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Author Topic: Looking for a hero (M or F)  (Read 590 times)

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Offline Lady MorganaTopic starter

Looking for a hero (M or F)
« on: May 24, 2011, 08:29:34 AM »

I’m new to the forum, but would like to share an idea that I’ve had for an RP. It concerns the old classic of enemies joining forces to combat a common evil.
I had a further descriptive section, but including it would restrict your freedom to create your own character and so I’ve left it pretty much open.

As for my preferences; I'm bisexual and I love sexual content of any / all kinds including bondage and forced sex,  but I also need the RP to follow a plot.

If you’re interested in playing the hero and completing the adventure with me please get in touch.

Here's the starting  point . . .

A light wind rustled the forest canopy and for a moment the chaffinches held their voices. Far below Cairn threw down his still warm coneys and pulled in his empty line from the stream, coiling it neatly before returning it to its pouch.  He kicked dust over the dying embers of his camp fire and slung his pack over his shoulder, following the river North and East.
 Avalian skipped and danced barefoot over rocks and tree roots on a carpet of pine needles. Her skin was drenched from the exertion and the short dress clung to her lithe figure. She anxiously looked over her shoulder; the voices were getting louder, but there was no sign of anyone yet.
Cairn took a sip of icy mountain water from his cupped hands. He listened, sure that he’d heard something other than the sweet bird song and babbling brook. There! Distant voices, barely louder than the breeze through the leaves. Although his King appointed mission demanded his absolute conviction, his curiosity could not be ignored and, Cairn argued, he was already heading in that direction.
Avalain rested her back against a tree, her heart pounding and her legs weakening with each step. Her breathing almost returned to normal and she willed herself into a steady jog. The mumbling voices in her wake gave a shout and Avalains legs responded with more speed as adrenalin coursed through her. Her pursuers had sighted their quarry and the inevitable conclusion was drawing near, but she would not be taken easily.   
The voices were clear now, 3 or 4 men Cairn would guess, excited predators closing on their prey. He scanned the cliffs on the opposite side of the river, searching for the source, but could see nothing.
 Avalian’s would be captors fell into step a few paces behind her, matching her stride for painful stride and laughing at her feeble attempt to escape. Only a few yards ahead the recent storms had washed away a section of the cliff. The men slowed and waited for her to turn back onto their waiting cocks, but instead Avalain built up speed, focussed on the solid earth 8 feet beyond. She summoned every ounce of her strength, diving headlong for the safety of the opposite side, desperately throwing her arms forward.  Her outstretched fingers coiled around tree roots and for a brief moment she held on, but her weakening muscles and sweaty grip could not save her. She fell backwards, peacefully accepting her death as she watched the trees and sky recede. All went black.
Crouched beneath the trees on the opposite bank, the unseen Cairn watched the woman fall with his heart in his mouth.
The rain washed earth and sand from the rock fall had accumulated in a steep drift at the foot of the cliff, reaching almost a third of its height. Avalian hit the sand with force and spun uncontrollably in a cloud of sand and stone, landing again on the slope to bounce and roll the remainder of the way, arms and legs flailing like a rag doll. She came to rest face down amongst rocks and shallow pools by the water’s edge. The men on the cliff stood and stared in silence like children who have had had their sweets taken away.
Meyer watched a large stone spin through the air, fall a foot short of its target and ricochet into the woman’s ribs. She remained silent and still. A second rock missed the target by several yards. Four came down at once, one striking the flesh on her thigh, but the others bounced harmlessly by. A few more curses were thrown, but no more missiles. Satisfied that she was dead or at least broken beyond repair, the men turned and left.

Offline Healergirl

Re: Looking for a hero (M or F)
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2011, 09:18:27 AM »
Oh, I like this setup.  Well written, very evocative.  You identified the rescuer as male, would you find a female?  I even like the rescuer's name.

If you would prefer a male partner, I understand completely.

Offline Lady MorganaTopic starter

Re: Looking for a hero (M or F)
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2011, 09:27:41 AM »
I'd originally thought of the rescuer as Male but Female is equally good for me.

I've also deliberately taken away the detail I had on location and period to give my partner more scope to define their own character.

Does the situation invoke any thoughts or ideas?

I'd love to hear your views.

Offline Healergirl

Re: Looking for a hero (M or F)
« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2011, 10:03:37 AM »
It does indeed.

Cairn is clearly the outdoors type who pays attention to what is going on around him.  Hiker, recluse, ranger - not necessarily a fantasy setting ranger, could be a park ranger.  He responds to her distress, so is fundamentally a decent person.

Avalian is certainly not dressed or shod for the wilderness which is where she seems to be.  What ever happened to get her running, it happened hard and fast.  She has been run to ground, could be miles from where the chase started, or she could have been running in a circle.  Her pursuers don't seem as winded by the chase as Avalian is, she is likely a city girl?  The pursuers don't have firearms, or even bows.  No time period clues there.

She could be an escaped kidnap victim brought to the are for secure imprisonment, saw a chance to bolt, took it.  She could be a tourist ambushed by local predators.  Oh my.  Very well done.

I m open with any setting or period, really.  For fantasy/historical I usually run ranger or healer types.  For modern/future settings I often run combat medics.  I am not fond of being a combat monster, that is not my personal focus, but my women always know how to fight.  A girl just can't be too careful these days.

Offline XIV

Re: Looking for a hero (M or F)
« Reply #4 on: May 24, 2011, 06:11:20 PM »
I've been looking for a thread to allow ozy to stretch his arms. I'm a sucker for a heroic tale.Ozy is...perhaps a bit stronger than may be needed for the plot. But he's easily adaptable to most situations.I don't have computer access  presently. I'm on a blackberry. I've ben trying to find an active person or group to have Ozy run into them. He knows almost nothing but his name and a few "tricks". A hero looking not only for a cause but a past life. Hope we can exchange some ideas if your interested.