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Author Topic: rabbitEye on the Prize [M for F]  (Read 1218 times)

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rabbitEye on the Prize [M for F]
« on: May 07, 2011, 11:47:59 PM »
First and foremost, I beseech you to read my On's and Off's thread. In addition, please check out my writing style by viewing some of my posts from other story threads.

Second, if you are interested in any of the following ideas, please take any inquiries to my private message inbox.

Third, all of my ideas are meant to be played out as long-term stories.

Fourth, if something you see tickles your fancy, but you don't like a certain element, these things are not set in stone. I, more than anything, wish to build a story with someone, rather than write out an entire scenario myself and merely have a partner follow along its path with me. Furthermore, if you think I would be a good player for any idea that you have, or, simply want to feel things out and come up with something entirely new for the both of us, do feel free to "cold call" me, so to speak. I love to bat around potential inklings, and despite my otherwise gruesome personas, I actually am a rather nice bloke.

So let's get right to it, then. Behold the seeds of ideas, rattling around in my head yearning to blossom.

The Collector:
There is a man, gray and grizzled. Old. Living in a castle somewhere in some far away land. He is cold and unfeeling, chiseled away by years of anger, resentment, loneliness. Within the icy stone walls of his keep, he has surrounded himself by things. Beautiful things. Mystical things. Magical things. Things, he has convinced himself, that make him happy. The lovely maiden of a rival's daughter. The most clever jester in all the lands. Stunning horses. Gems and jewels. Artifacts and baubles of all kinds. Never satisfied, his lust for new things, better things, more beautiful things unquenchable... he sets his eyes upon the forbidden lands across the sea. Where rumors of sylphs, sprites, elves, fey and fairies abound. And he wants them. So he has hired a team, of expert hunters and trackers, to find these mythical creatures... to bring them back to him. I will play one of these illicit hunters. Guess who you will be playing?

The Escort:
You are a messenger, having been summoned to deliver a message of utmost importance: be it peace, or war, or the death or birth of someone. Or perhaps, you are someone in need of relocation, due to promised betrothal or an employment opportunity. One thing is certain: the journey will be long, by horseback, through unfriendly terrains and perilous territories. As such, a protective escort has been commissioned to ensure your safety along the way. The man is dark, rough, but highly skilled in the arts of tracking, travel, and combat. Everything starts off as planned, but after a few days have passed, it all falls to the wayside. Your 'protection' morphs into the very danger he'd been issued to protect you from. He's just a mercenary, after all, and as it turns out... your employer wasn't the highest bidder after all.

Forest Gods:
If you have ever seen the enchanting film Princess Mononoke, you will have a vague idea of the world I have in mind for this story. Primordial forests, lush trees larger than buildings, crystal rivers, dense thickets, secret coves, deadly mountainous crags, deep and mysterious caves - all of it ruled by ancient forest gods. The balance of the lands carefully achieved after hundreds of thousands of years. Within this flawless landscape of vibrant green and blue, live clans. Warring factions. Each worshiping a different god. When these clans come together, it is usually with the clashing of weapons, the loss of lives, and the spilling of much blood. But not always. I foresee a Romeo and Juliet type relationship happening between two members of fiercely rival clans... with a twist.

Yes. You are a wanderer of dreams, a pioneer of the subconscious and unconscious. You infiltrate the minds of those for a certain purpose. A for-hire purveyor of secrets. This could be based off the theories of Inception as much as it could be from The Cell. Either way, by some mechanical or chemical means, you are able to delve into the very essence of a person. You are excellent at your craft. So, you have been hired to traverse into the dark, dismal hole of a sociopath. Perhaps you are looking for the location of a victim, still alive or dead. Perhaps you are only there to find out the hows and the whys, in order to fuel a psychological study. Either way, you are going to trespass into something unimaginably tainted and fucked up, and the man you are bound to meet inside, well, he is under heavy lock and key for a reason.
(This one specifically is certain to be very extreme in nature.)

Joan of Arc:
Not so much a lady of the crusades, rather, a woman in man's clothing, forced to hide her gender for whatever reason - regulations, want for fair treatment, some drastic means of subterfuge for a darker (or higher) purpose, etc. - has infiltrated a military sect meant for man. Eventually, her disguise is discovered, leading to much dismay and shock, in addition to a certain level of mocking and cruelty.

Paradise Lost:
I don't have a solid plot for this yet. I recent read Milton's Paradise Lost for the Nth time, and I would really love to do a story based around Angels and Demons and The Fall. Very interested in ping-ponging ideas back and forth with someone until we reach a place and plot we both like.
[See also: Purgatory]

A place where souls are evaluated and prepared for heaven. What if, as part of their trials and tribulations, they are subjects to specific... tests, to determine what sort of goodness lies within, or if they are susceptible to the beckoning claw of sin. This can also be twisted to a type of fallen angel-esque plot, where a soul/angel is tricked into coming out of the protective gates of heavenly bliss, and tempted towards the swirling abyss of darkness.

The Selkie:
I love the story of the selkie. Part seal, part woman. She is able to shed her pinniped skin in order to walk on land. If someone were to happen upon it, and take it... the selkie becomes theirs. Though the woman will stay - for whomever steals a selkie's skin, controls the selkie, to an extent - she will yearn, always, for the sea, and if she ever stumbles across that soft, sleek pelt of her other self, you will never see her again. This will have a twist from the traditional story, and I would like a partner to help mold this from the clay.

To Rape and Pillage:
It is the age of the Vikings. For years they sent out ships from the icy reaches of Scandinavia in order to loot, pillage, sack, and burn. What they did not outright kill, they would often bring back with them as slaves. I would like to peruse a story involving the raiding of a coastal village by vikings, and the subsequent kidnapping of a woman to be brought back for use as a labor slave. Except, an unlikely relationship blossoms between the woman and one of her hulking captors - through the violence and the hardship and the language barrier.

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Re: rabbitEye on the Prize [M for F]
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2011, 10:07:11 PM »
Older/Taken Ideas:

La RĂ©sistance: Taken.
The French Resistance, a collection of movements brought together against the Nazi and Vichy regimes during the second World War. It was not just their silly underground newspapers and guerrilla warfare which had them on the radar for swift and efficient imprisonment and elimination; more importantly, it is what they stood for. During a highly planned mission to disrupt an important German power grid (or any other act if disruption you can possibly think of), their party is thwarted and seized by a German police unit. Once learning exactly who they have got their hands on, the members of the resistance party are quickly transferred to an SS interrogation unit - an especially cruel one, rumored to practice especially potent investigative inquiry methods.

Neverland: Taken.
As a child, you found you were able to... travel to another realm. Be it through the looking glass, a pinch of fairy dust, down the rabbit hole, or through the wardrobe. Except this other-worldly realm was a bit, backwards. A place for shadowfolk and demon-like creatures. They tormented you, filled your head with nightmares, were always whispering for you to do horrible things as a child. One day, the whispers, the shadows, their entire horrible world, had vanished. Perhaps the mirror had cracked, the wardrobe had burned, or you had been moved away, away, from all of the unseemly specters. Many years pass. You age and mature into a lovely woman. You have made a life for yourself. Perhaps you are married. One night, they return. Well... not they, per se, rather, him. This villain of your childhood, who, too, has become more than a childish demon who merely whispers things through the glass. Seemingly enamored with you, obsessed in the most disturbing of ways, he has come back to take you with him, and will do everything within his other-worldly power to get you to comply.

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