Creative M, seeking adventurous F for short-term explosions.

Started by robitusinz, May 04, 2011, 07:45:59 AM

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So I've got 4 days or so til I start a new job that will seriously hamper my ability to play.  I'd like to indulge this free time in the virtual company of someone who'd be interested in writing out hot, steamy erotic stories with an eloquent male who is moreso looking to enjoy a ride through your fantasy than to go over any of his own cliche ones.  My fantasies revolve around sexy, sexually empowered women, though they don't necessarily have to be dommes of any kind.  I'll definitely hold up my end of our luxurious time together, don't even worry about that.

Contact me via PM, or just go ahead and add me to your Yahoo, that's likely where we'll be playing anyhow.
I'm just a vanilla guy with a chocolate brain.