderin' about with no receptacle for their lust. (Women-folk didn't tend to come out this way . . . nothin' but dust and dirty, smelly vagrants out in these parts.)) So what are a bunch of horny men to do? Well, turn to other men of course. Or, in this case, boys. So it comes to pass that the Red Rock Saloon is formed. A place where the younger, beardless boys invariably end up, to tend to the needs of a sex-starved populace. Wouldn't you know it, our young hero ends up finding his way to the most happening place in town, and invariably finds himself "drafted" as it were, and quickly falls prey to a seemingly endless line of horny, hairy, burly men, looking to bust in that pretty ass for a nickle. Anyone interested?

Draft Dodger [NC or EX]: An alternate reality where America's militarism has peaked, and a near-totalitarian state has been instituted. A young pacifist attempts to dodge a universal draft, and soon learns that the price of such is one much higher than he was willing to pay - lifelong enslavement as a "troop servant" - a toy for an entire platoon of men.

The Dangers of Anonymous Sex [EX]: Fredrick Densey had a dirty, dirty secret. He's a pervert, who for the last two years has been driving down to the local truck stop to blow some random trucker in his rig. He never goes any further than that. Lately, though, his trips have been becoming more and more frequent. And someone has noticed. Maybe that explains the strange smelling rag that is placed over his nose one night, while he's cruising. Maybe that explains why he wakes up in an empty warehouse, chained to the floor, naked. Little does he know that he's about to become trained in the most shockingly depraved acts, as the new entertainment for the world's seediest underground slave trade.

Deliverance [EX]: An new spin on the old classic. You know the drill: Camping. Rednecks. Rape. But say the hero doesn't get saved. That the rednecks drag him back to whatever hovel they crawled out of. A depraved life as their abused sex pig ensues.

Dwarven Mettle [EX]: An inexperienced adventurer makes a stop off in the Dwarven capital. All is going well, until one of the Dwarven nobles in assassinated, and the city goes into lockdown, the gates closed to any traffic, coming or going. Now our adventurer finds himself in a bind. The dwarves are a suspicious lot. He may find himself in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Pit Fighter [EX]: Setsun is a gladiator, a magic user, who is owned by a high-ranking diplomat. After several losses in the ring, he's sold to a man who run's a decidedly . . .different style of operations. For those that grew tired of the main stream gladiator games where hardly anyone ever died, this man has raised the stakes just a little higher . . .those that are the victors remain untouched, while the losers of the match are raped at the hands of their victorious enemy. Suddenly, Setsun finds himself thrust into a perverse game where his virginity, dignity, and perhaps sanity depend on victory. This game would probably be full of non-humans(IE: Human-esq monsters, or feral beasts, or even more unique monsters). This will most likely be a GM/player Rp.

Taking Bullying to the Next Level [Bon/NC/EX]: This one is sort of vague and flexible, but the basic skeleton structure is the same. I play a character who has, for the majority of his life, been the target of bullying. Smaller built and frailer than the other boys, due to poor health in earlier life, he still has to live with daily taunting and being shoved around, even as he enters into his sophomore year of high school. The worst of it comes from a boy a year older - a big, mean, brute of a boy, who takes pleasure in causing him distress. But why does he target him, so exclusively, and so doggedly? Eventually, something is going to boil over between these two young men.

And what happens then? Romance, maybe, if the boy's aggression comes from feelings he can't understand. Or, if we're going for a decidedly more Dom/Sub sexual scene, perhaps humiliating, kinky sex and ownership, as the bullying steps up a couple of notches.

Orc Related Stuff

I love Orcs. You should to. If there's anyone out there that likes playing Orcs, we should RP. This is truth.

The Perils (and Pleasures) of a Summer Job [VAN-E]: Mark had done his best. He really had. Good grades, perfect attendance. He'd kissed every ass he could, and had written one of the most beautiful essays that the admission's officer said he had ever read. But, when corporate downsizing left his father jobless, and their family without the proper funds to send him to university, he knew that he was screwed. That's how he ended up working at Happiness Hideaway, a cheapo amusement park built decades ago, that tended to cater to the impoverished sect. And the local enclave of Orcs. The job is shitty, degrading, and hard. Worst of all, the park had a "no discrimination" policy, and currently had a young Orc in their employ. A massive, burly specimen of an Orc, that had been sending Mark the stink-eye since day 1. Or . . . had he? (Based, loosely, on Adventure Land.)

Don't Worry, Pet [NC-E}: For an Orc, there is no mark of power than having one's own, personal human pet. But lately, what with the electric fences being thrown up all over the continent, sequestering the human lands from the Orcish lands, poaching is becoming harder and harder, leaving the number of Orcs with human pets even lower than before. But what's this? A human that's strayed past the fence, for one reason or another? This is an opportunity that any reasonable Orc (or Orcs) wouldn't dare to pass up.

Unfortunate Circumstance [BON-E]: He hadn't done it. Really, he hadn't. Okay, maybe he had. But he wasn't the only damn person on the block to have a little bit of coke. Or a lot. But he'd been the one to get caught, and the one to get sent to the local penitentiary. Unlucky enough for him, the justice system didn't often take race into account (at least in terms of who gets which cell) and he's about to get an eyeful of his new, significantly greener cellmate.

Warcraft [EX]: Relations between the Alliance and the Horde have improved, somewhat, in the last few years. Thanks to the efforts of Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore, out-and-out conflicts have been drastically reduced, though there is still a great deal of resentment and tension on either side, as the young priest Gehd is about to find out, the hard way. Making the incredible foolish mistake of trying to go into the Barrens to teach the Gospel of the Light. A young, largely defenseless provides too good a target for a group of Orcs that have some definite aggression to vent. Whether he's taken in by a traveling warband, or forcibly inducted into a brothel, I'm looking for a great deal of green-skinned fun, for this one.

The Tribe, Captured [EX]: Pretty much the opposite of the one above, this would be a chance for me to flex my dominant muscles. The plot would be this - a young, human lord would hear stories of a band of mighty Orc warriors. A cruel sadist, the boy would immediately get it into his head that he'd like to have some fun with these Orcs. He immediately calls for their capture. Once they're within his power, he would use, abuse, humiliate, degrade, torture, break, and generally mis-treat his captives. If they submit, they may become treasured pets. But really, when are Orcs ever known for submitting?

Reconnecting With Old "Friends" [VAN-E]: It's not easy being green. Especially in a modern world where Orcs are considered second-class citizens at the best of times. Graham knew a greenskin, back when he was a kid. He'd gone to elementary school with one. The Orc had stood a foot taller than all the other kids back then, and had picked up a habit of following Graham around. Well, things happened . . . circumstances led to the Orc boy being kicked out of school. Graham didn't see him after that. Until today, when the now 23-year-old Graham sees an enormous mountain of green muscle step into his store. And he's got a bone to pick with his former classmate.

Canon Related Scenes
Pokemon [NC or EX]: I suppose what the scene entails can vary from person to person, depending on what you want. I, personally, prefer playing a human trainer, and my partner playing a pokemon (or many pokemon) that are on my team. Whether we go by traditional "pokemon can only say their name" or move towards the "pokemorph" area can be debated.  Pokemon that I'm interested in seeing: Ursaring, Nidoking, Charizard, Blastoise, Tyranitar, Machoke, Aggron, and I'm certainly up for suggestion as to others.

Fallout [VAR]: Ever wonder what happens to the poor wastelanders that get captured by raiders? Or slavers? Or mutants?  Seems like excellent fodder for some crazy hot RP. No specific plots in mind just yet, but if you'd like to explore something in this setting, let me know.

Tangled [VAR]: So, I just saw this movie recently, and I've been really craving a scene with one or both of the Stabbington twins, preferably an OC/Stabs pairing. I could potentially be interested in playing Flynn, but it's up for discussion.

Canon Characters

Bold= I'm looking particularly hard for someone to play this character.

Dave Karofsky

Stabbington Brothers



The Goon
Again, obvious.



Beauty and the Beast

Soul Calibur

Fighting Games
Iron Tager


Dragon Age

World of Warcraft
Vindicator Maraad
Orcs in General (Obvious)
Draenei in General
Dwarves in General

Freaks and Geeks

Harvest Moon
Hayden [ToT]
Dale [ToT]
Bob [MM]
Owen [ToT]

Mass Effect
Male Shepherd
Original Krogan

Fire Emblem
Mordecai (Radiant Dawn/Path of Radiance)
Garcia (Sacred Stones)

Mortal Kombat
Shao Kahn

Dead Rising 2

His Dark Materials

Well, that's all I've got! Hope I garner some interest!


PS: I suppose it's worth mentioning that I usually play the -sub- roles, in these, or the role of the smaller male. Just trying to clear up any confusion!


Bump for minor edits and additions. Still very much interested a Goon RP, a Glee RP involving Mr. Dave Karofsky, and pretty much any sort of Warcraft RP. Let me know if any of this gets your attention/interest!


Bump for updates. Don't be shy, I'm happy to discuss whatever you like . . .


Update! Check out Currently Seeking for the big scene that I'm currently looking for. As always though, feel free to inquire about any of the scenes available.


Bump. Currently seeking Orcs especially, and in a strange mood to dominate. Be warned though - kinks abound, in that situation.


I came, I saw, I bumped.

Currently, I'm in a strange mood for incest - specifically between estranged father and son, with many a personality conflict and the butting of heads. A few older brothers wouldn't be amiss, either. If this sort of thing interests you, let me know - but I don't have any specific plot in mind.


Bump for updates - specific plot in regards to incest added.


Bump. This evening I am especially seeking X-men related roleplay. I would absolutely love to find someone interested in playing Colossus, along with Wolverine, Juggernaut, etc.


Stabbington Brothers, anyone? Come on - burly redheaded twins, what is not to love there?