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Author Topic: Here There Be Plots [m/f, looking for m]  (Read 809 times)

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Offline graverunnerTopic starter

Here There Be Plots [m/f, looking for m]
« on: May 24, 2011, 11:14:36 am »

(ze m/f version)

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  • Plots
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Offline graverunnerTopic starter

Re: Here There Be Plots [m/f, looking for m]
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2011, 11:19:01 am »

  • I'm not new to rp-ing but have only ever exclusively been an m/m roleplayer all this while, and when I did try to foray into m/f, the few rps that I did try to start up rather failed. *breathes* However, I do want to try and stretch my boundaries as a roleplayer and since I do have some curiosity in m/f, I believe I will give it another short and try not to repeat my previous mistakes.
  • I'm a bit more skittish/vanilla for m/f, so the long list of kinks that I have? Not all of them applies to m/f. If there are any that you'd like to try that you do not see there, or even ones that are there, it would be best to PM me first.
  • I cannot do mindless pwp for m/f. Tried and I just can't, somehow. Not saying that I do not want sex at all, I do (this is an adult rp forum for a reason), but it has to have a liberal dose of plot with it and solid interaction between characters before it can believably happen.
  • Literacy is a must: Grammar, spelling, decent sized paragraphs that I can work with
  • A roleplaying partner who understands that I may be a little awkward when it comes to rp-ing m/f would be an added bonus as well
  • Plots are not first come first served, although, I might be tempted to do it more than once especially if different versions are still available

!! Craving 1&2
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Offline graverunnerTopic starter

Re: Here There Be Plots [m/f, looking for m]
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2011, 11:28:08 am »

  • 1.

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  • They have been best friends for as long as anybody can remember. Inseperable ever since [mc] saved [yours] from some bullies when they were young. They have been through skinned knees, tears, joy and the events of their life are invariably intertwined with one another. Fights, as well, but almost everybody knows that those get resolved in the end. However, when adolescence hits them, one moment causes everything to change.
    Ah, adolescence. A time of raging hormones and heart ache. Despite the the fact that each notices the other is not quite the young boy/girl they used to know, everything mostly goes on as normal... Till [mc] gets herself a boyfriend. Several in fact, as she goes through one after another. The unrequited feelings that [yours] has tried to keep a lid on eventually bubbles over and culminates in a horrible act: [yc] violating [mine].

The focus of this would not be on the rape itself, but on its aftermath. We can discuss what eventually tips [yc] over the edge that causes it to happen, but I'd like to see what the both of them will do to try and heal things after that. It would be interesting to see how the severing of a formerly close bond may slowly tie itself back together again.

Alternate Versions (with a little more spice than the original one:
  • The i fought the law and the law won Mafia AU
    Same as above, except they're both trying to live their lives out as normal people despite having a criminal organization for a family. After the incident, they both try to avoid one another but [insert life threatening incident that befalls The Family] that causes both of them to go on the run. But how could [yours] protect [mc] from the [law/rival family] when he cannot protect mine from himself?

  • The Fantasy AU
    Same as above, except as noble and bodyguard

  • 2.

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  • Money buys everything. Food, finery, shiny things and odd knick knacks in between; and when that gets boring, why not even hearts and souls themselves? A Cavalier pledges these in return for everything that the same benefits that the nobles themselves possess.. Of course, pledging over one's heart and soul would mean that you would be a pawn for the upper echelon to use as they see fit.

    [mc] is a noble who had the rare distinction of being able to form a relationship between her and her Cavalier that almost managed to resemble something like love. Of course, this all falls apart when a rival noble manipulates events that ends in the death of [mc]'s Cavalier. Cue several years into the future and despite the calm facade she has, most know that something does not quite tick right anymore and decide that it is better not to get in her way. She has been Cavalier-less all this while till [yc] steps into the picture; one that has been passed and broken far too many times; unpredictable and dangerous and that they have decided to eventually put down till she steps in and decides to take him in.

the meeting of crazy and crazier
Here, Cavaliers are like more extreme versions of bodyguards. Not only do they protect the nobles, but they duel with other cavaliers to resolve disputes, problems and basically, whenever their nobles feel like they need a bit of entertainment. Both characters in this rp would be broken but I'd like to see how, against all odds, a friendship and something more manages to strike up along the way.

The idea struck up when I had this image of a woman asking a highly dangerous killer to do everyday tasks like making tea and crumpets and oh, woud you water the plants as well? in this huge opulent house full of useless things and the both of them just faffing about and driving each other crazy; what with her strangely banal requests and his fickleness.

Alternate Versions:
  • The same. Except with dragons.

  • 3.

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  • No plot as of yet but.. I would love to have an rp where it's a human paired off with an exotic creature. Dragon, naga, gryphon..etc. Plot no 2. could be modified to fit the first one, but I'd love to hear/flesh out others as well.


  • Hunger Games

Just devoured all 3 books and I just want to rp something, anything set in this world so badly. Either with originals or the canon characters themselves. I'd also accept AUs and alternate versions of the book's plot.
I pair Katniss up with almost anybody (Peeta, Gale, Haymitch, even Finnick after this particularly beautiful fic I read), but I'm not averse to other characters (finnick/annie, johanna/gale, haymitch/mrs everdeen)

  • Kare Kano / His & Her Circumstances

Soichiro has this dark streak to him doesn't he? Would be interesting if this could be developed further.
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