One on One RP with the Wolfster. o3o (MxF or FxF)

Started by Wolfy, May 05, 2011, 03:00:04 AM

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Ok, so I'm looking for an RP (Duh) where..I can play a werewolf. :D

Male or Female, either is fine. (Though I only have a female picture)

Basically, the character would only change into a full werewolf form during a full moon, and would simply have the ears and tail of a wolf when it's not a full moon.

Now then, Is anyone interested? PM me if you are, or post here. We can discuss a plot and stuff. :D

Ooh, and this one, too:


Ok, so a man is practicing with the occult, trying to summon his perfect match from the other worlds, and he succeeds...only, instead of just one girl, he gets two! And the two of them are exact opposites.

What will happen? D:>

And yes, for this one, I will be playing both women, and they will have powers.

So..PM if you're interested. :D