Collateral (F seeing M Interracial)

Started by dvalen, May 03, 2011, 11:11:24 AM

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I want to try a story where innocent little Leah, a rich girl from a wealth gated community, arrives at a house in the bad part of town.  Inside is a drug dealer who gave her brother Tommy a key of blow on credit.  Tommy goes to to all the nightclubs and swank parties with celebrities where he sells the coke.  But this time, rivals ripped Tommy off and he doesn't have enough to pay the dealer back.  Time has passed and the dealer puts out a hit on Tommy. Hey, its the principle of the thing right?  Scared and in hiding, he begs his little sis to approach the dealer, give him what little he has, and beg for more time.  The dealer finds this hot young blonde at his door and decide he'll take Leah as collateral until Tommy pays him back every red cent.  I need a male to play the cruel drug dealer and maybe an extra or two (friends or clients) as the story unfolds.

If interested, drop me a PM