Letting evil out [F dom looking for M/F sub]

Started by elfguy, May 16, 2011, 04:41:53 AM

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Near the Freeport castle, people have started to become uneasy lately. They know that the guards have brought back a prisoner that they hold in the basement jail. No one knows for sure who it is, some say they saw her briefly, it looked like a young elven girl, but from the way the guards act, they are obviously nervous and fearful, and it doesn't make sense that a simple elven girl would be dangerous enough for that.

But one day, curiosity got the better of a somewhat naive young guy and he decided to go outside of the wall, and look through the window. He was stunned at what he saw. It was indeed a girl, and she looked like an elf. But she didn't look dangerous at all, in fact she was beautiful and sad, and when she saw him, she pleaded for his help. He had to do something, whatever she was accused of, she had to be innocent. Sneaking in, the naive helper stole the keys to her chains, and rescued her.

Unfortunately, it was only then that he found out that this young girl was in fact a half-demon. And to thank him for saving her, she would not kill him. Not right away. She would first pass her built up rage on him, abuse him, before killing him slowly, enjoying it very much.

For this RP I will play Nethara, the young half-demon, and I need someone to play the M or F helper who will free her, only to become her play thing.



Im up for this rp,  start a thread and pm the link to me ^_^
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I"m new, interested, and hope I havn't missed the boat.

PM me if there is still an opening.


Post a quick char bio, image and such, and the first one to post something that looks alright will get to play this.


Name: Ian Calhoun
Age: 18
Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Type: Human
Height: 5ft. 10 in.
Weight: 175 lbs.
Build: Average
Bio: Although young in appearance, Ian has just turned the rightful age of 18. Although his mother died when he was the age of five, he has taken the role of caretaker in his family, caring for many of his other brothers and sisters...12 in total! While he's not busy cleaning the house or cooking meals for everyone, he works in his father's blacksmith shop making weapons for the Empire, where he has heard a lot about rumors of some strange 'creature' being held in the depths of Freeport Castle. So much so that everyone was on edge and scared about this prisoner they had brought back. Being the curious boy he was, he couldn't resist but to find out what this creature was.
Picture: http://fav.me/d1gh6w7

(*crosses fingers* even though my profiles are usually...slim, I'm a literate Roleplayer and I'm online almost 24/7)


That's fine. I'll post a thread shortly. You might want to add what your Offs are for this since this will be a NC thread.