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Started by SweetJane, May 08, 2011, 05:05:10 PM

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I've been admiring many of the avatars used by E members, and wondering where you found them?  I've looked around a bit using general search engines (Bing!, Google, etc.) but haven't found such lush imagery thus far, aside from one or two head-shot images.  Maybe they're in here somewhere, and when/if I get approved, I can find them?
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Dream up a theme of what you'd like and Google that.  I'm a natural redhead so I often Google redhead with an adjective like sexy or seductive.  You might want to Google Sorceress with beautiful or something like that.  Princess or even Warrior Princess might get you some great images.

Look for sites that feature digital art.  DeviantArt.com is a great place to find images.

Be sure to obey copyright laws, though.  People put a lot of work into their art and it isn't fair to to just use it without attribution or to take it without permission if they ask not to copy it.


I'll do random google searches, or if I like an artist I'll look up their galleries (I use the images with permission, though). I find a lot of stuff through DeviantArt and some through Flickr.

A lot of us have folders on our hard drives of "future avatars" - images we have seen along the way that we like. Even if I enjoy my current avatar and I'm not yet in the mood to change, I'm always on the lookout for imagery that I like, because I know that eventually I'll get bored and be looking for a new one.