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December 14, 2018, 04:33:27 PM

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Author Topic: Dax is lusting for a roleplay [Female looking for male -- possibly BDSM?]  (Read 1048 times)

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Offline innocenceportrayedTopic starter

I'm rather picky, I wont lie.  I'm trying not to be though. Give me some credit? =/

I want someone who has the same interests as me. I will not roleplay any sort of fandom or fantasy. I also will only roleplay my gender; female. I expect you to be able to meet my post length or at least give me something to work with -- no one liners, no list form of introductions, be creative etc-- I'm a very very descriptive person.

Also, relationship between the two doesn't have to be exclusive, they don't have to be romantically involved, they can just be D/S, but I don't mind either way. I'm rather laid back on that. All of my roleplays are open to BDSM but they don't have to be.

1. This is for your own good::: Dax's boyfriend was tired of her constantly getting into fights, she needed some serious discipline and he knew he couldn't provide it. He has hired a man to help train Dax to be open with her feelings but also know when the shut the hell up and do what she's told, not only sexually but in general. This could turn into a group play if you'd like, otherwise I'd be willing to play both Dax and her boyfriend.

2.  So far away ::: Riley's older (step/adopted/really close family friend) brother has been overseas. For the first time in three years he's coming back to the states, for good this time. The two were practically inseperable before he was deployed. Will things be the same when he comes back to see that she's not the same little girl he knew? Will he use the skills and discipline he learned from the military to whip her back into the person she was before or will he let her live her own life?

3. Bite me / Save me::: A teenage girl ends up in the hospital after a nasty beating from her step father, she’s barely clinging on for life. Her doctor, young, fresh out of medical school has found her case an interesting one and is willing to do whatever he can to save her, even if that means turning her. (You can think Twilight if you must although that’s not exactly what I’m going for). This can be played without the vampire element and can be just Doctor x Patient.

4. Bring Me To Life::: Post apocalypse there are people coming out of hiding, people emerging from their underground taverns, caves, safe havens and the population is scarce. Your character is scouring the area for anyone he may know although all he’s finding is mangled bodies piled here and there and not much sign of life. He is yet to discover that he has the ability to give/take life away. Will have to brainstorm on this plot a little.

5. This town will be the downfall of us::: Mind you I've never done a fantasy type roleplay before, this sparks me as interesting. I have always loved the resident evil movies and games so my idea for this roleplay is similar to that. There has been an outbreak of a virus that had all sorts of potential had it not gone completely wrong. There are two (or more, this could turn into a group roleplay) people hid out in an old abandoned building, but how long they can hold themselves there is unknown. They're scraping together anything they can for rations and weapons in order to escape and hopefully find a place unaffected by the virus.

Since I really have very few ideas right now, I'm open to suggestions. My characters are usually between 16-21, but this is flexible.

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Offline innocenceportrayedTopic starter

Re: Dax is lusting for a roleplay [F/M -- BDSM?]
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2011, 11:05:56 AM »
Both have been updated.

Also, I prefer to roleplay over the forums, though email can be arranged.

Offline innocenceportrayedTopic starter

Two plots added.

Offline ReanimateMagnus

I like the So far away idea.

Offline innocenceportrayedTopic starter

PM me and we'll work something out

Offline innocenceportrayedTopic starter

Added "This town will be the downfall of us"