Crusoe to Demons

Started by MagicalPen, July 31, 2007, 01:07:42 PM

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Posting, it turns out, is helping me deal with the stress of my current situation. However, it seems that a few of my games have died off, said people havent shown up or posted in a while. So i'm hungry for more games. If you're looking for a game, but dont see a plausible idea here, feel free to shoot me over a PM.

Idea #1: Crusoe meets Lost

The only two survivors of the boat/plane wreck find themselves stranded on a tropical island. They've got to act quick if they want to survive as its apparent no rescue is coming there way. He was a Handy-man by trade, a true American, but she is his opposite - Daddys Girl, the Lawyers Daughter - a spoiled Brat. But if they dont work together they might not survive the Secrets of the Island.

Time Setting can be just about any period in history, as best we see fit. As such, so can the characters to make them fit into a better mold.

Idea #2: The Noble and the Nomad

From out of the Deserts and Jungles to the South comes a steady supply of exotic slaves. Korpik'laani is one among many, a fine male specimen, finding himself chained in a new world. He is aggressive and resistant, powerful and lean. But a weakness for women of a certain look - something to do with his hidden past - could spell his downfall. It will take a strong, beautiful woman to tame this beast.

Idea #3: Seeing Double

Mark recently met a beautiful girl at a bar. They hooked up and started seeing each other. He knows she has a sister but hasnt met her. What he doesnt know is that her sister is her twin and has a crush on him too, having filled in for her sister on one date!

This one can go various ways - the twins could know about it, the one twin could be hiding it from the other, etc - so looking for some one to play the twins or two people to take the role of each twin.

Idea #4: Demonic Desires

An attempt at a rebirth of a game i had going a while back. Ideally suited for two females and myself, but can also work as a one-on-one. The premise of the game is this:

Your character has recently inherited a Keep in a small, quiet village. The housekeeper family, somewhat creepy if not a little retarded, are actually descendants of servants to the true master of the Keep - A Shadow Lord Demon. What isnt known is that this Demon has been imprisoned below the Keep by your-characters ancestors. In the centuries that have passed, the tale of the Demon has frown only to be a Myth. A beautiful bust of the first of your ancestors lays over the seal to the Demons Layer in the Dungeon. Hardly a fitting place for a nice piece of artwork?

This can be Fantasy/Medieval/Modern setting.

Respond here or in PM if interested.

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I would be interested in #4, especially if it involved nonconsentual play :)


Indeed it does! :)

Now - pick your poison: Medieval, Fantasy, Modern, or Other?

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I'm open to any genre but I was thinking modern.  I find something particularly delicious in having present day characters stumble into supernatural trouble.   :)


Modern it is then! I'll send you a PM with some further details and suggestions.

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Hmm, the one with the twins caught my attention =3

I could play the twins if you would like =3 *Has no problme with playing multiple characters*
Lynne's On/Off list =3

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Dang! When I for once open up One on Ones to look, I actually find something intresting and of course it's taken! Sheesh, I need to look here at every new post I think.