Pauper to Prince (M looking for F)

Started by Denivar, May 18, 2011, 09:34:03 PM

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The young man was a common pauper, an orphan who had managed to survive on the streets until the ripe age of eighteen, through a combination of begging, doing odd jobs, and being cared by one person or another. He was often encouraged to steal, but was too honest and good-natured for it.

The Queen Elspera was powerful and revered by her people. She was kind to those she favored, but could be cruel to those she did not. One evening, unable to sleep, Elspera had her scribe recount to her some of the chronicles and records of her late father. They came across the account of a brave captain whose actions in battle had saved the king, sacrificing himself by his brave charge, and in doing so saving the king's life.

The Queen demanded an accounting of this brave captain's family, and it was found that his only kin was a very young boy who was thus orphaned, and nothing had been done for the boy, him becoming destitute on the streets.

The Queen ordered for the boy to be found, and when he was, the Queen took a special liking to him. She gave him a place in the palace, a place to eat at the Queen's table, and ordered he be treated as a noble and shown the ways of nobility. The Queen showered him with several gifts, amongst other things, a finely trained pleasure slave.


This roleplay would have the twist of the male character, the Master, having no idea how to treat a slave or what to do with her. He would likely be a virgin, and initially think that his relationship with the slave is meant to be purely platonic. He would likely be fascinated by this female slave -- having never been near such a beautiful woman before -- but have no idea of how to Master her.

Meanwhile, the slave would be rather cunning -- raised and trained to expect harsh slavery, wherein she will have to work to please her Master, she is delighted to find herself in a situation where little is asked of her. She would try to manipulate the young prince's expectations, having him let her sleep in bed with him. Doing very little in the way of work to please him. Taking advantage of him not understanding that he can punish her if he chooses.

Of course, the slave would have to be careful to serve him well in the appearance of others. If the Queen found out that the slave was not acting as a slave should, her anger would be aroused. The slave would have to carefully tread a fine path in order to keep her luxurious lifestyle and control over the prince.

Please send me a PM if you're interested in this roleplay.
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I would love to give this a go, if you'll have me :)
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