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Author Topic: The Superiors [Interest Check]  (Read 7710 times)

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Re: The Superiors [Interest Check]
« Reply #25 on: May 08, 2011, 07:59:45 AM »
Man, woman, or other; hooded owl seems like a very sexy name. Oh wait, it changed to horned?

Workin on a bio... ^^

What? That's crazy talk! I said Hooded Owl the whole time. These are not the droids you're looking for...  O:)

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Re: The Superiors [Interest Check]
« Reply #26 on: May 08, 2011, 09:37:46 AM »
Hmmm... interesting idea for a character. The thing is, Ruby, the Superiors are supposed to be creations of the US government, powers and all, and ultimately answer to them. I can see them perhaps adding someone "established" to perhaps legitimize them in the eyes of the public but we'd probably have to hash out how the relationship between Aquatica and the Superiors' various masters works.

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Re: The Superiors [Interest Check]
« Reply #27 on: May 08, 2011, 01:21:44 PM »
Rodoing Aquatica into the ravishing Aquatica Marine, after some genetetic enhancements from a certain government contactor. Well it beat being in prison at the time. ;)

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Re: The Superiors [Interest Check]
« Reply #28 on: May 08, 2011, 03:06:05 PM »
Superiors Application

Code Name: Aquatica Marine
Real Name: Marian Howards

Powers/Skills/Gadgets: Similar to Aquaman in most areas can breath water and air, swim at capabilities beyond any human (superior to any top athlete in the water), survive at pressures no human could even in a survival suit in the water, has echo location like a dolphin, has extraordinary strength for her body frame and structure (not superhuman), heals at ten times human capacity and is resistant to diseases/toxins, ages slower than a human (one year per ten normal years), can communicate with and command creatures in the oceans and water and is always wet scented like the ocean/water (has not trackable scent even her blood is neutral to animals). Her gadgets are an ultra-advanced submarine that can travel at over 300 knots an hour fully armed and armored and a protective wetsuit (can withstand shark bites, most edged weapons and standard bullets). Skills are pretty standard but she is trained in advanced self-defense, is fairly broadly skilled mostly on-the-job in blue color areas and terrorist operations/tactics, expert in operating personal and small ocean vehicles, knows advanced first aid and lifeguarding and was a supurb swimmer/diver even before her procedures and is a trained model.

Qualifications: Is a formidable aquatic force naturally and kind of has to do it or else - so they have her.

Motivations: To not go back to prison, simple enough. But wants to try and help the Earth to when she can.

Personality: Is a pro-Earth person yet just tempered her view after a a few years at a maximum security prison and the fact she's stuck working for the government (kind of) and big corporations (kind of) but will do what she can for the cause. Is openly a lesbian.

History: A former ELF (Eath Liberation Front) terrorist and catalog model for swimwear, lingerie and the like that was arrested on domestic terrorist charges, arson and the death of two Federal Agents (accomplice to the killer) and was sentenced to life in prison. She volunteered for a medical program to reduce her sentence and unlike many failed attempts the scientist working for one government contractor got it right splicing her with the genes of sea creatures and nanites to form an aquatic human hybrid. After that the choice for her was simple work for the good guys in The Specials or go back to prison for life she chose the more pleasant option and was issued a pardon on the condition she has some extra medical procedure done, no questions asked.

Vices/Secrets: Gets weaker when out of water for 48 hours (faster in arid or hot environments) assuming she stays hydrated normally. Has a tether they have inside her a nervous system kill switch that will shut her off (won't kill her just make her helpless) or can force to her come to a given location if they want to since she is harder to control physically - but must have a court order to use it. The coding and such is highly encrypted. Also is conditioned not to do terrorist actions or violate the law in a major way unless on a mission then is exempted.

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Re: The Superiors [Interest Check]
« Reply #29 on: May 08, 2011, 04:21:51 PM »
Code Name: Psychia
Real Name: Felicia Bridges
Powers/Skills/Gadgets: Felicia possesses the ability to manipulate the minds of others. She can both manipulate their emotions, which is easy, or their very thoughts, which puts a higher amount of strain on her power. While the emotion control is a subtle thing, not easily sensed by the victim, when she forces her mind upon someone, the victim knows instantly. It is possible for people with extremely high amounts of willpower to resist both effects. She can affect multiple targets at once, but this weakens her control, making it easier for the victim to break free. In tests, her maximum capacity seems to be controlling roughly fifty average people, however when her brain is tasked to this height, she can barely move her own body. So far no test subjects have been able to resist her power when focused on a single target. Her power also weakens with range; the fifty people in the above test were all located within two hundred meters.

Qualifications: Felicia was selected for the superiors because of her rare positive reaction to the implants. In addition to this, her relatively unknown past made her ideal for the program, as erasing her past and falsifying a new one was easy. In addition, because of her borderline addiction to her powers, she is easily controlled.

Motivations: Felicia originally signed up for the program because, well who wouldn't want superpowers. After the treatment, however, she can't imagine leaving.

Personality: Felicia is a self-centered person. She has grown even more so since being accepted into the Superiors, to the point where it borders on narcissism. She is confident in general, flirtatious towards others. She is openly a bisexual. In addition to this, she has grown to become almost addicted to her powers, using them on others when she can get away with it, and when it won't be noticed.

History: Felicia was born in New York, lived a normal childhood in New York, and grew up to have a normal adult life. One day she was mugged, shot in the head, and left for dead. When she was found to be still alive, she was used as a test subject at Project Prometheus. She was given genetic treatment to alter her brain, empowering the electric impulses. In addition, the parts of her brain damaged by the bullet was replaced by cybernetics. This treatment had been tried on many before, but for some reason, it had never worked. The bodies in question always rejected the cybernetics. Until now. Felicia got a new name, the one she wears now, a new face, and a new background. She was Psychia

Vices/Secrets: None

Also, Ruby, you should slap some [img] tags around that picture
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Offline RubySlippers

Re: The Superiors [Interest Check]
« Reply #30 on: May 08, 2011, 04:35:03 PM »
Okei Dokei, heh it worked! ;D

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Re: The Superiors [Interest Check]
« Reply #31 on: May 08, 2011, 04:58:48 PM »
Oooo... I'm really liking what I'm seeing and I'm not just talking about the pics!


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Re: The Superiors [Interest Check]
« Reply #32 on: May 08, 2011, 06:38:26 PM »
So, given this, I think my original idea won't fit as a primary team member. Power suit man can probably work as a recently established superhero while his alter ego is helping to fund the Superiors project along with his Wall Street buddies. After talking with Foxy Oni, I think I'll go with a different route to start, and have that character as a secondary one to come in at some later point to be determined.

With that said, I submit:

Code Name: Dark Power - Marcus Powell
Real Name: Marcus Franklin
Description: Even before his involvement with the project, Marcus was already a towering figure of a man, well over 6 feet with a sturdy figure. The formula used on him increased that imposing height to just under 7 feet, and his figure became decidedly more powerful in appearance. His skin is most commonly described as dark chocolate in tone, and he keeps his head clean-shaven except for a thin goatee. He tends to wear in battle much the same clothes he wears on the street, namely specially woven fabric jackets, jeans, and shirts that can both fit his muscular frame and keep up with the fights he gets into. The clothes are generally made from a spider-silk and polymer weave in order to survive small arms fire (to which he is essentially immune) and other extreme forces put upon him. Along with the more obvious enhancements, one the Superior Project tries to keep under wraps in order to keep a family-friendly image is his burgeoning manhood. Even with the special restraining undergarments he wears, rumors persist of Dark Power's 'Power Rod'. Ironically, the porn world's attempts to emulate him would show to come up short if his secondary enhancement became public knowledge.

Nude Image (Up for other suggestions.)

Powers/Skills/Gadgets: The Power Jack treatment provides several primary benefits when it is capable of binding to a recipient properly. Dark Power follows very closely in the vein of the first successful case. His natural physique has been enhanced and given a further boost internally, giving him an ability to lift several tons of weight easily and a known cap of about 30 tons. His skin is extremely tough, able to ignore most small arms fire and melee threats, and his super-charged metabolism allows for regeneration from those things that bypass the initial resistance - the limits of this regeneration are unknown, but the slow regrowth of a lost pinkie finger shows he can restore at least some lost parts given time. Finally, the physical limitations of endurance seem to be all but entirely absent in Dark Power. He rarely sleeps, and he has been clocked at being able to run at a 25 MPH for over 16 hours straight suffering the equivalent exhaustion of a normal subject's completion of a set of jumping jacks.

History: Several genetic markers had been discovered in US government experiments with metagenic treatments after repeated failures to recreate the process that gave British WWII super-soldier Union Jack his unique powers. It was believed these markers in that man's DNA were the unique binding agents required to make the chemical stew hold. During the Vietnam War, American soldiers were traced and studied to see if the markers could be found among them. Among them was their most promising candidate, Darius Franklin. He was given a low dose of the serum to see how it work. At first, the effects seemed to take hold, but it seemed that over a repeated series of injections the treatment was slowly killing him. After his death in a secret lab in Cambodia, it was discovered that despite his DNA having all the appropriate components, one final mutation in the mitochondria was required for the subject to keep up with the cellular modifications.

The news of Darius' death was heartbreaking to his wife and children back home in Harlem, New York. Marcus was born in 1963, his sister Faith 1966 and brother Darius Junior in 1967. Still a boy when the news came of his father's death in action, he did not take it well. As a teen, the need for more money when the pension checks couldn't help his mother make ends meet led him into the local drug trade; working as essentially hired muscle for one of the larger heroin dealers in the boroughs, he was able to keep the creditors at bay. He was able to avoid police interference for the most part thanks to his employers. Still, a short stint for possession ended up being the way attention feel onto him from the government; analysis of some tissue left over from a brawl in the jail showed his mother gave him the mitochondrial mutation his father lacked.

Qualifications: The value of Marcus Franklin became more clear at the turn of the decade. Becoming a man in the ascendency of crack cocaine and seeing the epidemic change changed his outlook on his former job. A government agent gave him an offer to turn his life around by doing some undercover work for the DEA. The real purpose of this arrangement was to test their treatment on him by starting with low doses. Unlike his father, Marcus' body kept each dose's effects rather than burning through them, and so as he worked to disassemble several cartels with the government's quiet backing, he grew and quickly became the man known as Dark Power. His track record made him something of a local legend under the guise created for him by the government, and the nature of his actions keep him loyal since the program holds a barrier of protection over the lives of his family members.

Motivations: Despite the squalor and suffering which surrounded Marcus for most of his life, he still holds an idealistic notion that he can recover his neighborhood. A significant amount of the money his makes goes to his family and charitable projects in the Harlem area, still helping to improve it as he can when he can't defend it himself.

Personality: A bit cocksure, Marcus generally fluctuates between a somewhat imperious posture and a grim, Stoic figure. He tends to be friendly, and plays up his exploits when given the chance. He does tend toward a more serious tone when discussing the issues important to him. Though difficult to anger, extreme stress can set him off into something of a rampage of vengeance when he has a convenient target.

Vices/Secrets: The Dark Power's willpower has always been the factor which kept him safe in his lowest days, but there were several crimes that under the War on Drugs initiative he would find himself locked up for, and worse retribution from drug cartels for actions in his vigilante days. So far, the Superior Program has promised to help keep his shady past from being connected with his new persona.

Offline KaylaM

Re: The Superiors [Interest Check]
« Reply #33 on: May 08, 2011, 07:40:05 PM »
I'm mulling ideas at the moment, but befre I go on, have we figured what section this game will go in?

Offline Foxy OniTopic starter

Re: The Superiors [Interest Check]
« Reply #34 on: May 08, 2011, 09:00:41 PM »
I'm mulling ideas at the moment, but befre I go on, have we figured what section this game will go in?

Good question. I was thinking Exotic since we're dealing with super-hero types and who knows what might show up. Going with the suggestion of going off the most graphic scene, I would go with Non-Con. Not that I expect this game to be just about that sort of thing but I imagine that being the most extreme it could possibly get.

Offline Kaiten

Re: The Superiors [Interest Check]
« Reply #35 on: May 09, 2011, 01:07:16 AM »
(I had sent this in, but I'll just post it here for reference.)

Code Name: Kilo India Alpha
Real Name: John Morrie (Classified)
Description: (Maybe a pic later, but I've exhausted my supply of pics ><)
20's to 30's. Toned Muscular Build, Medium Height. Brown Eyes, Slightly Brown skin and black hair. However all of this is usually quite hidden as he tends to wear a hoodie over all of it with a sprayed on emblem of Old Glory on it.


Extreme Survivability: Can take quite a punch to take down, but survives 99.9% of the time, even if it takes 5 days in a coma to recover. Combined without the need to breathe Oxygen and to go weeks without food makes him a rather hardy fellow and possibly older than he appears.
Mind Discipline: Trained with weeks spent in remote areas under the harshest temperatures, has allowed Kilo to ignore the elements when needed, to an extent that exceeds that of special forces while still keeping strong.
Special Forces Training: Expert in infiltration and close quarters combat, which he favors over using any weapon, except possibly a knife.

Volunteering for the armed forces during time of war and an inhuman amount of survivability makes him a not only a powerful asset, but also a trustworthy one. Trustworthy in that he would be able to do certain actions outside the codes of conduct, while not being linked to other efforts he would be working on in the public eye.

Motivations: Patriotism, using all abilities necessary for the betterment of the nation and what it stands for. To protect it from all threats, foreign and domestic.

Personality: Enigmatic and quiet. However will act however is needed for the given situation, mostly due to the fact that what he does is now national news, rather than just a report filed to his superiors. Acts the patriotic idol in the lime light while, immediately retracting to a dark corner when out of it. Still can keep a good friendship to those who need it, albeit a quiet one. Betrayal is unwise against this man.

Kilo grew up rather simply, as many did in the early 30s. Without much money to go around, his family was forced to continually migrate around the country to find any work or place they could find to spend the night. As a young child he was often forced to steal from others, sneaking in and taking what he could without being caught. It seemed to he was rather good at it and that it might be what he would be doing for the rest of his life, that is, until the new deal kicked in. With his father and older brothers getting better jobs, his life changed drastically, and now he didn't have to steal any more and instead spent his time going to school.... with the occasional roguish behavior on the side.

However his need to steal changed to a want to fight as WWII started. With the glorification of the soldiers in the media and the patriotic posters plastered on the walls, his chaotic attitude changed to becoming a soldier. But obviously it wasn't exactly easy... He was far to young at the time, young enough that he couldn't even really fake his age to get into the army. Still, he trained himself with guns as best he could, waiting for the eventual time where he could fight. The war was waging on and on, so he knew that it was only a matter of time. One day, it was over, and over far quicker that he could have imagined. While he cursed the fact he wouldn't be able to be in a war, he joined the armed forces anyway, serving as an infantryman.

Then came the Korean war, and his calling soon came to fruition. Through the war he became cold and calculating and his want for chaos became hidden behind his quiet demeanor. His extreme combat ability and his eagerness to join in on missions was easily noticed and he was risen through the ranks. One particular mission was rather... odd, and was the start of his legend. In one particular battle, he caught a sniper bullet, unawares, completely between his eyes. His squad lamented his passing and carried his body back to base. However due to some rather intense fighting, his body was left as is for quite a while.... and in that time, it just.. sat up. The wound was gone and the bullet lay in his hand when they found him. Unsure about what the hell was going on, the base doctors were speechless, until one finally asked him, "How do you feel?" To which he replied, "Breathless... But I'm ready to fight again!"

From that time he became a rather closely regarded secret. For the rest of the war and the subsequent Vietnam war many years later, he would be attached to a unit as an officer. If he was to die, his record would count him as "KIA", and a new one would be made for when he recovered, to which he would be attached to a new unit, earning him the codename "Kilo India Alpha". This however soon became a problem due to his willingness to volunteer for every mission and the high casualty rate, so he was instead attached to a special forces unit that knew of his abilities and worked from then on as a top secret asset.

With the creation of the superiors, he naturally agreed, though reluctant due to the press that would be on him. In order to distance him from all involvement with the armed forces, his military records were all sealed away and he was transferred to a large PMC that was contracted with Aegis. Billed as the "Ultimate Soldier of Fortune" by Image, he fights for whatever is needed, in whatever way.

Despite all the Patriotic bullshit that he preaches, in all honesty, chaos is what drives him to do such things. A perpetual line of violence seers in his brain and is only hidden by his quiet nature. "For" his country, he has committed some of the worst atrocities known and, just doesn't give a damn.

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Re: The Superiors [Interest Check]
« Reply #36 on: May 09, 2011, 06:56:12 AM »
Good question. I was thinking Exotic since we're dealing with super-hero types and who knows what might show up. Going with the suggestion of going off the most graphic scene, I would go with Non-Con. Not that I expect this game to be just about that sort of thing but I imagine that being the most extreme it could possibly get.

Fair enough; in that canse I'll pass. Good luck with the game though!

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Re: The Superiors [Interest Check]
« Reply #37 on: May 10, 2011, 05:20:40 PM »
I'll also not be playing, I really am never going to freeform game again they just never work for me.

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Re: The Superiors [Interest Check]
« Reply #38 on: May 11, 2011, 12:28:53 AM »
Interest!  I'm posting this half-finished to get feedback.

Code Name: [Not sure yet.]
Real Name: Lauren Huffman
Description: [I'll get to this later]

Powers/Skills/Gadgets: [Not sure yet]

Qualifications: Lauren's genetic profile indicated that she would respond well to enhancement (as indeed she did).  Better yet, as a soldier she had already taken an oath of loyalty to the government.

Motivations: Duty.  Lauren wasn't and isn't a wild-eyed patriot--she joined the Army more because it was a secure career choice--but she swore the oath and she takes it very seriously.  Even when her government asks her to do things she isn't sure are right....

Personality: Normal.

History: Poor white girl from flyover country.  Never even thought about going to college.

Vices/Secrets: I generally don't like to write Serious Issues into my characters' backgrounds.  There's generally plenty of drama once the game gets going, and if I have a brilliant idea or need to spice things up I can always add something later.

Okay so far?