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Welcome to my cravings page. This is a list of all my cravings.
I have deleted past cravings as they no longer appealed to me.
The ones that are most current will have a date above them for when they were thought up.
Also, there will be a 'desire to play' section to with stars, I do a 5 out 5 scale.
So, if it's 5 stars I'm desperate to play it, the lower the star count, the less I care to play though I still want it.
Make sense? I hope so!

Also, I used to write out full stories, now I just think of characters and write a profile for them.


Now, some of my writing prowess! To keep you interested.
Each different writing sample will be a different color. Thanks so much!
Most of these are samples from my own personal writing folders. Not from roleplays.
But, I play how I write, just usually in first, second person, or third person.


       It's dark and you can't move, no matter how hard you try you cannot get your arms to lift. Something has them pinned, you can wiggles your fingers and squirm your body but nothing changes. It's quiet, except for the soft hum coming from somewhere near you. It sounds like a lullaby, hummed so softly the woman's voice cuts out now and then. You're breathing shallow and rapidly, a metallic copper taste lacing your tongue, making you thirsty. A soft breeze caresses your cheek and you smell to sweet scents of lavender and sandalwood. Swallowing thickly you realize that coppery tang in your mouth is blood. Panic fills you as you question whether it is your own, beginning to squirm to see if any specific body part hurts or feels like it's bleeding. That lullaby is starting to sound almost identifiable, you seem unharmed. Are you laying flat? Or is that breeze your body swaying in midair? You can't figure it out, having your sight taken away has caused confusion for your balance and equilibrium. In the distance you hear something, it sounds like fabric being torn. Or is it being stitched? You hear the poke of a needle through cloth and the slow friction of thread being pulled through, it repeats itself as if time has slowed. Now all you can concentrate on is that lullaby and the sound of stitching. You try to ignore the sound of your own panicked breath and the sound of your heart rushing blood through your veins at an alarmingly fast pulse. It reminds you of the ocean, as the waves lap along an isolated shore...
        Something cold, like metal, has touched your abdomen, pulling you from your envisioned paradise. You begin to realize that it's not fabric the thread is being pulled through. A stinging sensation shoots like a bolt up through your abdomen and you gasp, feeling a gentle tugging along your flesh. You hadn't noticed it before, but your body had been numb. The humming sounds more like it's right next to you, fingers brush something from your stomach, it feels cold and wet or is it hot and fiery? A scream gurgles in your throat when you see the glint of a needle being pulled up from your midsection. You writhe in terror only to find out you're chained to a ceiling of some kind, perfectly suspended in air.

        The gold artifact slammed against her spine, knocking her to the floor of her hotel room as it stretched the along the length of her back. She cried out in pain as sharp, needle-like spider legs grew into her vertebrae, locking itself to her. Gasping for air her body trembled, sweat beading along her pale skin as the artifact began to expand, slithering gold inlays along her body. Tattooing it in ancient designs fit only for a Princess, worn only by a Princess. Her skin bled as the gold inlay etched itself along her form, the only thing keeping her awake from the shock was the pain of each symbol and each path of gold.
       The lines slowly worked their way up her torso, along her sternum and breasts to her collar bone and throat. Her back arched as she moaned in agony, the gold etching along her neck and jaw. Fingers curling into the floor, nails that should’ve cracked and split from the force now cutting into the floor due to the gold plating now surrounding them. Her lips quivered as she screamed, the gold carving itself into her face, along her lips and even her eyelids. Streaking itself through her thick brunette locks, shooting out from her scalp as sharp as the spiders legs that connected to her spinal column.

       There was no one to notice the girl as she walked along Virginia Street in the unnaturally bright neon glow looming over every sidewalk, hooker, and drunk. When the Casino's lining the strip gradually slipped under the softening of the rising sun each neon light began to flicker off, her pace slowed and she turned suddenly to the right, disappearing down an alley.
       It was not so much that this city, Reno, seemed to be shunning the light, but that a peculiar heat was suffocating it within, so hot the sun avoided these streets. Though it was early morning, the sewage fragrant streets felt empty, lonely in the declining economy. A place like this thrived on the weak and less will-powered, like it were a junkie waiting for it's next fix.


I a desperate for a forced incest story. I will be the BOTTOM or POWER BOTTOM in any of these chosen pairings. Age gaps are always fun, closer ages are fun too. Either way this will be a game/story that starts out with YC forcing MC into incestuous acts until eventually MC no longer has to be forced or blackmailed. I would love to create a scenario for any of these pairings. Just understand that I'm looking for something that has BDSM aspects WITHOUT the D/s parts. I'll list specific kinks I want involved so you can decide whether you wanna participate or not. I will not be the older of the pairing unless you can prove to me that you can be a dominating top that WILL be able to take control, be forceful and do the kinks.




Face Slapping
Non Con
Dub Con
Forced Stripping
Forced Nudity
YC sneaking into MC's room to have with MC
Rough treatment
MC giving fellatio
MC receiving rimming/cunnilingus
MC being fingered
YC using strap-ons/feel-does
Wrist and/or ankle binding
Cloth-type gags
Making Out
Spanking (Hand mainly, belt okay)
Forced Cross-dressing for my male characters
Public Sexual Activities
Forced to be watched by YC friends/whoever
Forcing MC to let someone else rape/fuck them
Forced Lactation




Name: Riley
Age: 16 - 21
Height: 5'3" - 5'7"
Build: Lean, skinny fit, effeminate
Personality: This really depends on the idea or plot he goes into.
He can be the perfect good boy, the average kid who has average friends, the popular boy, complete rebel who may end up in juvie,
or the standard bad boy. Either way he will also be feisty, will fight and argue, will not just submit.


Name: Noella
Age: 16 - 21
Height: 5'3" - 5'6"
Build: Skinny fit, curvy, lean
Personality: This really depends on the idea or plot she goes into.
She can be the perfect good girl, the average kid who has average friends, the popular cheerleader,
complete rebel who may end up in juvie, or the standard bad girl.
Either way he will also be feisty, will fight and argue, will not just submit.


Name: Jocelyn
Age: 28 - 30
Height: 5'3" - 5'7"
Build: Curvy, fit and healthy.
Personality: Young mother, had her son or daughter between 13 and 15 years of age. Father left them the moment she got pregnant.
Now at her current age she is either single or in a relationship that triggers the daughter or son to act on their feelings for her.
The daughter will need to be same height or taller, more athletically built, not feminine, has a masculine or alpha personality, isn't hesitant,
isn't shy, is more dominating/demanding, forceful, will easily manhandle her mom.
The son will have to be taller, masculine, muscled/built, dominate, stronger, forceful, not hesitant or shy.


Name: Monica
Age: 18 - 25
Height: 5'3" - 5'7"
Build: Curvy, fit and healthy.
Personality: Either openly gay, closeted, or heterosexual. Single or in a bad relationship.
Could be a party girl and always crashing on her brothers or sisters couch, she will be closer to her niece or nephew's age,
coming from a big family and being the baby of the family. Or maybe she's so close in age she just feels comfortable hanging
around her niece or nephew and she's the fun Aunt. The niece will need to be same height or taller, more athletically built,
not feminine, has a masculine or alpha personality, isn't hesitant, isn't shy, is more dominating/demanding, forceful,
will easily manhandle her aunt. The nephew will have to be taller, masculine, muscled/built, dominate, stronger, forceful, not hesitant or shy.


Name: Jonathon
Age: 28 - 30
Height: 5'7" - 5'9"
Build: Lean muscles, slightly effeminate, muscle toned
Personality: Secretly gay, has always kept it hidden for whatever reason (religion, parents abuse, etc).
Young father, had his kid when he was anywhere from 13 to 15. Maybe the girlfriend ditched him with the baby to be raised?
He is single due to his being secretly gay. Either way, the son will have to be getting as tall or taller than daddy dearest,
build more muscle, be more masculine and more dominating. Not hesitant or shy.


Name: Chase
Age: 18 - 25
Height: 5'7" - 5'9"
Build: Lean muscles, slightly effeminate, muscle toned
Personality: Either openly gay or closeted. Single or in a bad relationship.
Could be a party boy and always crashing on his brothers couch, he will be closer to his nephew's age,
coming from a big family and being the baby of the family. Or maybe he's so close in age he just feels
comfortable hanging around his nephew and he's the fun Uncle. The nephew will have to be as tall or taller, more built,
more dominate, stronger, forceful. Not hesitant or shy.

created: October 2016

Name: Eiji Uesugi                                              Name: Echo Unruh
Age: 16                                                           Age: 16
Gender: Male                                                    Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"                                                      Height: 5'6"
Weight/Build: 115lbs                                         Weight/Build: 120lbs
Sexual Orientation: Gay (not out)                       Sexual Orientation: Thinks she's straight.
                                                                                          (has never had a lesbian experience. Is a bottom no matter what though)

This is something I've been trying to get to happen for YEARS. 3 failed attempts that were all so very delicious.. Let's see if I can rope one more person in for maybe something that will last! The core idea is that MC is bullied by YC. It can be anywhere from light bullying that builds to dub-con and non-con that will lead to consensual. The end result is that YC and MC have a solid relationship, they like each other and don't want anyone else. But, that doesn't mean that they now get along perfectly. Maybe they still argue, maybe YC has jealousy and possessiveness issues. Either way, I want this to start out with the bullying short-term leading into the long-term relationship and story. Drama came come from many different angles and places.

This game would be centered in NC: Human Freeform Solos or Extreme: Human Freefrom Solos. I'm looking for a dom type or top type. This isn't a M/s story. This isn't a D/s story. Think of the male lead in a manga or anime, he has an alpha personality and dom/top qualities

MxF version: https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=169927.0

This is what my ex-partners and I came up with:
I was thinking of a bully who torments MC and wants to make MC feel bad, and discovers that kissing MC and making MC strip is a great way to humiliate MC. Then YC discovers that YC actually enjoys kissing MC and touching MC, so YC forces MC to do more and more things. This taking anywhere from days to weeks and then, at some point, MC starts to reciprocate.

To prolong it even more it could start out with YC pushing MC against lockers, stealing parts of MC lunch. And then when YC gets no reaction YC could bump it up to putting a bunch of condoms in MC locker so when MC opens it, they just all flood out. Cornering MC in the locker rooms, stealing MC clothes. And then, as a potential escalation, MC catches YC doing something beyond against school rules, smoking pot or whatever you decide, MC doesn't get seen and runs off to tell. Those are just a FEW ideas. There could be lots more. Like printed off pictures of naked men in MC text books. So when MC opens up to a page it's right there and gets in trouble. So on and so forth.

Things like stealing MC clothes, which are just ordinary forms of bullying but can become very sexual in the right context. The idea of working up to "punishing" MC by making them look gay (especially in front of the opposite gender), and then act gay... just as a way of humiliating MC and making them unpopular, but it then becomes very serious. It could get quite vicious very quickly.

created: July 2016
Name: Lexa Primheda
Age: 26
Gender: Female (can be somewhat of a tomboy some days)
Height: 5'5 1/2"
Weight/Build: Fit Skinny; thin but healthy and fit, minimal definition in muscles.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (Bottom's only to both Male and Female)

Background: Raised an orphan, moved from orphanage to orphanage as each one was shut down for one reason or another. She hopped around foster homes for a while, but there seemed to be this problem of the foster mother always abusing her because the foster mother constantly thought Lexa was flirting, hitting on, and even making advances towards the foster father. This was never true, in fact, the foster mother always said this as the reason why they got rid of her. But, more often than not a member of the foster family was sexually abusing her, be it the mother, father, brother, sister, or cousin. Because of this, she lost her virginity when she was roughly 14 due to rape. She was treated horribly and withdrew into herself. She now works at a library in downtown Seattle, Washington. She keeps to herself, never really talks to anyone unless they ask her a library specific question.

Personality: Lexa has become quiet over the years, she has learned self defense to protect herself but hasn't had to use it since growing up out of the system. She lives on her own in a cozy little apartment that is walking distance from the library she works at. Great worker, intelligent, can hold her own if absolutely necessary, has a kind and gentle persona. If pushed she can become very opinionated, very open, and even aggressive. There is a fire in her that has been smothered into a tiny flame. But, with enough fuel it can shine bright again and the fiery woman within will reappear.

Desired Partner: Looking for a man or woman who is a top, dominate, and take control. Shows her there is nothing to fear, manhandles her a bit. Someone who will corner her, push her buttons, and get her to stop being so closed off and apathetic to life and the world. Someone who will force to go out, to travel, to experience the world. This man or woman should be taller than her, masculine. If it's a woman, not a woman with an obvious feminine body, a woman more masculine with a smaller chest, doesn't dress feminine, dresses like a man, short hair preferred. This top must be willing and wanting to manhandle her, push her into things, coerce her, and even get a little rough if need be.

Sidenote: By no means will she be easily controlled or compliant. Keep in mind I do not like my characters following along and "obeying" like some sort of slave of any kind. Even if it's blackmail or coercion, it will be forced. She will not simply BUCKLE to another's will and become some whimpering servant.

created: July 2016

Name: Dorian Nichola Thredon
Age: 17
Gender: Male (Identifies as transgender, likes to dress femme/girly.)
Height: 5'6"
Weight/Build: Lithe, Lean Muscles with little definition
Sexual Orientation: Gay (Only likes TOP/DOM men. Attracted to dangerous types.)

Background: New to the area and bored out of his fucking mind. He's used to the big city, lots of trouble to get into. He moved from the big city of Los Angeles to a not super massive area outside of Portland, Oregon. It's over an hour drive away, so he never gets there often, too much gas to waste when he can actually find his keys from his parents. They've bounced him around from school to school in L.A. until they simply had to move. They chose a town outside of a major city that hadn't heard of their demon child. He had been expelled from each school for one reason or another - starting fights, starting fires, finishing fights brutally, skipping so much class he was never really there, hitting teachers. The last school he was at he was expelled because he kept sexually harassing his male science teacher, publically. Dorian is in serious need of someone to come along and show him what no means and to make him get his act together before he ends up in jail or worse.

Personality: Isn't used to being told 'no', and has a serious brat issue. He will coup attitude with anyone, get in their face and even snarl. He's been in juvenile detention centers and no one can seem to get control over the boy. Parents are at a loss and ready to give up and ship him off to Military School. Which he challenges them to do daily before grabbing the keys to his car and taking off, when he can find his keys from his parents. He has a very bad authority problem, even though he's attracted to big, intimidating type of men. Though no man has ever been able to properly handle him, he has always been too crazy for most men to even care enough to try and get him to come to reason. Lately he's started to turn up the fun with drugs and alcohol, he doesn't believe labels like virginity, even though he's never had anal. He's done everything else under the sun though. Again, most men were too freaked out because he was underage and fucking wild.

Desired Partner: I would like someone who would kind of help him grow into his own. They would be a dom/top. They could be dangerous, abusive, and controlling. They could be stern, mostly kind, and not physically abusive. Blackmail is a good way to go, but so is baiting him and trapping him. He's a wiley, crazed little boy who needs some serious discipline in his life. He needs someone who isn't afraid of him, will stand over him, look down at him and shove him to sit, or press him into a wall and whisper in his ear to behave. Teach him how to be polite in public and to not do whatever he wants. THIS IS NOT A SLAVE TRAINING THING. THIS IS NOT A MASTER/SLAVE DEAL. He just needs order in his chaos. Someone to LOVE him while being firm. Some elements can include physical abuse, non-con, tying of ankles and wrists, forced sex, forced stripping, forced consumption of alcohol and/or drugs and more.

Sidenote: By no means will he be easily controlled or compliant. Keep in mind I do not like my characters following along and "obeying" like some sort of slave of any kind. Even if it's blackmail or coercion, it will be forced. He will not simply BUCKLE to another's will and become some whimpering servant.

Name: Misha Petrov
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Nationality: Russian
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Slender, lean muscled.
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual (Bottom Only)

Background: Born into Russian poverty he sought to make himself better than the small farm town he grew up in. He wanted to go to America! And go to college there! But where did he end up? The streets of Moscow, selling his body to make ends meet. Saving a little here and there, yet never achieving enough to make it to the land of success and money. His feisty, will fight if he has to. Does what he wants, even if it's someone no one else wants him to do. Will use drugs and alcohol to escape the hell hole he calls a life. Always has a comeback or opinion. Has been popped in the mouth and beaten by clients more times than he count for his mouthing off.

Desired Partner: Strong and strict top that likes the fight of a fiery bottom. Doesn't mind someone who will give it up and then take it away at whim. Willing to deal with someone who is stunted in maturity due to his life and tends to behave like an angsty teen. Will not stand for his substance abuse or erratic behavior. Obviously someone slightly older or significantly older. But, no older than 35 or 40.

created: July 2016

Name: Cleo Mason
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight/Build: 115lbs
Sexual Orientation: Decidedly Straight (Meaning she chooses to be completely straight. Can be swayed.)

Background: Cleo married young, the age of 18, and had a child by the age of 19. The marriage was strained from the beginning, they married right out of high school and had a kid way too early. After 15 years the marriage ruptured by the husband cheating on Cleo with a secretary on his business trips. She found out, she found their emails. Cleo was beyond hurt and broke by this. They separated but have not gotten divorced. She teaches at her son's local high school and has main custody, decided on by the parents out of court. She has not decided to divorce yet and still holds out that her husband will change for the better and try again, because he's the father of their son.

Personality: Strong, wilful English Literature teacher. She tries to keep it together, is very longely and trying to survive. Cleo is independant, but, has had a very rough time over the last nine months since discovering her husband cheating on her. Cleo is fiesty, will not just give in and will always put up a fight. She defends her son, is strict as a teacher, and loves reading. She has become quite the bookworm and introvert, especially since the cheating.

Desired Partner: Top/Dom/Alpha male or female. Forceful, non-con, blackmail, stalking, breaking and entering, rough, man-handles Cleo. Yet s/he is also madly in love, jealous, protective of both her and her son, romantic, loving. This guy or potential woman must be obsessed with Cleo after s/he beds her one time.

SIDENOTE: THIS IS BASED OFF THE MOVIE, "BOY NEXT DOOR". I don't plan on this ending in murder, maybe the murder of the husband. If you have not seen the movie, read the summary of it or watch it. It's fucking awesome.

created: July 2016
Character Info

Name: Missy Elizabeth Luthberg
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight/Build: 110lbs - Curvy, still a bit on the slender side.
Sexual Orientation: Straight (At least...she THINKS she is.)

Background: Recently got her teaching degree and tossed into one of the best High Schools in the nation to teach English and special writing classes. She's young, good looking, and extremely nice. Her downfall? She's rather strict, doesn't play favorites, will mark you for detention if you step out of line even just a bit. She has zero tolerance for misbehaviour, no matter who you are. You could the star quarter, she doesn't care. The cheerleader captain, she doesn't care. If you disobey the school's rules and/or her class rules, you will get detention. She has tolerance for late assignments only under prearranged settings or you are out sick and have a doctors note. Everyone loves her, even if she's bit of a hard head. She still makes class fun and interactive, including everyone. She hates group work, so never requires it.

Personality: A strong, independent woman who wont stand for insults or bad behaviour. She hasn't let loose or had a lover since the beginning of University, when she was 18. Shehasn't had sex in as many years and has gotten masturbation down to a quick release and bed. She's given up on love or sex and doesn't even really crave it anymore except for those occasions she feels that familiar pressure in her loin and needs a little release. But, she doesn't make a big show of it, she just gets it done and goes about her business. Missy needs to relax and have some fun, even if she's unwilling.

Desired Partner: I'm looking for a top/dom student either male or female. The student will get tired of her not noticing them, not giving them special treatment, and generally disregarding them when they try to get close or gain her favor. The student gets tired of it and plans to seduce Missy, whether she wants it or not. Maybe it's easier to torment her and harass her because she actually LIVES on the same street as the student, literally across the street. There are obvious non-con elements to this, there can be some slapping, manhandling and rough treatment, tying her wrists and ankles, blind folding, holding her hands behind her back. The plan is she will give in and begin to enjoy it, just not at first. And the first few times can be used as blackmail and/or coercion.

Sidenote: By no means will she be easily controlled or compliant. Keep in mind I do not like my characters following along and "obeying" like some sort of slave of any kind. Even if it's blackmail or coercion, it will be forced. She will not simply BUCKLE to another's will and become some whimpering servant.

These will be sectioned via my own genre's

INCEST (Pairings can be  M/M, F/F, M/F, Futa/F, M/Herm, Futa/Herm):
Older Brother/Younger Sister
Older Brother/Younger Brother
Older Sister(Futa or not)/Younger Sister
Twins - M/M, F/F, M/F, Futa/F
Cousins - M/M, F/F, M/F, Futa/F
Nephew/Young Uncle
Nephew/Young Aunt
Niece/Young Aunt

SCHOOL SETTINGS (High School & College/University)(Pairings can be  M/M, F/F, M/F, Futa/F, M/Herm, Futa/Herm):
Principle/Vice Principle
Vice Principle/Principle
School Board Member/Principle
Student's Parent(M, F, Futa)/Teacher (M, F, Herm)
School Nurse/Teacher
Teacher/School Nurse
Janitor/School Nurse
Principle/School Nurse
Student/School Nurse
School Nurse/Student

OFFICE SETTINGS (Pairings can be  M/M, F/F, M/F, Futa/F, M/Herm, Futa/Herm):
Mail Person/Worker
Worker/CEO's Child

MEDICAL SETTING (Pairings can be  M/M, F/F, M/F, Futa/F, M/Herm, Futa/Herm):

SUPERNATURAL/PARANORMAL (Pairings can be  M/M, F/F, M/F, Futa/F, M/Herm, Futa/Herm):
Vampires (No sparkling unless you make it DARK. No Buffy The Vampire Slayer, it's fucking boring. I like Vampire Academy, Thirst, and darker vampires.)

FANTASY (Pairings can be  M/M, F/F, M/F, Futa/F, M/Herm, Futa/Herm):
Guardian Angel/Human



The Shannara Chronicles:

THE 100:
John Murphy/Clarke
John Murphy/Jasper





Thought I'd put this here as well, before I remove it from the threads I think. Keep it all together. But, since it is so long.. I'm just going to put it in a post of it's own.

First, I will say this is based off of a dream I had this early morning. So, it's very interesting. I'm going to write out the dream in a short story to give you what it is and what it is about. It's very Stephen King in the sense that it... is very far fetched. And you seriously have to have the stomach for this. I'm not sure how large this group rp will be as of yet. But, I'm leaning towards six people, possibly more. Also, I would like to start this from the very beginning. Before the murder, if at all possible.

Warden (High Level Demon) - Dominate/Assertive Male
Young Pretty Coming of Age Juvenile Delinquent - Submissive/Passive/Innocent Male (This will be played by me)
Early twenties prisoner - Switch Male (My characters jail house friend)
Guard #1 (Lesser Demon) - Assertive/Top Male
Guard #2 (Lesser Demon) - Assertive/Top Male
Middle Aged Prisoner - Dominate/Assertive Male
Mid-Twenties Prisoner - Dominate/Assertive Male
Prisoner #1 - Assertive/Top Male

And more can be added depending on how many people like this idea! NOW, Both MALES and FEMALES are welcome to join. But, remember you will be playing a male. And I may have some room for more submissive males.. we'll see.

Onward to the story:
Kaede didn't know what to think as he watched his best friend get handcuffed and shoved into a police cruiser. He swallowed tightly, feeling like rocks were choking him. He was slammed to the hood of separate cop car as the sound of metal against clinked around his wrists. A deep frown replacing the look of shock as he felt the masculine cop behind him grind against his a little, as if it were helping hold him down. Cringing with a small sound of pain, when his hands were lifted to yank him up, he spat at the cop serving only to be backhanded roughly and shoved into the backseat of the cruiser.

How had he gotten himself into this mess? Oh, he remembered now as the lights of the city flashed by him, god how he hated America.. Not that Japan was any better to be certain of that, the crime was just as disgusting, if not worse. But, how could Kaede be capable of it? Especially when he was so close to eighteenth birthday! As they drove by the crime scene he tossed one more glance at the mangled body of one of his classmates. Did he regret what they had done to the bastard? No. Not one bit, not an ounce of remorse touched his soul. The fucker had it coming to him after the many days of torment he had caused Kaede.

The class breaks where he'd be shoved into a bathroom and forced to service Luke Callehan, being told to treat the bastards engorged member like the best Popsicle he'd ever had his lips on. And to be honest, the fucking thing tasted like rotted meat wrapped in rotting lettuce that had been doused in peanut oil, burnt peanut oil. It was completely and utterly disgusting! The fact that his ass was groped in passing held nothing to that filth he called a cock. So, no, he felt nothing for killing and mangling Luke, and it certainly didn't bother him to leave the prick's disemboweled body in front of his parents workplace. To Kaede it was more of a poetic statement than anything else, 'Here, have your filthy son. This is what he really is'.

Was Kaede troubled? Of course he was, wouldn't you be if you'd walked in on your parents completely a suicide pact and shooting each other in the mouth? Kaede had been 10 when he saw that, it stayed with him forever. He was shipped off to family in Las Vegas, what family? The kind of Asian family who won millions in the casino's and just never left. He became one of those twisted privileged kids. You know the kind, 'Let's just keep this between you and Uncle, okay? Don't worry, it's supposed to feel that way. It's only a finger, get used to it.' and so on. So Kaede was on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and insomnia meds, had been for many years. Though, in order to accomplish his grisly task he'd stopped taking them for a couple months.

But, all of that is beside the point. The real trauma and agony was only just beginning. Kaede would go through trial, pleading guilty to all accounts of murder and his best friend would plead guilty as well. Why? Well, for one he HELPED and for two he wasn't about to leave his thin, short, not to mention pretty friend in the clutches of maximum security prison by himself.

The Prison was in the middle of nowhere Oregon, towards the coast. It rained like hell almost constantly and was dark from the clouds. The drive in from sunny Nevada to rainy Oregon was like crossing into a different world to Kaede, he hadn't seen rain like this in years. But, what really made it all surreal was the prison, it was just different. It exuded this aura of darkness, not because it was a prison, but from something else. Something dark and inhuman was inside there and it terrified Kaede to think too much on it. With a flash of lightning Kaede found himself nearly in his best friends lap with a look of horror plastered on his expression. For just a moment.. In that flash, he could've sworn he saw something like lucifer himself casting a roaring shadow over the prison. Like it was a prison for the damned, for the new demonic recruits.
Oh how close Kaede was to the truth..

The warden was a tall man with an evil look in his eyes. Those seemingly dark orbs could swallow young souls and devour them in their secrets. He was evil, pure evil. And Kaede was terrified of him, he'd already received a longing stare from the warden, one that spoke volumes of Kaede soon to be forgotten virginity. And it was that very night the first claim had been laid on his supple backside. Kaede had been too close to the bars of his cell that bordered another prisoners. And before he knew it had been grabbed backwards, yanked to the chilled bars and pinned in an older mans arms. No matter how Kaede had cried that evening no one came to his aid, though his best friend could be heard calling to him and begging the guards to help him. The next night was the same thing, same man. But, it was rougher than the night before, he'd walked away bleeding last night. But, this time he crawled away with blood down his thighs.

Kaede's first week had been one of rape and beatings. The showers became a place of fear for him and his best friend. And by the third week they were making his best friend fuck him until he sobbed from the ache in his body. Kaede would beg for it to stop and they would let it stop. Only to have another replace his friend in the frantic fucking that Kaede was beginning to try and stay silent. But, his fellow prisoners would always find someway to ignite his fear, his innocence and defiance. By the end of the first month even the guards were taking him into solitary to have their way with him. They would leave him in there, rotating out guards and prisoners to do what they liked with him without killing him or severally hurting him.

And by the third month people had started disappearing, the warden would walk the cell blocks checking a list off. And those he had stopped in front of would be gone by the next day and would never return. This lasted for weeks until it seemed like the prison was nearly empty. But, one fateful night Kaede was bringing the warden his ties from the laundry room and what he saw in the office was foul.. The warden had leathery wings, cherry apple red skin, glowing gold eyes and he was eating the prisoners.. Starting with their nether regions and devouring them while they were still alive. Kaede dropped the ties and ran as fast as he could back to his cell, he'd never witnessed something so ghastly and horrifying before. not even the murder he had committed was so terrible.

Curling up in his cell, far in the corner he rocked there, staying in that spot for days, talking to himself and mumbling. Everyone left him alone until the warden came for him... The tall human stood before Kaede, but the boy knew differently.. That was a general of Hell itself. And it wanted him. But, what the boy didn't know was that he was the chosen one. He was to be bathed in the blood of demons, to become a servant of Hell... And to become the warden's demonic boy.






31 JULY 2011

Veronica Chase. Rape. Porno Scenario.









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