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June 20, 2018, 04:26:59 PM

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Author Topic: Cops vs Baddies (FxM)  (Read 663 times)

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Cops vs Baddies (FxM)
« on: May 05, 2011, 02:05:30 PM »
I am leaving this rather wide open story line wise in hopes to find someone that will help create a kickin rad original rp.

Firstly, I am looking for long term or an RP that takes time and several sessions to finish. I like story line with the presents of sex and not the other way around.

I apologize if I sounds bitchy or what ever, I just sorta know what I like and trying to keep either of us from being disappointed.

Fetish and theme (so you don't have to read all this crap if your not into it)
Conception, fertility, violence, switch play, drama, action, horror, occult,  heterosexual, one on one and open to input


Officer Justina Luca
Age 27
Single/Never married
A sedative addict, drunk civil saint.(Sober)

Occupation-S.W.A.T  Rookie Cop or badge for hire
Race: Latino American
Languages: English/Spanish
Flaws:  Hot temper, Distance, Dominate,
Perks: Exceptional in use of fire arms, hand to hand combat and leadership skills

Luca is an Alpha/Bata personality type.  She becomes Alpha in a group of females but in co-ed situations she is most comfortable under the alpha male (the Beta).  This in no way means she is submissive or obedient.  She can be  highly aggressive and very dominant.  She is looking for someone that appears in good health (sigins of good genetic material) and will be more interested by someone she feels has the same stark sense of right and wrong as she does.  Luca will not tolerate hash verbal humilation (light verbal humilation is fine) nor will she give into it.  Justina Luca is a very strong and condfindant female and under it all.....she doesnt really enjoy the company of men. It is hard to be insulted  by something she sees as nothing more than means to an end.

My concept
Luca craves a family or more certainly a child. Yet there is no room in her life for men. Finding herself using hormone therapy and pregnancy tests religiously.  Going out to bars and the gym to pick up men only when the time seems right. Seeing her coworkers in entirely new curious light. And just sometimes finding herself picking over the meat at local Fight Clubs. (No she-males, shouta, anthros, please)
*It should be noted that long term is very possible with concept. Luca rarely (doesnt mean never) jumps blindly into a situation.  She is likely to "ensure" sucess by what ever means possible.
*Demons and other fantasy rp open for discussion
'This doesnt have to be a "pick up in a bar" scene.  Action RP Adored! Partnership? Right place, wrong time? SWAT meets up with cops, firefighters, EMTs etc on a scene.  Luca goes to a fight club to pick out a prize.  (Besides what better time for her to evaulate his worthy genetic material?)
Senarios (not limited to)
Bomb Squad/S.W.A.T- this one is fairly simple. A situation which the police can not handle and require special tactics.  (Hostiage, robbery, eci)

Vigilante-bails Luca out of a supernatural situation (will *not* play serious damsel in distress).

Investigational rp-two good guys on the track of a killer, gang, demons or Luca's personal investigation.

Cops and Robbers-Basic action rp, good guys vs bad guys.  Welcome to play on either side.

Casual- chat in a bar? Luca loves salsa

Partnership/team- Luca gets moved to a new team or someone gets moved on to her team. 

Protective Custody – This one can either be causal or action base.  Who doesn’t want to be stuck with Luca for an entire ten hour shift?

Heroes/Lost/WOD/X-men/V.- I am familar enough with these worlds to play within them

EMT/Fire Fighter- Seems pretty simple how they might get together.

Undercover- Luca goes under cover and this is how they meet

I can play this two ways.  Luca is up front and gives the skinny on her situation or she flat out lies to get what she wants. (Though discovery would be fairly easy as she has stacks of edvidence laying about)   Luca is highly unlikely to be raped, as she is a highly trained officer of the law. Though I am open to rape scenes but would need to be discussed first. I  adore  long term but any relationship with Luca will be rocky.  (That’s fun though right?). 

Looking for? (open to ideas)

Storyline and Sexual rp
Male characters only (can be played by either gender)
Storyline welcome
Violence welcome
Love/Hate relationships and other forms of drama
Modern/hard scifi
Para and Plus
Send me post or discuss first.  I don't care!
HUMAN  males only, supernaturals okay (mutants, super heroes etc. )
Drama/action/sexual storyline
Horror/occult RP that involves a lot of slaughter, blood, guts and grit.
Interested in characters that both interested and completely uninterested in Luca.  (Like she cares about how your character feels anyway)

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Re: Cops vs Baddies (FxM)
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2011, 08:18:34 PM »
I think the idea of someone new getting moved to her team or her getting moved to someone Else's could be interesting. I could probably work with any of the other similar ideas as well. If you want to send me a message and we will see if we can cook up anything to are mutual liking feel free. Good luck with you other ideas as well.