Zarazel's Craving- Changer Bender

Started by Bloody Rose, May 07, 2011, 01:51:01 AM

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Bloody Rose

I have a craving lately, it is about a man that turns into a woman. I would love to try this out, how would he deal with the fact that he is in a new body?. I am planning to make it a one on one where my partners part can be discussed. I always wanted to do something like this but never had the courage to officially put it here till now. I want this to be modern scenario with a high school/university setting preferred. Let me know via pm in case you want to rp with me so we can discuss the plot things and pairings, Incest it's also a possibility.


Are you looking for a Guy or a Girl

For every women there is a man but I don't mind two or three

Bloody Rose