Spa encounter [F dom looking for M or F sub]

Started by elfguy, May 20, 2011, 05:04:05 PM

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At the HighTower Hotel And Spa Facility, all kind of people can be found. They however all have one thing in common: they are rich. This place, where spas, pools, masseurs, gyms and other well-being services are dispensed, is an exclusive club, one that costs a small fortune to be a member of. Many of the people here are business people, CEOs, politicians, and other well respected personalities.

When a young executive got his/her membership paid, that's all they knew about this place. And when they first saw Michelle at the spa, they immediately fell in love, and wanted to go talk to her. However, this facility is also frequented by a less respectable, yet also just as rich type of people: crime lords.

Michelle is an influential figure in the city's biggest criminal syndicate. Every regular knows not to approach her, and only a naive newcomer would play with fire like that. And as a reward, Michelle will chat with the newcomer, accept the invitation to dinner, and go to their private room. But then, of course, she'll have her own fun, at the expense of this naive peon.

For this RP I will play Michelle, a powerful and skilled member of a criminal underground, and I need someone to play a M or F executive type, someone naive and new to this hotel/spa who will see Michelle and fall in love, go and talk to her, walk into the snake's nest as it were. Michelle will be nice and friendly, until the two are alone. Then she will show him/her what she really is, and will make this newcomer her bitch, abusing him/her sexually.