Reporter Doesn't Get the Story, She Becomes the Story (Looking for Dom F or M)

Started by subjuanita, May 03, 2011, 10:35:05 AM

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I had idea for RP. I would be new reporter anxious to get a big story to help my promotion chances. My editor sends me to investigate a bondage studio which he believes is also involved in criminal activity of some kind. I go to investigate the place, but somehow my cover is blown and they don't let me leave. I sure hope that aren't involved in white slavery, or else I might be headed for the auction block and getting a one way ticket out of town. I sure hope my editor isn't still upset that I turned him down several times when he asked me out for dinner, because he is the only one who knows where I went on my special assignment! I also hope he isn't a member of the studio because then I really am in trouble!!!

Please PM if you like this idea and would be interested in playing the owner of the bondage studio.



This story was taken but is now available again. Please PM me if you are interested.