Don't Judge--- I Want Some Fandom Boy-Love---MxM 'GLEE' (Kurt Roleplayer Inside)

Started by LolitaIngenue, May 03, 2011, 08:25:42 AM

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Yeah, Yeah...I like 'Glee'. Sue me. xD I know Glee is totally cheesy, but I just love it. And I'm just really craving a Kurt/Male does anyone watch "Glee"? I love Kurt Hummel to death and I really want to play him in a roleplay. So, basically...I am Kurt. This is not up for debate. :)

So...I go from a few sentences per post to up to a page per post. I prefer something in-between that...but I'll really do anything. Usually I like at least two paragraphs, but I guess it doesn't matter.

I have very few limits and I'm open to all ideas (even though I have a few). I'd love to roleplay with actual canon characters, but I'll also accept OCs. Just please no Gary-Stu's or boys with cat ears, please?

So...on semes and ukes...while Kurt is flamboyant, small in stature, and pretty "girly", I see him as what you'd call an in-control bottom. So he likes to be pursued, but he prefers having control over the relationship. Mainly as a defense mechanism.

However, I would be open to a relationship where Kurt is pushed into a very submissive role.

Pairings I want to do:

Pretty Much Any Guy/Kurt


Kurt/Jesse (AU): Kurt is driven out of McKinley because of a certain bully threatening his life and his virtue. Then he is driven out of Dalton Academy due to the steep tuition that threatens to cut his wardrobe budget to an unacceptably low sum. His only option, if he wants to get the high school degree that will be his ticket out of "Cow Town", Ohio, is to attend Carmel High, home of New Directions' biggest rival, Vocal Adrenaline. He thinks that maybe the students at Carmel could see his true star potential and send him packing off to Broadway. However, the moment he walks into the school, he is assaulted by impossibly white teeth, back-up dancers equipped with amphetamines, girls puking up their diet of one tic-tac a month, and a wave of talented automatons who would do anything to get to the top. After an entire morning of being offered diet pills and being challenged to 'sing-offs', Kurt finds himself crying over his lunch of celery sticks in the bathroom. Then, who decides to make an appearance? You guessed it...Jesse St. James...the Assistant Coach and former male lead of Vocal Adrenaline. In short, Jesse is willing to make Kurt his little star...for a price, of course. (D/s, semi-public sex, other kinks can be discussed, of course)

Kurt/Sam (Humor, Star Wars references, Probably a Oneshot): It's nearly Halloween and Sam Evans has an ultimatum to woo Kurt Hummel and get him to be the Luke Skywalker to his Darth Vader...because he totally ships Vader/Luke. Hopefully Kurt will be turned on by his James Earl Jones impressions and be up for some hot, intergalactic sexy times. (Weirdness, Daddykink)

Clich├ęd Basic Ideas:
*Kurt can be a faerie/angel/elf kidnapped by a greedy king or sold into slavery and bought for a spoiled rich boy.

*Kurt is engaged to be married...but he has a thing for the gardener/pool-boy/cook/etc.

*Kurt is a stripper. Enough said. :)

*(NON-CON) Kurt is such a prude, but the way he dresses makes him hard to resist--

Anyway, I have a couple more ideas, but I can't think of them now. I'm also open to your ideas if you have them. :)