0 Level Fantasy - Free form

Started by Jester, July 30, 2007, 10:33:44 AM

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I am looking for a female player to do a game in partnership with me.

We will both have a player character in the game but we will gm different threads for each other but every so often our two characters will cross paths.

Imagine the following fantasy setting:  a small village in the middle of nowhere and our two characters are related. We are both orphaned and are just recently of an age considered to be Adults. Perhaps they are brother and sister? The game will start one evening when the village is either slowly getting drunk in the local tavern or dozing in their sleep and news from the outlying farms slowly trickles in.  Small bands of scouts have been seen approaching from the east along the valley burning the farms as they slowly creep closer…..A battle is coming. Our two characters quickly find they have skills and abilities unheard of in the village and after saving their friends and families from destruction they decide to leave looking for fame or fortune.  After a short while the two characters would be separated and we will continue with two threads.

The game would be freeform and our characters would be starting before they have even thought of what “class” they are, but just for ease sake it might be useful to identify their preferences earlier rather than later. So perhaps have a think of what your 0 level character (remember this is freeform and I use the terminology just to help) you might fancy and let me know.

I would like to have the game mainly story based but should also include various taboos too for some fun.  Anyway let me know if you’re interested in playing.


I see this thread is a few days old, so you may have had some offers already.  But, if not, I would be interested!  I have a few character ideas that have been bouncing around in my head, and I would love the chance to try one of them out here.


Hi Amber,

I am afraid to say you are the first.

Tell me what you have in mind and we can go from there. :-)