I wanna play! I have a few ideas too.

Started by Bakura, August 10, 2007, 10:28:27 PM

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I'm one of the new people here... and now I've finally decided to make my presence known. Because I have a few ideas. One that's a little more planned out, and two that have been bouncing around in my head for a little bit.

1) This one involved mafia dealings. A seemingly random girl is kidnapped off the street, for a crime boss. A group of three does this, but one of them is very reluctant, because he's had a crush on her from afar for a couple of years. When taken there, the girl finds out the crime boss is her thought-dead father. He wants her to join him, but she wants no part of it. He orders my character (the reluctant one) to "treat her right" and "teach her a lesson". Things can go from there.

2) This one involves a kind of futuristic city where superhero/heroines and villains are a common thing. One heroine and one villain just happen to have the hots for each other and that's just something that's not allowed. (Think like the montahuges and the capulets in Romeo and Juliet). The whole story could be about their sordid romance until things come to a boil and the girl is kidnapped to be dealt with by the villain's family/cohorts. And I was thinking this could be anime-style.

3) This one is relatively simple and probably overdone, but meh. A boarding school for all girls. There's this one boy that falls for one of the girls in the school and they begin a forbidden romance. (oooooh, so naughty^^). The entire roleplay would be about their sexual adventures and whatnot, while trying to keep it so they're never found out. It's similar to my previous idea, but a little more realistic.

Optimally, it'd be nice to have a female to play with, but I have no troubles roleplaying with a guy playing a girl. Personally, I prefer an actual female, but if you're a male that's really good at roleplaying the female, let's talk!


Hi there, I'm fairly new too I quite like your third idea (love the thought of playing a naughty schoolgirl) let me know if you are interested.

Acqui x