Diamond's is Looking Again: Pairings and Roles

Started by diamondhunny, May 14, 2011, 10:40:16 PM

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Here is what I am looking for at the moment, I have some basic rules and preferences for my roles. I am just looking to have fun with this as well as you. I also have my pairings I would like to try, and they will be updated, with some added and maybe some taken away. I am easy to get along with, I will post at least everyother day but more often than not I will be able to post several times a day. As long as I am given a post to work with. PM me if your interested in any of these.

Rules & Preferences
*I like casual to mid casual. One liners often will make me drop out.
*I only play female.
*NO text or chat speak, I will drop!
*I am not a grammar freak but if you spell a lot wrong and I can't read it I will ask you to fix it or I will drop.
*Please post at least a paragraph containing 4-6 sentences at least every other day. If for some reason you can't and you’re able to let me know please do. I do however understand writers block and emergencies. Also real life always comes first.
*I only play in threads, they are my choice of location
*I usually play MxF with me as F, but I may make an exception to FxF if the right plot and role came along
*Most of mine will turn into romance
*CS's bug me and will not be required
* I could get into other pairings and plots, just give me an idea. If you have ideas suggest them. You never know unless you try.

The ones on the left I will play unless otherwise stated
Witch X Warlock/Wizard
Witch X Normal Human
Normal Human X Warlock/Wizard
Shape Shifter X Shape Shifter
Shape Shifter X Rescuing Human (Either)
Elf X Elf
Elf X Elf Hunter (Either)
Elf X Human (Either)
Dragon Slayer X Shape Shifting Dragon/ Dragon (Either)
Cop X Cop
Cop X Escapee (Either)
Girlfriend X Soldier
War Victim X Soldier
Major X Soldier (Either)
Capture X Pirate
Pirate X Pirate
Pirate X Guard
Farmer X Farm Hand
College Teacher X Student (Either)
Teacher X Teacher
Principal X Teacher (Either)
Student X Student
Principal X Student
Maid Marian X Robin Hood
Maid Marian X Sheriff of Nottingham
Princess X Prince
Damsel in Distress X Knight
Peasent X Royalty
Peasent X Kidnapper
Peasent X Knight
Innocent Lady X 1920-40 Gangster
Kidnapee X Kidnapper
Assassin X Target (Either)
Victim X Serial Killer
Hostage X Bank Robber
Slave X Master
Wife X Controlling Husband
Beauty X Beast
Therapist X Patient (Either)
Superhero X Villian (Either)
Superhero X Human (Either)
Villian X Victim (Either)
Adventurer X Guide (Either)
Alien X FBI Agent (Either)
Roommate X Roommates Boyfriend
Roommate X Ex-Roommate
Girl X Ex
Stepsister X Stepbrother

Original Character X Original Character
Death Eater X Muggle (Either)
Pureblood X Muggle (Either)
Ginny X Harry
Ziva X Tony
Abby X McGee
Abby X Gibbs
Criminal Minds--
Garcia X Derek
Garcia X Hotch
JJ X Reid
JJ X William
Pretty Little Liars
Aria X Ezra
Hanna X Caleb
Hanna X Lucas
Spencer X Toby
Human X Wolverine
Rogue X Wolverine