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Author Topic: - Currently Craving the Pretty and the Frail *Updated with a Monster  (Read 959 times)

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Offline Beauty RapaxTopic starter

 :Possible Plots:
  Now that I'v got the brain juices flowing my list will most likely grow. I'm getting used to the fun formatting options here on Elliquiy so I've become a bit neurotic about the appearance of this thread. Even if I don't update Possible Plots the page will most likely change as I get a handle on html and what not. Also, various errata, everywhere.

Instant Gratification
The following are plots and stories I want right away or will always want in some variation. These are all general ideas and if you feel the need to change or alter something I've asked for feel free to pm me anyway. We can work most anything out.

 Criminals and Deviants Abound: Criminal Minds
  I've got something of a lady hard on for Dr. Reid and I will absolutely play just about any scenario involving this particular character. If you just want to tackle this character but have something different in mind let me know.
  The show has to date on occasion addressed subtle supernatural themes, Corazon and Cold Comfort are the two best examples. The supernatural element isn't paramount but it would be a fun addition. It would be interesting to play as a character out of her depth in the Criminal Minds universe or expose the agents to scenarios they aren't prepared to understand.

Love Potions
  A girl. A boy. A spell gone awry. Whether by accident, or on purpose. My character places a rather potent love spell on the male of her dreams. However the guilt of causing someone to feel something by force troubles the witch and she works to undo what she's woven. The scenario may differ and even go into some interesting non-con themes. (What if neither party feels emotionally right about sex but the more physically powerful male simply can't help himself.) Or genuine feelings of love and whether or not the couple view them as valid. Or a tale of adventure in which the two seek to undo the spell.

For the Love of Eris...A Vampire with Substance
 I love all things uncanny, strange, supernatural and otherwise nutty in role play but I want to make a request. Will some male build a person, someone with thoughts and flaws and a favorite book, then turn him into a vampire? Awesome. PM me and let's do something random.

A Challenge
 Some generally themes and personal desires are fairly apparent when you read my On/Off's list and my craves page. If you think I'm capable of stringing a few words together well enough challenge me to do something out of character. I've always wanted to try playing a male, or a mixture of male and female, or maybe something inhuman. I'm not into the transformation or tentacle sort of stories but if you have a solid plot in mind let me know if I can try to fill the role.

 Variation on a Theme...
 I've mentioned before that I'm not into the dominate/submissive aspect of sexual role play but this particular craving borders on that theme. I'm looking for a male character, somewhat femy but not submissive per se, to run fall afoul of a monster. This female appears human with curves and long blonde hair but in actuality she's a recovering succubus attempting to live a relatively normal life. She's found that friendship, mutual trust and companionship help her keep her demonic urges and tastes at bay.
 That is, until she stumbles upon a deliciously helpless and tragically beautiful man whom mere scent drives her into fits of lusty insanity. While out right scenes of rape, male or female, make me feel ooky I would like to play with non-consensual scenarios. Generally it's the female who falls into the trap of the powerful and wickedly minded demon and I think it would be fun to switch up the gender roles here.

Amazoness...from the Monster Encyclopedia
 Swiped from Andy's Monster Encyclopedia thread and slapped onto my current cravings. While this is essentially within the same vein as the previous request I like the idea of an amzoness on the hunt for a man. Check out of the link and tell me if you dig it.

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Re: - Currently Craving a Criminal Mindset[ Female for Male ] *Updated
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- Updated with 'Variations on a Theme'

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Re: - Currently Craving the Pretty and the Frail *Updated with a Monster
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--Updated with Amazoness.