a few plots, (seeking F or M) or open to new ideas

Started by anne sophie, May 06, 2011, 10:25:07 AM

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anne sophie


I'm seeking either a M or a F (or perhaps both) for a some scenario, I tend to think often. probably they might seem "unoriginal" to you expert brains and roleplayer. I'm open to suggestions and open to talk about it and making the scenario evolving into something everyone can get pleasure into it.

So here are my plots.

#1 The shy employee A shy employee works in this office and her or his boss finds out something that I did, and finds it suitable to blackmail me into becoming her or his toy, reading my On and Off should give enough to know what I'm into. Like i said, Open to suggestion, and we never know were it can lead.

#2 The college passing grade It is almost the end of semester,  and I going to flunk history and thus, loosing my scholarship and get expelled, I cannot afford that because my father will throw me out if i get expelled. Thus a teacher or  classmate...will help me out...taking advantage and pleasure over me.

#3 The arrested girl I get arrested for some infraction,  and would have to "buy" my liberty.

Like i tell you they are not imaginative new....but I love them.....Hope i gets someone attention.