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Author Topic: FMA Rp: Edward Elric needed!  (Read 1084 times)

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FMA Rp: Edward Elric needed!
« on: May 18, 2011, 03:52:56 pm »
hey all, I'm x3yugimutoux3 and i have an FMA rp idea. It deals with an EdwardXOC pairing. My OC's name is Lillian Rockbell, Winry's younger sister. She grew up more of a tomboy and isn't much into 'girly' things. Like Win, she was a childhood friend of the Elrics, and has a hot-trigger temper. But she always saw Trisha Elric as a role model, and wanted to be just like her. But being so...boyish, it was hard for her to do so since she'd rather go with Ed to hunt snakes, or wade in the swamp, or play in the mud than stay around the house and cook or play dress-up. She's just about a year younger than Edward, but not quite. So she's like 6 to 9 months younger than him, and she might seem like a mary-sue since the whole childhood love thing...but she's a klutz. She is very into alchemy and physics, and can perform it incredibly well, but she has the klutziness factor almost like Sheska. She's kind of oblivious sometimes, but mostly when it comes to things that other people notice or comment about her and Edward. Since they did have a past together, I was being random when coming up with the character and invented a nickname that only she calls Edward by. She calls him 'Teddy'. Originally, it was because I was thinking up Edward--->Ed--->Eddy--->Teddy. But I guess since they'd be toddlers together, she could've used him as a Teddy Bear during naps...lolz. To work her into the story, I had her create more of a bond with Trisha than Winry did, so she could sort of be part of  the human transmutation plan. THIS IS NOT INTENDED FOR MARY-SUE PURPOSES, but as a supplement to the plot and oblivious humor of the rp situations.  Keep that in mind please while reading, i beg you to bear with me. Being part of the 'ultimate transgression' makes her feel obligated to help the two find the Philosopher's Stone. In my mind, I imagine the younger Ed would be against her being part of it once the transmutation starts dissolving his leg and Alphonse's body...or at least when he feels something isn't right, and he pushes her out of the way. So keeping that in mind, they travel all three together during the course of the plot, and being a more steampunk-style alchemy anime, I imagine they'd sleep cuddled together on the train rides, and when they stop at an inn at a town, for precautionary measures, but BECAUSE of that (yes, that serves a legitimate purpose other than making her seem super-mary-sue...since I never intend on making her that way...but yes, there is a significant reason) anyway, BECAUSE they are used to sleeping with each other so close, it's become sort of their security blanket. Their sense of safety. And that's not mentioning the built-up sexual tension between the two since they would have been so busy with their 'divine quest' for the Stone that they'd be forced to put their desires on the back burner to simmer. Therefore there'd be un-confessed feelings there.

AFTER the plot of the MANGA (btw MANGA SPOILER AHEAD in case anyone cares) I think they'd want to stop their wanderlust life and settle back in Resembool, rebuilding the old house. But here's the spoiler: Ed gives up his ability to use alchemy to bring Alphonse's body AND soul back from beyond the Gate (in the manga) and I thought since it would serve the purpose of justifying Edward and Lillian living together, let's just say in the final fight with Father and the Homunculi, she beat him to the sacrifice, so he feels like since she can't be a State Alchemist anymore, that he'd 'take responsibility' and 'take care of her'. Making it perfect setting for humorous situations, since now they are in close quarters, and not on a life-and-death journey for something so important, it makes it harder for them to ignore how they feel about each other. But neither wants to admit first, lest they be rejected by the other (which wouldn't happen, but you know how people get when they're worried.) It's just kinda one of those "they're acting so close that it's only a molecule shy of being passionate romance, and if they can't see it they're daft". like after the series, Ed and Lily are living together, and getting closer, and closer...and everyone who sees them swears up and down they're acting too 'close' to be 'just friends' and even though they make flirting comments to each other, they themselves STILL don't see it til it's spelled out for them. so like...they're REALLY close. like he'll be cutting firewood or doing chores and manly projects around the house, he's shirtless in the summertime when he does that, so she'll whistle and say "heya hotstuff" *wink* and stuff like that. in their eyes they hope it gets their feelings across to each other, but neither want to be the first to admit it...they know how they feel about each other...but they don't know how the OTHER feels about it cause neither wants to be the one to be rejected. and the base is...they're flirting, they're dangerously close...sleeping in the same bed...cuddling, flirting...and making innuendo...but they're TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS. so during all the flirty comments, just keep in mind they're Oblivious to it. and used to being closer than close. so they don't 'get it' doesn't click. even though everyone else in the world sees it.

thank you for your time and consideration, and if you are interested, pm me.