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Author Topic: Watch the Skies - Interest Check - Very Small Group (3-4 Characters)  (Read 1436 times)

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Your from a whole other world. A different dimension. You open my eyes. Take me, ta-ta-take me. Wanna be a victim. Ready for abduction.

For many years the Earth has been in contact with alien lifeforms. They've kept it hidden for fear that people would panic. For the most part the alliance worked. Many races that came in contact with the Earth were peaceful. They came here to make lives for themselves and in exchange they give the Earth many resources and gifts. One of these gifts was Elephants. Another was microchips. Without these outside contacts Earth would not be where it was today.

Sadly, not all the species that come to Earth as peaceful and Earth is in no way able to defend against these more hostile creatures. Once is a race of horse-headed like beasts that has made a living on Earth and in the universe by kidnapping human children and enslaving them as cheap labor. Another secretly controls the black market. Many of them wear the faces of humans and run the underworld as crime lords. The Earthly governments simply try to treat them as humans since there is little defense against them.

That is till now.

The Alpar Nok have come to Earth. They are the ones that gave Elephants to the planet many, many years ago because they believe Elephants to be the smartest of all animals. The Alpar Nok are known for being a very forgiving and peaceful race with tremendous abilities. Some of them have the ability to create. Others can read minds. Many of them are extremely strong and fast. Only one every few generations is born with all these abilities. For the most part they work as a team with the leader being someone with the power to create.

The power to create allows them to create life. They can create real objects—people, food, anything—with only their minds. And they aren't merely projections or holograms; they are actual objects. This ability makes them the strongest of their people. Those born with this ability coupled with all the others are like Gods on Alpar Nok, but they are also extremely distressed emotionally because they sometimes end up believing that everything around them is simply created by their minds and it drives them insane.

Anyway, despite how peaceful they are, the Alpar Nok are known for being Alien Hunters. Their home planet was nearly destroyed several decades ago because they had refused to use their powers to fight. Now they have rebuilt and want to spare Earth what had nearly happened to them. With that in mind, the Alpar Nok have returned to Earth. Aided by the government, they help a small team of Earthlings hunt down the aliens that create slavery and crime lords to bring them to justice. If the alien cannot be brought before what is now called the Galaxy Council, they are to be killed in battle.

I'm looking for a team made up of a mix of Alpar Nok and Humans. The Alpar Nok are humanoid, in fact they look like humans. The only thing that sets them apart from humans are their abilities. I got this idea from a mix of the Daniel X series and the Extraterrestrial video by Katy Perry. This game will not follow the book series and we're going to ignore the books for the most part. I'm just drawing ideas from it.

The main goal of this game is that I'm going to send out members of the Alpar Nok/Human team to take down an alien. Each mission will have 3-4 characters go on it. Each 'boss' alien will be of a different species (most of which I will be making up off the top of my head, drawing from Doctor Who, and other Space shows and books). Sometimes the alien will be captured and sometimes you will have to kill them. The climax, main goal, of the game is to get to the the leader of the Barricks.

Barricks are a creature of my own creation and you will not find information about them anywhere online, so there will be no way for any of you to plan ahead on how to kill them or get to them. *sticks out her tongue*

Anyway, I like small groups. I don't want a big group game. I want this to stay small. Also, it is not imperative that you read the Daniel X books to play in this game. Honestly, I haven't read all the books yet. In the books, the Alpar Nok were pretty much wiped out and not much is known about them. We'll be discussing and making stuff up as we go along.

For the record, I prefer my group games to be based more on the adventure than the romance. That doesn't mean I discourage romance, but if you want to join for alien sexy-time...then this is not the game for you. Yes, we can discuss NC-alien moments with members of the team getting held hostage for a scene or two, but I'd really rather avoid that. I'd rather have an adventure story with some romance in it than a romance story with some adventure in it.

Since I do want this to be a small game, I will be screening the Character Sheets a bit selectively. Just because you send one to me does not mean you will be playing.

Character Sheet:

Code: [Select]
[b]Name:[/b] (First and Last, please)
[b]Species:[/b] (human or Alpar Nok)
[b]Age:[/b] (21 or older, please)
[b]Background Info:[/b] (please be detailed)
[b]Skills and/or Abilities:[/b] (if you are choosing to be an Alpar Nok, then leave this blank for now)
[b]Weapon:[/b] (modern weapons, high tech, space fantasy type weapons)
[b]Physical Description:[/b] (pictures are acceptable)
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