Torture in Bedlam (M seeking F)

Started by B25Mitch, May 18, 2011, 01:51:38 AM

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I'm interested in trying a RP centered in the mental asylum Bedlam, Bethlehem Royal Hospital in England, sometime during the 19th century.  I would play the cruel head doctor and the nursing staff.  My partner would then play one, or possibly more, female "patients".

Cruel medical and psychological experiments would be run, often bordering on sheer torture.  The doctors and nurses would also have no qualms on taking out their sexual and violent urges on the patients.

This would obviously head into the more extreme regions of non-con.

Other directions this could head:
Doctor falls in love with patient
Patient falls in love with doctor
Supernatural stuff

The possibilities for this are vast.  I'm interested to see what we could come up with.


I think I'd be interested in this one. I don't know much about the 19th century asylums but I can do some research. =D
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