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Author Topic: Succubus Stories  (Read 939 times)

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Offline crazycarltTopic starter

Succubus Stories
« on: August 14, 2007, 02:08:15 PM »
Since my threads are dying I figure it's good timing to start a couple of new ones. See my Signature for my ons/offs. Also, these settings, while mundane, are open for changes if you've got some good ideas. I'll play any of the roles and the male characters can be switched for female if you like.

1. Fresh out of college, a young man is helping out with a yard sale at his former fraternity's house when he comes upon a mysterious old tome in a box in the attic. Seeing it too interesting to be lost to the sale, he sneaks it from there back to his apartment. Upon opening the book a wild energy posesses him and he speaks in a eldritch language while his eyes scan the glowing runes on the page. The walls shake, lights flicker, clouds gather and thunder cracks outside of the window. A column of smoke appears and thickens, gathering into the shape of a woman. He passes out after this and when he wakes up the rooms are a mess and he's in bed with somebody else. The female that appeared the other night, a demon, goddess, or succubus. He remembers the night in flashes, visions of wild, animal passion. What is a college grad to do?
-- The succubus in question feeds off of the human world in any number of ways. Sexual energy, heat, food, blood, beer, flesh, cum, any of these and more are nourishment for her. She is gluttony and there are no limits to her consumption should the mood strike her, and it often does. She would swallow men whole and pick her teeth with their bones; and so the future looks grim for the unwitting one that summoned her. His only saving grace is the spell that brought her binds her to him; if he dies, then she too must return to her maker until summoned again, even if it isn't for another 900 years.

2. A scientist in his mid-30's working in a secret government laboratory in New Mexico's deserts is studying a sample of fallen rock when a black ooze leaps from it and painfully latches onto his skin. His life flashes before his eyes and when he comes around the black ooze is on the table in front of him. His finger bleeds and he suspects some of his blood was taken by it, but before he can call for help or hit the quarantine button the ooze transforms, changing shape and color until it has taken the form of a rubinesque woman, as if Renoir had rendered her there in front of him. She steps gingerly onto an outstretched palm and he marvels, an urge driving him to sneak her into his pocket and take her home after work. Mystified, saying it is in the interest of science he gazes at her on the tabletop at home, wondering what she, no, it is or where it came from. When prodded she quivers, like a gelatin almost, not quite holding her shape. In fact she can be crushed without any ill effect or injury. What does she need? He gives her food and water and she consumes both until her belly is distended like a balloon. He wonders if it smiled at him or if it was his imagination. He puts it in a glass aquarium carefully sealed and sleeps. The next day he wakes up to find it in bed with him, a little taller than before, and a fair bit fatter. This time he's sure it's smiling, which pleases and frightens him.
-- The creature read his mind (see my Ons/Offs) and uses his fantasies to persuade him to help it grow. Once it becomes big enough it might begin to tempt him sexually. Its goal is unclear; to grow large enough and then divide into more, eventually spreading to cover and consume the earth? Or maybe it seeks friendlier relationships with humankind.

Again, settings are open for further elaboration, male characters may be female since I don't mind lesbian relationships. Finally if I didn't hint at it enough I very much like to see belly expansion and/or weight gain in my stories. Looking forward to a few new friends. :D