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Author Topic: Fill this empty collar (Sub F looking for Dom M/F)  (Read 755 times)

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Fill this empty collar (Sub F looking for Dom M/F)
« on: May 10, 2011, 03:07:14 PM »
Slave Roleplay Ideas
Male/Female, Female/Female, Male/Male, Futa/Female

Role: Unknowing Submissive or New Submissive Roleplays
Roleplays: Open
I only play the pairing on the right. Thank you.

Slave Play
Master x Slave
Mistress x Slave
Slave x Slave

All plots and ideas are welcome. Just post here or send me a PM with any ideas or thoughts you might have. The plots below are just my ideas and do not have to be used. Please keep my O/o and Pairings in mind however.

RP Type: Owner x Slave
Ratings: You playing 9-12 and me playing a 4
Post Requirements: At less Four to Six good quality Paragraphs.
RP Requirements: None 
Post/RP Idea:
The desert heat was hard on her flesh as she waited for two armed men do drag her onto the stone stage. Mean while, she could not help but look around the busy and well dressed market of this large city. Down the large, wide street she could see a sea port, its large ships going and coming with the wind and tide. Brings good from unknown lands to be traded in this lands capital city. Lining the streets where shops and stands selling everything from fresh goods to find silks. Horse and mules moved up and down the street being lead by their owners as the farmers brought in there goods for sell. The day still young as the market place just opened.

Woman out side gathering water and needed items for the day, older children seemed to heard around chickens, sheep and goats. The younger kids playing in the streets with out a worry in the world. Men talked with one another and people slowly gathered around the stage to see the new shipment of slaves to be sold. This city a melting pot of the many races that called this land home. Elfs, orcs, humans, some things that looked like cats. Even a Naga seemed to cross her view. It was not a rare thing as long as the tribes where peaceful, though feral clans of such races still caused problems.

Then again it was also not rare to find any of these races on the slaver’s block. There where a number of reasons why people where sold as slaves. Villages could not play taxes, men could not pay debt so they where ether enslaved or a member of their family, thefts and the poor. Maybe that’s why the streets where kept so clean and free of the homeless. And just like all these people Angzyn found her fate. However, her story came because of the war that had been raging in the east. Her village captured by the enemy, most the men killed the rest sold into slavery along with the women and children.

The slave girl not quite an adult to her people, just reaching the age of nineteen in her races years. Though to humans she would be slightly older. Dressed in rags that barely covered what they needed to, making her shy away when ever someone came close to her that was not a slaver. Listening to the auctioneer call out the first bids of the day for a young male slave. Maybe around her age or younger. Another slaver coming around, allowing those that paid him a little under the table to get a privet show of his stock before they where put up on the block. 

Oh how she hoped no one would bid on her, hopes short lived with the first call of 50 silver. The price quickly rising to one gold, then ten. The girl quickly loosing track of how much was being put on her head, the people below her like wolves bidding for a slab of fresh meat. Ears lowing, body doing her best to back away only to be pulled back by the auctioneer. Another slaver pointing out the things the auctioneer was pointing out about her. Everything from that young, beautiful face that house almost stunning hazel blue eyes. A body, untouched by a man, slim yet still holding the form of a dancer. Quickly pointing out that she was still young thus she would be able to be taught things early. Noting that her village had been known for there female’s ability to sing and dance, cook and mend clothing. Skill that her mother indeed taught her from a young age. Then there was the talk of magic, how she might be able to put to use and taught how to heal and how her village knew many uses for herbs. These things only causing the bids to grow higher.

Then the bids slowed, and lessened until just two bid for her. The auctioneer smiling as he finally yelled “SOLD” across the crowd and the next slave was brought onto the stage. The young elf brought down the front steps and lead handed to her new master, but not before watched the gem he paid her with fall to the table. The slaver smiling widely as the girl was lead away. Being pulled along, almost falling a few times. Getting no time to get a good look at the man she was sold to. The girl doing her best to take in everything around her as she followed, almost dragged by the towering man who easy had a foot over her. The girl no taller then 5’4, maybe 115 pound soaking wet.

The sharp pull on the lead causing her to run every now and then to keep up. Up until they entered a shop, the smell along causing her nose to wrinkle and for her to try and step back. Yet, she knew she was not going anywhere. Watching as she got her first good look of the man under the cloak, his long blond white hair seeming to mock her own auburn brown. The sounds of foot steps causing the girl’s attention turning to the man came up to the counter. The look on the girl’s face making it clear that she was both scared and lost. Though she did learn her master’s name.

The chat between the old friends rather long, giving the young elf enough time to calm down some. Even going as far as to let her eyes wonder around the shop some, missing the fact that the man called Maverick had looked at her. The package being pushed across the table seeming to catch her interest, bringing with it questions of what it might be. Though no questions would be asked and off they where again. The girl being dragged off, once again almost running to keep from being dragged.

How to Breed Slaves

Type: Short/On Shot
Idea: Two powerful slavers decide to breed there most beloved pets.
Setting: Two slaves are brought together to breed by their owners.
Seeking: M/F, O/F, or O/M
Characters Personality: I was thinking one would be more wild or dominate then the other.
Kinks: (Can be talked about in PM)
Size: Can be a Long term or Short Term RP
-After their owner’s decide to breed their two slaves, both are locked into a small six by six foot dog kennel and left alone for a few days or maybe weeks. Only seeing their owners twice a day and that’s only to have food brought to them. (Open)

What Happened to me?

This is a really open RP idea that I can't help keep going back to. Just about anything can happen and I left the opening post the way it is for that very reason. If you like the Idea please PM me and tell me your thoughts on it. Again this is a VERY OPEN RP when it comes to a solid plot.

RP Idea From:
I hope you're enjoying the approval process so far, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, we're really a friendly bunch.  Now, since you are up for writing prompts please use the following as a story starter.  Let it take you wherever you wish as long as it remains PG-13.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Everything was a blur...

Opening Post Idea

Everything was a blur... Those bight blue eyes slowly opening, not knowing what had happened. All Chris could remember was well Nothing.

Where am I...., the thought seemed to fade from his mind as quickly as it entered it. Looking around he found himself in a large white room with nothing in it but the large bed he was laying in. Sitting up slowly, hand running over his chest, neck, each arm. Looking for something but not finding it. The only clothes he wore where a pair of pants that seemed to match the room in all its blandness. That and the set of bandages that wrapped around his upper chest and shoulders. Something had happened but he could not remember what. One more glance around the room, this time something caught his eyes. A large black screen or was it glass against the south wall....or at less he thought it was the south wall.

With taking his eyes off the black glass on the wall he set one foot, followed by the other onto the cold stone floor. Finding that the pants where way to big for him and had to use one hand to hold them up as he slowly moved across the room toward the only thing in the room that stuck out. "Hello?"

His chest hurt, so did his shoulders. What happened to me?

Nothing happened, the young man taking a seat before the glass, looking up at it. Waiting for something to happen but nothing did. No one answered him. Resting his hands on his ankles. He felt something. Looking down and moving the pants' leg up. Seeing a small hospital band around his left ankle. Leaning down some to read it Chris felt himself getting light headed once again....Everything went black.

"You think he remembered anything?"
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