A ranch in Montana (M lf F)

Started by Hardway01, May 05, 2011, 09:01:10 PM

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I have two ideas that could be one shots or turn into ongoing scenes.

I own a large ranch in rural Montana nestles in a picturesque valley. You come into the Little local town (running from your past, whatever the reason maybe we can discuss). You need a place to spend sometime and you figure this little burg far away from everything is the perfect spot to get yourself back together. Trying to run a large ranch by myself is no easy task and I could use someone to tend to the house and do the simple chores required around the place. I over hear you telling the clerk at the store you need a place to stay for awhile and I offer you a job having plenty of spare room since my wife passed on.

Second idea is basically the same but you are a window women trying to run the ranch your husband left you after he was killed. ( The cause of his death can be discussed) I am a mild aged drifter wondered into down needing some work to do and a place to sleep so you offer me a job at the ranch since you could sorely use some help. The townsfolk aren't to kind to you because of something that happened in the past and you don't get or want any help from them.

Send me a message or hit me up on ym info in profile if you are interested in hashing something out and seeing if we want to continue forward.

thanks all and happy writing