Angel and Demon (F dom looking for F sub)

Started by elfguy, May 09, 2011, 11:42:56 PM

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Why did Arch Angel Gabriel mark the Lower Plane of Air off-limit to angels? She knew that he often came here, so did the other Arch Angels. This place was so beautiful, filled with clouds and wonderful music, the young angel couldn't believe it was dangerous at all.

But nearby, having recently entered the plane in search of just such a naive young angel, a demon lurked. She quickly spotted the angel, resting on a cloud. Grinning heavily, she flew fast towards her, and in an instant, captured the young angel who had no chance whatsoever against the much more powerful demon. Before she realized what had even happened, she was dragged down to a lower plane of Hell.

There, she found herself stripped of clothing and chained to a wall, and the demon looking at her with lust in her eyes. She was now a prisoner of this demon, and hers for all of eternity.

For this RP I will play the demon and I need someone to play the angel. The story will start at the capture and your angel will then be the play thing of the demon, which will abuse her, milk her, fuck her with toys, and so on. It will be Hell for the young angel!