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April 18, 2021, 01:43:42 pm

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Author Topic: Quelle's Searches; Only Female Writers need apply.  (Read 985 times)

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Quelle's Searches; Only Female Writers need apply.
« on: May 08, 2011, 04:26:43 am »
Quelle's Searches; Only Female Writers need apply.

Note; 'Female' both counts for those born feminine, and those who have found it later in life.

Hi. I'm Quelle. I've been around Elliquiy for about two years now, but have spent quite a bit of time away. Now that I'm back, I'm looking to put in some time and effort to roleplaying stories that are of a higher caliber. What intrigues me are concepts.  A good idea, a world that makes relative sense, a pair of characters that have a reason to be with each other in this roleplay.

That, and romance, of course.

Currently, I'm open to suggestions of any ideas that any other players have, but I'll make a single note before I get into proper stories; While I'm not normally the type to roleplay anything from an anime, the beauty that was Puella Magi Madoka Magica absolutely requires me to say that if anyone would like to do a 'Final Timeline' story of Madoka/Homura, I will pounce on that with a fervor normally reserved for piles of money and Olivia Wilde. (In addition- Mami/Madoka, Mami/Homura, Mami/Hitomi are sincerely welcome) Thank you. For those of you who haven't seen it- I highly recommend it. Don't judge it by the first few episodes, watch the whole (short) thing. They're a little misleading in style.


After School Jobs
No one would've expected her to have a job after school, let alone one like the job she in fact held. A skilled 'live hacker', her afternoons are often spent  combing through large corporate databases, flying around the world(and getting back before school the next morning), and going on missions with skilled Insertion-Extraction Technicians, meant to get her next to a physical database, do the hacking, and get back out. Her life regularly gets complicated- especially so when she finds out a schoolmate of hers is her biggest rival.

This story would primarily play with the psychological mind games of having a mortal enemy, but coming to quickly realize that not only are they human- they’re one of the few who can truly understand you.

At the Advent of Sentience
They were brand new. The company had absolutely insane amounts of venture capital behind it. The product was fully-featured, polished, and had a failure rate so small it could reliably be attributed to user error.

Then why was no one buying these beautiful women, hand-built by the world’s best engineers?

Perhaps because there was something wrong. Namely, something about them didn’t feel like a woman.

That is, until a young woman, a failed college student who tried to double major then forgot she wasn’t quite getting paid to simply research yet, figured out exactly what was missing. This is the story of what happens the morning after she boots the new ‘her’ up.

This story would primarily be a story of both sides feeling infinitely inferior to the other, and learning that sometimes, it’s best to just not care.

Other ideas are on the way. I'm also open to others' original ideas, as long as romance is the 'primary' focus. Feel free to get a hold of me any way that seems available to you.