nerd vs geek - light bondage [f dom for m]

Started by lore, May 21, 2011, 03:52:45 PM

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TAKEN thanks to all for your interest :)

I've been wanting to explore my more dominant side lately, with that being said, my main character won't be slipping into any latex, cracking whips, or terrorizing cocks anytime soon. :)

What I had in mind was the story of two life long small town friends in their final year of highschool. She's a short, dark haired, bespectacled arty type with a keen wit. Recent acceptance to Harvard on full scholarship has bolstered her once precarious ego into more healthy territories. Even before her future was secured, she was known as one not to be crossed, and while she couldn't claimed to be well liked, most left her a comfortable berth of space. He on the other hand, has lived out the last four years as a human punching bag. Though incredibly talented (in music, art, writing, science, etc. - your choice), he has had the misfortune of becoming the target of the more sadistic members of the school's social elite. No post-game/party/holiday celebration would be complete without cellophaning/ductaping him to something, and her locating and removing him from his bindings has become mere habit. This time, however, she's irate to discover the town douchebags have added insult to injury, stripping him down to his boxers before wrapping him in place. In the process of freeing him, as she moves about him, touching him, he develops a massively undeniable erection. The two ignore it in silence, parting ways without discussing it, but the seed of interest/curiosity has been planted in her head, and she decides to approach him about exploring the kink and attraction.

Totally up to negotiation, but I have in mind some light bondage/teasing/slow excruciating blow&hand jobs/other shenanigans all in good fun.

If you were in search of additional viscous play, I could always bring in popular characters M or F or both. I would like all characters to be at least 18.

I love writers capable of descriptive detail and creating characters with believable depth, but who keep quality over quantity in mind.

Please PM with with any ideas/questions. If seriously interested, please PM: