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Author Topic: [Interest Check] Lost Eden Tavern (NC)  (Read 445 times)

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[Interest Check] Lost Eden Tavern (NC)
« on: May 05, 2011, 01:18:26 AM »
Lost Eden Tavern

As contradicting as it might sound compared to my last RP idea, this will probably be focused greatly on the sexual aspect of things. While I will suggest that activities be brought into more 'private threads' for the sake of not flooding the main thread way to much, there will still be plenty of action going on in the central thread.  Consider this a more sexual RP that will still leave room for some character development as well as plenty of naughty action.

NC: I rate this RP NC due to the fact that there is a chance some woman may be taken a bit more forcefully by men who they might not particularly want. The time period would be rather loose in terms of woman's rights so its not a very uncommon occurrence for women to be taken advantage of. Keep in mind that while it is NC, sexual acts do not necessarily have to be always unwilling. I will bet some girls will enjoy being rather hastily taken by a man or perhaps find true love in such a dark place and openly give into such acts. NC is just a factor in the setting that could occur, but just because it is there, doesn't mean you need to do it.

The story will take place in the good old medieval time period. The focus will be upon a particular Tavern located in the dark section of town known as Lost Eden. The world will be a rather harsh place for woman, as they are often considered second rate and mere objects that can be done with as their 'owner' pleases.

The story will focus around the events in the tavern and the various women who work there. Men will often be a bit more brash around them as little gropes or dirty talk can often occur while they serve food. The woman will often take turns and when not serving food (or providing other 'services) will simple sit and chat with the men who come in. While not all women embrace it, they are often put into place rather forcefully by any man who should will it. The tavern is a place where hearty adventures or shady individuals can come to have a good time and eye up the pretty waitresses in their various outfits and, for the corrupt price to the owner of the tavern, do whatever they desire with them. It isn't a very uncommon sight to walk in at times and see a waitress giving a costumer a blow job or occasionally even being used against the table.

Each waitress has her own core beliefs and reasons for being there. While some might enjoy the naughty life and the attention brings, others might simply want to escape. Equally as interesting are many men who come to visit. From bandit lords to the occasional noble knight. The men often have tales to tell and can be rather varied. It is up to the roleplayers to decide what they want to do. Perhaps you are a waitress here that simply enjoys her time and finds a common 'customer' who you find yourself actively working for, or a innocent girl thrown harshly into a world of lust and break before it... possibly finding a knight in shining armor to rescue you from that life. Just remember that escaping from such a place can always be a difficult thing to do. Such romance might need to be kept secret until the man could possibly afford to pay your freedom or simply help you to run away and hopefully avoid being caught.

Women: You found yourself sold to the tavern owner for one reason or another. Perhaps you owed a debt yourself or your family couldn't afford to pay their own debts off so sent you here? You might of chosen to work there of your own free will even and might just enjoy such a setting. Every woman has their own back story and reasons for being there. It isn't likely a very wonderful history exists for the women though they each find their ways to mask it and try to get beyond it, whether it be through simply living life day by day or finding the luxuries of the arms of any man eager to have you.

Men: Whether a pervert eager to hit on a hot waitress or a knight simply passing through hoping to have a good meal and drink, there are plenty of tales to talk of. The men of the tavern all of their own backgrounds and upbringings that can be almost as dreary as the womens. Men at times can find a casual reason to come to the place to flirt with the pretty women or simply find refuge from the depressing lives they live outside.

Race: I have mostly considered doing this as a Human only roleplay, though if enough interest is peeked and people wish, I could see incorperating a more fantasy element and adding elves and the likes or Nekos and all those good little mixes. I will warn you that I am not big on Furry so I won't likely really swap down that far on the tree. Anything beyond ears and a tail would be my limitations. Either way, just comment in this thread if you would want a more variety selection of races involved or if you simply prefer it to be a human focused world as I had originally intended.
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