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Author Topic: Ophelia's Ideas. Mostly Extreme. (Male or Female Partners)  (Read 2294 times)

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Offline Ophelia JaxonTopic starter

Ok here are some ideas, I know they aren't Extreme in nature, but that doesn't mean I don't do Extreme themes, it only means I have no ideas. I'm always open to ideas and I'm pretty easy as far as limits and what-not as the only thing I'm not a fan of is scat, it makes me a bit queasy just thinking about it, though if you're -really- into it I could try it out...I mean it -is- only in text isn't it?

I'm bisexual as well, so any Females out there wanting to play with a submissive girl, feel free to send me a message xx

So here are some ideas x.

1) Cassandra lived in a nice country town, until daddy got called away for work, mum and daughter followed him far away from all she knew and into the city. They lived there about six months before dad had been called away again. This time mum and daughter stayed in their new home. Mum had become quite fond of the drink and she had made friends here. Cassandra hated it from the start, so as soon as she could she got a job, hoping to save money to move out. She got a job as a waitress in a bar. That's where she met ______

They flirted with each other and stuff then one day he was waiting for her outside and took her for a burger after work. He was the definition of charm. He had everything going for him. Good Looks. Charm. He was a bit older and had money. He was nice. Mum liked him...They started seeing more and more of each other and he was the nicest person ever in Cassandra's mind...but one day when they were out, they had just started to have a good time when he took her by the arm and marched her out of the club. He explained there was someone in there he didn't like...when really the problem was he was jealous. She was wearing clothes that he liked, short skirt, cleavage enhancing top...but he saw other men looking at her and it pissed him off.

He took her home and of course she invited him up, her mother was on one and confirmed his thoughts by telling Cassandra she looked like a tramp...well the relationship starts to change...he tells her what she can and cannot wear...starts to verbally abuse her…then one day he slaps her, of course she'll think it's her own fault. He's sorry. Had too much to drink. She starts to drink. They argue more often... He convinces her after every argument, every abuse that he loves her.

This roleplay could go many ways depending on situations and our characters :)

2) A split personality thing. Man has another side to himself; my character would fall for the good guy. Maybe things are lovely at first, they might move in together. He's mentioned before that he has a 'brother' but she's not ever seen him. One day when he goes out, his 'brother' comes in...and gosh do they look alike. Must be twins. What she doesn't know is that they're the same person. When the 'brother' sees her he is instantly attracted. He rapes her. Picks on her. Uses her. Eventually she begins to like it and fall for the more evil brother...what happens when she finds out they are one and the same?

3) Amy had had a perfect life, she was one of those girls who got everything she wanted and was completely spoiled by her parents, she was also a snob and her circle of friends consisted on people whose families were as rich as hers. She was a girl who liked to make other people's lives miserable; picking on them constantly. There was one boy in particular her hateful spitefulness turned to. His mother was a maid at her house and because of that she was nasty to him and when he complained to the principal about her, trying to get her in trouble for the pot that was found (put) in his locker just before a school locker check, she had his mother fired. Ten years later they meet at a high school reunion and she's taken by his good looks and charm. He's changed so much she doesn't recognize him; he's changed his name even. She has long since forgotten the person she was, but he hasn't. He's now a very successful man whereas she's living in a crappy one bedroom apartment and is good friends with anything she can swallow or snort up her nose.

4) Man and woman were in love, they got married, about six months in he loses his job and she's now the bread winner. He's ok with it at first; he'll just look for another job, no reason to get down about it! That was his opinion fir the first couple months. Applications, and CV's went out, nothing came in. He's taken up drinking for a pass time and its grating on him that all his money is her money.

Their loving relationship turns sour. They're fighting all the time. He is convinced she's seeing someone on the side.

5) He was older than her. He was an associate of her Father's intent on expanding her Father's business, so when the naive girl was asked if she would like to take a walk she went. She was only young seventeen years old; he was twenty-five and a very rich and sought after bachelor. They saw each other for only six weeks before he proposed to her. Of course she had some trepidation, they had only been together a short time and he hadn't even kissed her yet.

He asked her father who agreed, in two week's time they were to be married. A very short time to prepare an entire wedding, but he had some very important business to attend to and he lived in another state and claimed he didn't know when he would return.

On her eighteenth birthday they got married and skipped the honeymoon and went straight to his home where for the first weeks as a wedded woman she was left alone in a huge house, being told what rooms she could and couldn't enter.

She entered them of course. The house keeper kept a watchful eye on the girl and when her husband's nephew came unexpectedly the flirting between he and Athena was purely innocent. The housekeeper caught them hugging and assured herself that she had been unfaithful. Every little thing Athena had done wrong was put in a report. If she wore sexy clothing it was written down. If she was rude to anyone, didn't answer the door, when out for a long period of time. It was all written.

When he came home he was given this report and was none too happy about it. He decides to teach her her place.

6) Girl witnesses a murder and is seen, but there's not enough time to do away with the only witness thank goodness! She goes to the coppers and says she'll testify, she goes into witness protection. Guy gets hired by murderer's boss to do away with girl and due to crooked coppers he gets placed in witness protection as well, same place as her.

7) Ophelia has a tough life, she always had. Practically had to raise herself and when she was 14 ran off to become a star...Well...we know how that turns out for most. She met a guy. Got addicted to cocaine. The boyfriend decides to drop her as he's tired of looking after her. It was fun at first. Bring his mates around and give her what's for...making her work for the drugs. So...out on her ass she does the only thing a girl like her can. She finds herself a pimp. She's pretty. Pretty face, nice figure, friendly, and knows how to work it, so she makes good money...or did...She's now 20 years old and her daily payments to her pimp have gone -way- down. She's pocketing the cash and favours one client who she sees for free...Pimp is NOT happy. Opal was his best girl...he even wanted a turn with the word from the grapevine is that she's not only ripping him off, but she's giving it for free AND thinking of quitting to move in with her rich client (the one she's spreading her legs for for free) well...Opal has to be taught a lesson in respect...manners...and one steals and double crosses HIM.

8)Angel was once in a terrible relationship. Her boyfriend didn't only slap her around, but he used his fists and occasionally his feet as well. He liked seeing women suffer for him and when Angel came into his life all innocent and lovely, he corrupted her. He liked to bound her up and let his friends rape her. Nothing she ever did for him was good enough and he had no problem with berating her for it.

One day it went a little too far. They were in the back garden and had been having a good evening in the pool. He wanted to fuck. Told her to get her ass over to him and of course she obeyed, but she didn't make the right noises, wasn't as into it as h was...It was turning him off, so...He pushed her head under the water. She came to life -then- and he once more got excited. He held her under until her struggles were getting slower and pulled her by the hair back up. Once she caught her breath she screamed and screamed. Head back under. Head back up.

It was very lucky for her that some neighbour called the cops. She was more than afraid that this session would be the end of her. One of the police helped her out of the pool, and practically carried her when her legs refused to move. Angel was eternally grateful...

About six months later she met the cop again and they actually got to talking which found it's way to dating. He was coming over regularly and they did things adults do...but she wasn't getting off on it anymore and she knows why...What will he do when she asks him to hit her? Will she manage to make him do it?

What I'm looking for is a partner who's not against Extreme scenes, abuse verbal and physical...One who's reluctant to do so at first, but after a while he starts to like it. How far will he go? How much can she take? If she asks him to stop...can he do it?

I am looking for someone to play Vinny...before all this happened.

9) A man just got dumped by his bitch of a wife. Not only did she break it off with him, but she let him know that he was crap in bed and the only reason she stayed with him was because she happened to get pregnant. She let him know while they were at a diner party that she had no feelings for him, and divorce papers were ion the way. She also got custody of their son, AND got the ouse which has now been sold as well as fucking off with his best mate.

So what happens when...two months down the line in his new shitty house, he meets a girl. Online. They decide to meet and the worst bit...she looks exactly like his ex wife, maybe a few minor differences, but all he can see is that double crossing bitch in front of him.

What'll he do? How will he react? Maybe they'll see some of eachother and she'll opt to staying with him for a weekend. He's a little unhinged and damaged after the break up...So what happens if she says they're moving too fast, or should see other people?

I want this rp to be of the extreme nature, as for limits, I'll go as hardcore as you'll go

10) The Vampire's Pet (want this to be very extreme in nature)

Tereza after going through a bad break up decided to take a little holiday. She told her family she'd be going on holiday with one of her friends but didn't specify which one or where she was going, they were super easy-going soo weren't that concerned. She just needed a change of scenery. She is an English speaking Italian. She took off to America; Florida where she could relax in the sun.

After about two weeks of relaxing and enjoying herself, forgetting about her ex and starting to like life again. She was attacked. One night she had gotten herself all dressed up. It was time to show the world she was ready to move on. She had been bar hopping (with a fake ID); only having a glass of wine at each and only sitting at the bar. Well...a glass of wine soon adds up when you have one at every bar you visit. She was just about to hail a cab to take her home when she was grabbed from behind. a man’s voice said something about little girls should be in bed at night. He had two friends with him.

Tereza was up shit creek, no one came when she screamed. She fought like a tiger, but three men can fight back. They beat her to unconsciousness and started to go for her body. They never did rape her, though they had torn her clothing off.

When she woke she found herself not in a hospital but in a house, disoriented she got out of bed and tried the door. Locked.

She was there for at least thirteen hours on her own. After dusk the door finally opened and a man came in. She begged to be able to go home, but he was a vampire and had tasted her sweet virgin blood. There was no way he was going to let her go. So...he kept her prisoner.

Two years gone and she's still there...only she now has feelings for her captor who she still doesn't know is a vampire. When he feeds from her, he uses his powers to make her in a dream-like state, and she sleeps the entire day afterwards. Well she finally starts to let him know how she feels and...he feels the same..aww bliss!

He isn't normal though. Eventually she convinces him she will never leave the house and he unlocks her door. They are much like a proper couple now. She starts to explore and finds herself in a wing of the mansion that is off-limits to her. She just had her hand on a door handle when a stern 'what are you doing up here' comes from behind her. She jumps. He grabs her and drags her back to her room ranting about how he should never have let her out. Does she not know what privacy is? Tereza stands up for herself and before she knows it, he strikes her. A backhand across the face and since he's a vampire it knocks her to the floor and he storms out.

Later her door is smashed open by another vampire who is similar looking to the first. He grabs her and tells her he's to teach her a lesson in respect. He punishes her, bites her, let it be known he's a vampire. Makes her look at the mirror while he does things to her, forces her to do things to him. He is cruel. He is violent.

When he is finished with her the first vampire comes back and picks up the pieces. Treats her like a child...treats her like a lover. The second vampire has got a taste for her now and when the first goes off on business he uses and abuses her in every way possible.

One day she finds out the secret hidden behind locked doors...The two...are one and the same. Each fighting for dominance, each wanting her. Which one will she fall the hardest for?

All my scenes can be changed into F/F scenes as well.
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Offline Doomsday

I'm interested in the split personalities game. Pm me?

Offline Ophelia JaxonTopic starter

Ok, so I would just like to make clear that I am super submissive, I might play a fiesty character or two, but I don't switch and not even one little teeny tiny bit of me is Dom. I say this because I've gotten a surprisingle amount of responses with people wanting me to enslave their characters. Sorry guys and's just not for me. xx

Offline Ophelia JaxonTopic starter

Just updated and added another idea, I kind of want ths one to head toward the more extremes of roleplaying

Offline Ophelia JaxonTopic starter

Re: Ophelia's Ideas. Ex.Abuse.Reluc.NC.ect. (Male or Female Partners)
« Reply #4 on: June 01, 2011, 02:26:46 pm »
Added number Nine.

I'm in the mood for something extreme, so if you have any ideas please feel free to PM me, I'm almost always up for trying something new.

I also do fantasy pairings and supernatural pairings.

Offline Ophelia JaxonTopic starter

Re: Ophelia's Ideas. Ex.Abuse.Reluc.NC.ect. (Male or Female Partners)
« Reply #5 on: July 19, 2011, 06:32:21 am »
Hello, afer a long absence due o losing the internet and having problems with dealing with the internet company then getting a contract with a new company I'm back and ready to roll! Please let me know if you'd like to play with my via here or PM, also if you have any ideas where you think I might fit, don't hesitate to run them by me. I hardly ever say no :)

Offline Ophelia JaxonTopic starter

Re: Ophelia's Ideas. Ex.Abuse.Reluc.NC.ect. (Male or Female Partners)
« Reply #6 on: July 19, 2011, 03:59:48 pm »
I have added a tenth idea, and I'm quite craving it. I have done it before years ago and it was a very long lasting rp.

Offline Cheka Man

Re: Ophelia's Ideas. Ex.Abuse.Reluc.NC.ect. (Male or Female Partners)
« Reply #7 on: July 19, 2011, 09:05:37 pm »
I like the idea of rp ideas #6 and #8,please PM me if you want me to rp with you.

Offline Ophelia JaxonTopic starter

Re: Ophelia's Ideas. Ex.Abuse.Reluc.NC.ect. (Male or Female Partners)
« Reply #8 on: August 02, 2011, 10:20:56 am »
Updated :D

Offline MagicalPen

Re: Ophelia's Ideas. Ex.Abuse.Reluc.NC.ect. (Male or Female Partners)
« Reply #9 on: August 12, 2011, 11:35:42 am »
Hey - I responded to all your PMs of interest in my game ideas but have not heard back from you. Something up?

Offline Ophelia JaxonTopic starter

Re: Ophelia's Ideas. Ex.Abuse.Reluc.NC.ect. (Male or Female Partners)
« Reply #10 on: August 31, 2011, 12:10:35 pm »
Sorry everyone I was on Holiday. If I have not replied to a pm or a post, let me know and I will do so asap.

I have modified this post :) Open for RP's

Offline Xunzar

Re: Ophelia's Ideas. Ex.Abuse.Reluc.NC.ect. (Male or Female Partners)
« Reply #11 on: August 31, 2011, 04:05:00 pm »
I have no idea if we'd work well together, but drop me a PM and let's discuss?

The Vampire one sounds interesting, but as I said, we should discuss beforehand (at least a little). That said, I could give it a whirl.