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Interest check for Star Trek Prequel - likely D/s

Started by RedEve, May 14, 2011, 04:41:17 AM

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Star Trek: the ongoing misadventures of Zeynep Mesia

I was one of the people involved in the Starbase Tesla game on here. It has been in hibernation mode for quite a while now, though there is a small chance it might be revived in the near future.

However since I'm craving a little of Trek smut, I would like to explore that universe again, though from a slightly different angle.
I thought of reprising my Tesla character Zeynep Mesia (click to see her character sheet), only five years before the events of Starbase Tesla. At that time she would have just arrived on her first ship as an ensign, just graduated from the academy. The idea is for her to develop a secret D/s relationship with one of the senior officers, preferably the captain himself. Zeynep is basically an irresponsible nympho who will bounce around from ship to ship before arriving on Tesla. This prequel thread would cover the first of her embarrassing and botched assignments.

Please forward all tokens of interest to my PM inbox. And be advised that this game will only be started up once one of my currently active ones finishes. That could mean a few days but also a couple of weeks.
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