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Author Topic: Caws and Croaks From the Rookery: AdriRaven's Rambling RP Requests!  (Read 2032 times)

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Hi there, and welcome to my requests page!  Most of these are one-to-one games, but I might be willing to extend them into more people, if the interest is there.  While the whole of my on's and off's are listed in the appropriate section (linked in my sig), I'll go over the gist of things here.

I usually only write f/f scenes (though I am willing to play a non-graphic scene as a male if the character is interesting enough to me), and prefer stories that would fit in the Light, Bondage and Non-Con boards.  I have an extreme clothing fetish, dealing with modern business suits (emphasis on knee-length skirts and white blouses), riding habits and Regency, Victorian and Edwardian Era styles.  I enjoy scenes with one powerful woman (generally the role I prefer) humbling another, whether consensually or not.  Sex is not a huge thing for me, it's nice when it happens, and if written tastefully, but I need a narrative, I need foreplay, and I need compelling characters and situations.  That said, here are some thoughts for scenes/settings I would love to play through.

Stories listed as 'Taken' are already in progress.  I am leaving them listed so as to give viewers ideas on my style and general leanings.  I might, in some cases, be willing to work with a variation of the idea in question.  A similar plot with different characters, perhaps, or a situation where the roles are reversed.  Feel free to hit me up with ideas, as always.

General Ideas
D&D: Ravenloft
Anything in this setting is awesome.  I love the Gothic Horror/Mystery feel.  I like ghost stories and old-style vampire stories, and Ravenloft plays wholly into this.  I would love to play out scenes in Barovia, or in the decadent courts of some of the more advanced kingdoms.  The situations can vary between a vampiress preying upon a pretty young lady, or a haunted hunter attempting to rid the world of some fell beastie, or two arcanists searching in competition through fallen ruins for some lost, forbidden lore.  It could also entail something less dangerous, but more sinister - perhaps a pair of ladies trapped in a memory-shrouded old home drawn from Poe or Gorey?

I like this for the same reasons as I like Ravenloft, but it's closer to modern times, which fulfills my clothing fetish a little more directly.  Tramping along the haunted wastelands, putting down monsters and inspiring people?  Yep.  For the Elliquiy situation, I could see a pair of spies caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse, until something more terrifying forces them to put their differences - and even their loyalties - aside. 

Silent Hill
I would love to do something set in general in the fog-shrouded town of Silent Hill.  It needn't take place during the canon games.  In fact, it would be best if they didn't!  I would love to do a small game dealing with a pair of people who find themselves in the town where they will be plagued with all of each other's dirty little secrets and vices.

Specific Ideas
Ravenloft: Strahd's Desire -Taken
(Non-Con or Extreme, F/F)
A female adventurer finds herself trapped in the eternal gloom of County Barovia.  Trapped by an ominous mist, she is soon employed by a mysterious gypsy bearing a sealed note.  The note is penned by a fearful father on behalf of his daughter.  Long shadows and fearsome wolves dog the adventuress' every step as she draws nearer and nearer to the house of the stricken young lady.

But there is another side to this story, one shrouded by shadows and long ages of brooding, for Barovia hides many secrets.  Standing high at the battlements of a brooding castle overlooking the village, Count Strahd von Zarovich surveys the town, and listens to the children of the night.  He knows his lost Tatyana awaits him out there, and soon, he expects to finally possess her!

This is a story idea based off of the classic D&D Module, I6: Ravenloft.  I would like to run it freeform-style, with a single female adventurer finding herself trapped in Ravenloft and working to save both herself and the Count's lovely young victim.  Plot changes and twists will abound as I plan on running the Count and his minions in the background.  I am looking for someone to either play Ireena, the Count's prospective victim, or the female adventuress.  Expect Non-consensual and Extreme themes as the subject matter deals with fate, mental and emotional control, and heavy themes of blood and vampire feeding.

Note that this is not a game that is likely to lead to a happy, get-the-girl-walk-off-into-the-sunset ending.

Dragonlance: At the Feet of the Master
(Extreme, M/F)
An ambitious mage of the Black Robes finds herself fortunate in finding herself assigned as an apprentice to a rising star within the Order of High Sorcery, Raistlin Majere.  But she has been ordered to attend her new Master in the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas.  First, she must penetrate the Shoikan Grove, and then, she must deal with her new Master, both to learn from him as a teacher, and to learn secrets that she may pass on to the Order.

Extreme Game, do not go in expecting a happy ending. :P

Resident Evil: Outbreak
(Extreme, F/F)
Alyssa Ashcroft is a hard-nosed investigative journalist.  She is smart, and sexy, and tough - a hard woman working in a man's world.  She has been working on a story during what she thinks is a standard week in Raccoon City.  But the nightmare descends around the city on a certain night.  J's Bar is besieged by the shambling dead, and Alyssa and waitress Cindy Lennox are forced to work together to flee the mayhem.  Along the way, Alyssa is forced to protect the waitress and their rapport grows.  Can they escape the madness together?

This idea is one that recently struck me.  I would love to play Alyssa in this story, and am looking for a partner to pick up Cindy Lennox.   I want to play on the themes of survival, and of attraction in times of stress, and I have always had a thing for these two ladies.

The Moonlight Hunt
A wealthy monarch holds court in a wintery land where night rules supreme.  The dangers of the realm are many, but the nobility powerful, blessed by the land itself.  As a means of amusement - and to keep the monster population down - the beautiful young Queen hosts an annual gala which culminates in a fox-style hunt, where the Lords and Ladies meet to ride, shoot, and socialize.  During the hunt, the Queen spies a lovely young aristocrat, and proceeds to woo her.

Fable 3: Ever After
(Bondage, F/F)
What Albion needed was nothing less than a Revolution to free it from the tyrannous chains of King Logan.  It was precipitated by a painful choice, and this became the pebble that rolled down the hill and turned into a snowball.  Before long, the young Princess found herself the leading commander of a war with her own brother for control of a Kingdom which teetered on the brink of desolation.  All eyes fixed upon her, and all hopes were pinned on her rising star.  Once she defeated her brother, she was able to carefully navigate the decisions of a Queen.  She was able to keep her promises and uphold the public trust.  Better yet, she was able to save her Kingdom from destruction, though at great cost.  But what happens after, in the light of a war?  Does the new Queen earn her Happily Ever After?

This is an idea I got as I was puttering on my post-game save for Fable 3.  Though the game is a little lighter than I'd hoped for, I love the style of clothing, and I find the idea of playing the new young Queen fascinating.  My idea for this is to chronicle some of her adventures, perhaps even meeting a special lady in the form of a young soldier chosen to travel and be an Honor Guard.  After all, even a Hero can use help at some point.  Bear in mind, dear readers, that as this deals with a completed game, there WILL be spoilers aplenty!

More of these as I think them up!  Those interested should contact me by PM, where we can work out the details!  Thank you all for your time!

Cast a Deadly Spell
(Bondage to Extreme)
It is 1950 - the Second World War was ended just five years ago on a pyre coated with the ashes of fallen empires.  There is magic in the air - and everybody knows because its emergence won the War for the Allies.  Five years have passed, and the world is still trying to put it together, and restore itself to a kind of order.  Japan is under American occupation, and Germany and its ill-gotten territory have been gobbled up by hungry powers who now eye each other warily over the picked-over remains.

To the common people, though - every day Americans living out their lives, it is a time of peace, promise and prosperity.  The war is over, people can enjoy their time of plenty, and life goes on.  Magic, originally a terrifying thing, has become fashionable, its use rampant from the halls of power to the small confines of the average, everyday family.  Its use makes life easier, its practitioners lovelier, wealthier, luckier.

But underneath the more glamorous facade, there are more serious students of the Art.  And they know how dangerous a time they live in.  Most use of magic is widespread amongst the dilettante set - simple charms to increase luck, appeal or wealth, but nothing so serious as proper spells.  At the same time, there are those who fear magic's power, and are rallying to wage a campaign against what they see as an insidious corrosion in the heart of America.  Against this backdrop, a series of bizarre, shocking murders rocks the city.  The victims: some of the most talented and secretive mages in the city, all slain in gruesome, eldritch fashion.

This story fragment is inspired by the TV movies Cast a Deadly Spell and Witch Hunt, both of which portray a post-WWII America in which magic is a common occurrence, and the hero of the story is a detective who does not use magic.  Similarly, I had just watched The Black Dahlia, and feel that a gritty, magic-based murder mystery might be a lot of fun.  I'm imagining an aesthetic not unlike the Fallout games, only with MAGIC! rather than SCIENCE!  I am interested in playing one of the marked mages of the community, and am looking for somebody to play a detective or a scholar-type, female, obsessed with magic, though not really a practitioner, herself.  Somebody who, being a women, gets disregarded by most men, and ends up having to deal with all the weird, undesirable cases.  Sort of a Lesbian Noir with Spellcraft!  I will be narrating the deeds of the killer in the background, and could, in fact, see this as a group game, if there is sufficient interest!

A Lady's Lady
Light to Bondage
Laine Barret paused to check the card she had received, more out of fidgety nerves than a need to re-read it.  She knew that it contained the address of the reclusive and eccentric woman with whom she had obtained an interview.  It had been a fairly promising break in a relatively fruitless search for employment since her last employer had passed of old age.  Laine had been a butler - rare for a woman, but her last employer had had certain misgivings about allowing a man to work in the same area as the women. Over the years, she had learned her craft, and perfected it to an art, and while she would never have appraised herself at much, she knew her way around her duties.  And knowing her way about her job meant knowing how to do the job with a grace and elegance paired with discretion.  A lady butler was hired on slightly different criteria from a male butler - Laine understood that part of her job was to ensure that her employer maintained the air of being progressive.  She also understood that she was expected to look good doing so, and while she didn't see herself as particularly gifted in looks, she had made the effort to look her best at all times.

She was tall and trim, and in good shape.  Her skin was pale, and she wore her dark hair just at the nape of her neck.  For the interview, she wore a toned-down black suit - it wasn't the traditional tuxedo, but it would give her prospective employer a good idea of what she looked like in the more traditional fashion, and projected a business-like attitude.  She was interviewing with a very wealthy woman - a businesswoman and an eccentric celebrity.  The woman was known to be a bit odd, but generous and kind - a woman of style and grace, if not of terribly conventional manners.  But she was also known for a preference for female attendants, and Laine had been referred in this direction by associates she had trusted.  She wasn't sure what to expect as she knocked on the door of the woman's enclosed home, and drew a breath as she clasped her hands behind her.

The door opened to reveal a woman in a nice, understated gray suit.  She smiled once at Laine, inquired her business.  Laine returned the you lady's smile with as much confidence as she could muster and mentioned her name and appointment.  It did not take long for the prospective butler to be shown into the house.  Her escort's name was Marie, she learned - an outgoing attendant for the client.  Laine carefully and politely conversed with the woman, and soon it was revealed that she was leaving her employ due to a happy marriage proposal.  She was relieved to see that Laine had answered the response, and chatted a little as she led Laine towards her boss' door.  She stopped the taller woman, and gave Laine a few tips on how to speak to the lady behind that door.  Then, she wished Laine good fortune, and excused herself.

Laine felt encouraged, but there were still butterflies in her stomach.  She smiled a little at herself and lifted a hand, knocking upon the door.  A voice from inside bade her enter, and she did.  The woman inside the door was... younger than Laine had expected.  And positively lovely in a way that even Laine - a lifelong asexual - could not help but raise her eyes at.  The woman noticed this reaction and beamed, a warm expression.  She invited Laine to sit, and the interview began.  It was immediately quite favorable, as the boss lady grilled Laine about her experiences, her work ethic, her social life (ha!), and all of her wonderful little quirks of character.  That last bit had momentarily perplexed Laine, who had always seen herself as being very practical and mundane.  When she told the boss as much, the woman laughed appreciatively.  She also seemed to approve of Laine's looks, and appearance, congratulating her on looking eminently professional, and yet still very fetching.  Laine had not known how to respond to that, and smiled her thanks.  She wasn't used to being complimented for her looks - she was a wallflower, and prone to being lost in crowds.  But she wasn't given much time to reflect on this, as the boss went off into a description of Laine's duties.  Most of it was fairly standard - she was expected to attend the normal duties of a butler, though for the most part, this business took care of itself.  More importantly, the woman explained, she needed a sort of feminine valet and personal companion.  She stated that she had medical conditions which required the presence of another, and that she preferred a woman to a man for such details.  And, she added, if she were to have a constant companion, she wished for one with some grace and aplomb.

Laine had felt good up until now, but she had grown more uncertain as the more important duties had been detailed.  Though she knew how to attend to much of what the boss would require, she wasn't sure if she could manage the companion aspect.  She had opened her mouth to explain her doubts, feeling as though she were talking herself out of a good job, when the boss lifted a hand to silence her.  She had smiled at Laine, and had said that she had seen enough from the female butler to know that Laine would be able to learn quickly.  She spoke so charmingly, and so carefully, that Laine was mollified.  The pay she was promised was... extraordinary, and the woman's manner was kind and ... just so warm and wonderful.

Laine found herself swept away by the woman, found herself accepting the job offer.  Found herself flushing despite herself at the woman's compliments, found herself caught up in the woman's glamour.  She would soon find herself enraptured by her new employer, but would also find herself as a guardian for the enchanting woman...

This is literally a story fragment I came up with on the spot from seeing an image I thought was lovely.  A lady in a tuxedo, who just had a look about her.  As I thought more about this, I thought of a fairly serious, down-to-earth female butler (or valet, etc), who ended up being hired by an eccentric young business woman who would take an uncommon shine to her new employee.  That character became Laine, who I am interested in playing in this story.  This story is probably best set in more modern times, but could be fantasy-ish, horror-ish, drama-ish, or anything.  I would like the attraction between the two to drive the story, with the boss being the pursuer.  But I would also like the attraction to be genuine rather than predatory, built on mutual respect and attraction.  While the boss would nominally be the dominant of the pair, Laine would not be a mere simpering doll - after all, she has been hired to see to her boss' needs when the boss cannot always attend to them.  While the scenario is very mutable, the business/tuxedo-style fashion and the idea of it being a f/f story is concrete.  I am willing to discuss most everything else, however.

A Tale of Late Hours
Jill had been waiting in the office for some time, and most of the people were gone.  It was already darkening to the east, sending a steady sheen of orange into the abandoned office space, and still, Jill sat there.  She was dressed in her best dark suit, conservative, with a pencil skirt and a white blouse.  The skirt made her feel a little bit more exposed than she cared, despite how severe she looked.  But the woman who had ordered her presence had demanded the utmost professionalism, extending to Jill's appearance, as well.  So, she sighed, crossed her legs, put her hands in her lap and waited.  Her briefcase was nearby, it's latches unfastened for when the moment arrived.  All she really needed was for Damia St. Clair to make this meeting.  It wouldn't be much longer, she knew, but it already felt like she'd been in this room for hours.  And her mind was starting to...  Starting to be a little overactive.  She was finding herself listening intently, hearing every sound in the stillness.  And she winced a little with every soft creak and groan as the skyrise geeeeently swayed in the wind.  She wouldn't have noticed it if she hadn't been paying too much attention to nothing.

And then, she heard the elevator.  She heard it rising outside the office, heard the 'ding!'  And then she heard the swift, crisp click of Damia St. Clair's heels.  The noise called a mental image of the woman - beautiful, confident, elegant... in the way of a sleek panther.  The boss had proven to be very capable of dominating those in her company, and rumours had passed like wildfire.

And Jill was about to be in a private audience with the woman.  She would have this one chance to prove herself.  She would have to make it count.  It was then, as that thought occurred to her, that the office door opened, and she was in the presence of the powerful woman.

Jill had only ever seen St. Clair once, and not up close.  Her jaw dropped, despite her best intentions.  The woman was stunning, with features which seemed to come from an old black and white movie, updated for current fashion, but still in monochrome black and white.  The sole speck of color on the woman from hair to suit were her lips - a sumptuous candy apple red.  The uneasy wish to sample those lips and see what they tasted like flickered across Jill's brain, but then St. Clair spoke.

"Jill, so glad you could make it."  The voice was sweet, fragrant like perfume, and she leaned down into Jill's personal space.  In the next moment, she had placed a pecking kiss on Jill's cheek and straightened.  It made Jill think of a big cat in the act of stretching before commencing the chase, and a small, involuntary shiver mastered her.

"Y... yes, Ma'am.  Always happy to be here when called upon."  It was a response she had practiced, and she was proud of how steady it seemed to come out.  The boss lady seemed pleased, since she smiled.  Without pause, St. Clair moved to the desk.  But rather than moving around and sitting behind it, she actually propped against its front, facing Jill in a pose favored by every Noir Femme Fatale ever.  Like Jill, her outfit was a conservative skirtsuit.  But the pencil skirt's spartan nature managed to improve the appearance rather than detract, and Jill had to work hard to avoid taking in the legs, the hips, the...  She caught herself as she was sizing the woman up, and tried to look normal.  The woman had a sly look on her face, and spread her hands along the edge of the desk, as though presenting a picture.

"So, Jill.  I understand you've been working hard in our securities branch.  Tell me about it."

Jill was willing to oblige.  It gave her something to do other than be ensnared by this woman.  It gave her something to focus on.  As a way of keeping on task as she gave the boss a status report, she found herself looking every so often at the clock.  If St. Clair noticed, she gave no indication.  At length, as she began to falter in her report, Jill was silenced by a wave of the other's hand.

"...and that, ma'am, is how things are going."  She concluded.  Her eyes flickered to the clock.  It was reaching the appointed time.

St. Clair nodded, and smiled with an air of benevolence.  She beckoned Jill to stand up.  "...good to hear.  You've got hardcopies of your findings, of course, right?  Like, in your briefcase?"

Jill allowed herself a smile.  Her intended feint would work out, after all, it seemed.  "Yes'm.  I have it right here.  One moment."

She bent then, and picked up the briefcase, opening it quickly and whisking the papers out.  When she rose, St Clair was still as she was.  Which was unnerving.  She had expected the woman to expect an attack.  A gun hidden in the case, a knife, whatever.  Hoping her discomfort wasn't betrayed by her expression, she handed the papers to the other woman.  St. Clair smiled, and reached out to take them.  But she merely took Jill's hand in hers.  With her free hand, she smoothly plucked the papers from Jill's hand and put them aside.  All of this, Jill was forced to watch as in slow-motion.  There was no eye contact, specifically, and yet, the young woman couldn't stop St. Clair from drawing her closer.  Things were suddenly going wrong, all wrong.  But she still had the stake.  If she could just use it before the monster discovered it.

Over St. Clair's shoulder, the clock was still visible to Jill.  Her breath caught as St. Clair drew her in, and kissed her full on the lips.  She didn't want to allow it, but her attention was poised for the moment.  And then.... 

The clock ticked. 

It was as if the clock winked at her.

Jill tugged backward, her free hand moving to inside her jacket were the short wooden stake had been placed.  Her movements were smooth and clean and quick, and she had the weapon out in an instant.  In the next, she had the tip driving for the thing's heart.  Her right wrist erupted in pain, however, as the vampiress tightened her grip, and in the next instant, she registered that the stake had been slapped away.  The instant after that, her vision erupted in pain as the vampiress' free hand smacked her cleanly in the face.  She found herself reeling, and fell awkwardly to one knee.  As was only held this way because of St. Clair's grip on her wrist, and she felt her arm twist painfully.  She let out a cry of shock as she flailed to steady herself, but the monster was quicker.  Jill reeled under another slap.  It had been a flick across the face, but there was power behind it, nonetheless, and it rendered her somewhat senseless.  The next thing she was aware of was that both of her hands were roughly wrestled behind her, locked tightly together with handcuffs, and she was being bent over the desk.

Only then, did she have the opportunity to catch her breath.

Then, she felt the monster drape its form over hers, feel its weight against her.  Its lips against the tender flesh near her right earlobe.  A soft chuckle at her ear...  She whimpered as the vampiress kissed her exposed neck...

I wrote this piece off of a prompt supplied to me by a fellow writer during my approval process.  I loved the way it came out, so I'm keeping it as the beginning point of a scenario.  I'd love to find somebody to play poor, ill-fated Jill to my Damia St. Clair.  It would be heavily slave-oriented, with Jill mounting a brave resistance to her vampiric mistress, but ultimately failing to resist her spell.

Picking Up the Pieces
(Light to Bondage)
Elaine Conner is the widow of late President, Adam Conner.  At fifty-five, she is intelligent, educated, popular and still attractive.  Three years ago, President Conner was diagnosed with cancer, and for that time, bravely fought it through the majority of his final term as the Leader of the Free World, always with Elaine at his side.   However bravely he struggled, however, the magnitude of his duties as President probably hampered his ability to cope with his illness, and Elaine was forced to attend to her ailing husband more and more.  During the final stages of his illness, the Vice President was forced to step up to take President Conner's place, and Elaine was forced to manage their personal affairs.  The end came quietly not long after.

Once Elaine had managed to make the move out of the White House, she was left somewhat aimless.  She had lost her parents when she was younger, and the child she had had with Adam was deeply-involved in college life and studies.  Elaine had a fair bit of education, but no more direction.  Most of her married life had been spent in supporting her wonderful husband, and he was now dead.  The woman retired somewhat from public life, and began to slip into a depression.

That was when she got the call from Allen, her husband's best friend and former adviser.  He had grown concerned about Elaine and had weighed the options, and he felt that it was to Elaine's benefit to look into seeing someone again.  Out of loyalty to his friend, he did not put his name forward, but offered a few suggestions, all of which surprised and intrigued Elaine out of her listlessness.

All of the suggestions were female.

Adam had known, of course, that Elaine had once entertained an interest in women, though since their marriage, she had never been anything less than faithful to him.  Allen had known, too, and knew that Elaine would never be able to find happiness with another man because she had been so devoted to Adam.  And so, he had made a list.

It hinged upon discretion, but that was nothing new.  Some of the women on the list were highly-placed.  A few of them shocked Elaine mightily as she had reviewed the list of eligible women.  It had been twenty years, but the old interest had never truly died.  She considered the list and made the call to Allen, who set up the meeting.

This idea came at me - as most do - while I was looking up pictures for something.  I've got a lot of supernatural, horror or fantasy-style stories, and this relatively mundane idea popped into my head.  Very simply, it's the story of a woman who sacrificed much of her own freedom for a husband who became President, only to have to watch him die slowly, and to find herself lost after he was gone.  In an effort to help her recover her joy for life, a friend of hers arranges a date with another woman - either publicly or privately a lesbian - in Washington, DC, and a relationship sparks, the development of which forms the meat of the story.  The identity of the other lady is relatively open.  Due to my preferred aesthetic, it should be something professional, a powerful businesswoman, a lawyer, even some kind of official.  One cheeky - and somewhat singular - idea I had was that the name at the top of the list could easily be the female Vice President, leading to an interesting dynamic of how the two would manage to lead a discrete relationship together.  That particular idea is very appealing to me, though I am open to others.

While I have a lot of bondage/non-con/extreme story hooks, this particular one is probably best suited for Light or Bondage classifications, with Bondage themes being more laid back and perhaps even mutual at times.  I can't imagine this character being at all comfortable with allowing herself to give up all of her new-found freedom again so soon after the passing of her husband.

The more I think about this idea, the more it intrigues me, and I'm very interested in giving this a try.

As always, those who are interested in this should contact me via PM.  Thank you!

Writing Influences
Put it this way - every writer has other writers who they admire and are influenced by, little bits of style that they pick out and enjoy and experiment.  These are mine.  I post these with the intent of letting other writers know what general 'flavor' I like to go for in my writing, and what elements intrigue me.  Quite aside from putting a girl in a business suit on her knees in handcuffs.  *cough*

Stephen King: Okay, while some of his later works lack the panache of his older stuff, I think what I love about King's writing is his focus on the character, and the build up of a situation from normal and everyday.  Slowly, the wheels turn, and once we know who the characters are and what they're about, things start to REALLY happen.  I love this approach, and given half a chance, I will take off for it like a dog chasing a bike.

Neil Gaiman: Such clever writing, and quirky stories.  His characters are neat, his tone is friendly, and his weirdness is... weird.  If I want something mysterious, or quirky, but don't want to go full on into horror mode, I put on some audio books by Gaiman and go to town.

Harlan Ellison:  I love this guy.  As outspoken and prickly as he is, he writes some phenomenally deep and touching stories.  There's a depth to his pieces that I don't see a whole lot, even amid the insanity and depravity or outright ridiculous nature of some of the situations he sets up.

Quentin Tarantino: Okay, this is a little off-kilter, I'll admit, but I love his style of story telling, with its disorienting cuts, its way of mucking with perception and chronology, and its outright ridiculous profusion of blood and violence.  You get to a point where you HAVE to laugh because of the volume of it all.  Don't worry, ladies, I won't focus too much on your feet, I promise!

Terry Pratchett: The man writes a lot of stealth philosophy dressed up as comedy, and his work is often as funny as it is thoughtful.  It's in a pseudo-fantasy mold, with Victorian/Industrial elements, which is awesome, and when he writes violence, it's believable and visceral.  I think every writer should aspire to be a little more like Pratchett. :P

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The War-Torn (AdriRaven and FLN826, Bondage)
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-Added a desired scenario!  -Update: Watched said scenario get scarfed up like a ham sammich at a weight watchers' meeting!
-Added category descriptors!
-Procrastinated mightily!
-Failed at updating the Ravenloft and Deadlands categories!
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I am interested in your "Corrupted Bonds" scenario, but I think we are a good match play-style wise at any rate.

Also, I have several scenarios I think you might be interested in amongst my rp request thread. :)

They are:
Super Fragile -XII
Blessed Humiliation - V
Lightsabers to Plowshares - II
The Necklace - XIII

Of these, if you're interested, I would most like to play Blessed Humiliation.

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-Updated to include links to current stories!
-More to be added, whenever they begin!
-Still completely failed to flesh out Ravenloft and Deadlands ideas!  I suck.
-Busy, busy birdy!

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Re: Caws and Croaks From the Rookery: AdriRaven's Rambling RP Requests!
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-Added a scenario, Cast a Deadly Spell!

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Re: Caws and Croaks From the Rookery: AdriRaven's Rambling RP Requests!
« Reply #5 on: July 16, 2011, 06:08:08 pm »
-General Cleanup!
-Added More Ideas!
-Marked a few Ideas as Taken!
-Updated List of Ongoing Stories!

In the upcoming future, I am looking at completely redoing this whole thread, possibly to the extent of deleting it and moving all of the data on it to my Preferences Page.  This is mostly so that I can condense things and have them be cleaner.  After the changeover, this space will be used solely for those stories that I am suffering the shakes for.