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December 01, 2022, 02:51:13 pm

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Author Topic: The Girl That Turned the Tides of War  (Read 690 times)

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The Girl That Turned the Tides of War
« on: May 22, 2011, 06:58:18 pm »
Peter Wilson
Age: 21
Occupation: American Alliance Soldier
Description: A tall, muscular man with an long scar that goes all the way down his back. His hair is in a short military style and he has piercing blue eyes.
Background: Peter was born on Earth, during the great evacuation. He was the last baby to be placed on board one of the ships that was leaving the Earth. That said, he grew up in space on one of the great ships that was traveling to a new planet. At fifteen, humanity found this new planet on which they could live on. Terra-forming was finished by the time Peter turned 18. And then the War for Land began. He was taken away from his job as a simple repairman for one of the ships on which the American people called home and he was drafted into becoming a soldier.

Those three years had changed him from being a gentle and caring guy into a battle hardened soldier. A soldier who was damn good at his job with over 200 confirmed kills to his name. His nickname became "The Archangel" because of his ability to kill so efficiently and how he always performed so excellently in defense missions.

And because of all of this war and action he was always burying himself in. He never had time for romance, love, or any of that. He had fucked a few girls before. But it was just from him being recognized as a soldier rather than they actually wanting him.

Backstory to the place:

Earth became unlivable and toxic to humans over time which caused humans to have to leave in order for them to survive. So they constructed giant spaceships that could carry the Earth's population. Most countries constructed ships for their own people. And Peter was raised on America's ship, called The Eagle. They traveled for fifteen years till they found a planet that could hold the human population as well as having enough resources to sustain them.

The countries decided it needed to be terraformed first in order for it to be perfectly livable. And so they had all the best scientists work on it. They exceeded expectations and got the project up and running in a year. It took another two to get the planet properly terraformed with oceans, breathable air, and plant life. But before they landed they had to decide who lived where.

Drawing out the maps of Gaia was the problem. None of the countries could really agree who should get the most amount of land and how it would all work out. So they began to have diplomatic conflicts. And then people started taking sides. America allied itself with Japan, Russia, England, Canada, France, and Africa (a majority of its countries). America wanted to draw the map up in a similar fashion to how it was on Earth. But other countries did not agree so they formed their own alliances of the European Alliance consisting of a majority of European countries as well as though who felt that they needed more land on this new world. And there of course was a third side, The Protectorate, that was neutral on the issue and was just trying to stop the war from bleeding onto the new planet.

The war was being fought in space on the ships though the Eagle was protected from the action since it had expanded and took on most of its allies populations and was using their ships as battlefields and as training centers for their soldiers or other special tasks.

Idea for their meeting:

Peter took a mission to sneak on to an enemy carrier. However his ship gets damaged and he is forced to land on Gaia. He will meet your character there and try to get her back to the Eagle for examination.

(I was thinking that your character will not exactly be human, she can be either a visitor from another dimension or something to that effect with abilities above that of humans. I am not limiting whatever you decide to make your character just as long as she is human looking (sorry, no furries please).