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Started by LoveThyself, May 02, 2011, 10:56:12 PM

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Hello all. Simply put, I love power struggles. Rocky relationships. The kind of passion that spills over and turns into something intense. An all-consuming kind of love. There should definitely be some humor and fun mixed in there though. Underneath are just some basic characters and possible storylines I've always had in my pocket. I'm totally game for changes, suggestions, and even completely new ideas. The relationship part is very important to me, building it.

Also, none of the ideas below are specifically for a F/F storyline, but they could all certainly be tweaked to fit that though. Or I'd be happy to come up with something from scratch too.

So check out some of the ideas below. If one is taken and you would like to do a spin off of it, let me know.


Cravings of the Moment:

-I’ve really been craving a breeding/impregnation storyline, can be a one shot or something longer. Her on and off again boyfriend is ready for her to settle down, whether she likes it or not. Maybe an angel goes into heat and her demon master wants to see what may come of it. This can be adjusted to really any plot line!

-The setting is essentially a high-tech, modern day brothel and auction house where men bid money (and ridiculous amounts of it) to spend their nights engaging in various acts of debauchery with one of the young ladies. What I'm seeing as happening is that maybe the "diamond" of the ladies is sick of that life. She wants to get out. And maybe a certain male bidder starts to become enamored with her. I see this being pretty volatile. Maybe she's trying to manipulate him to make herself free, hoping that he'll help her escape from the brothel. And perhaps once that happen, he struggles to suppress her in other ways.

-I'd like to play out the relationship between a young lady at her soldier partner. This can be in modern times, or back in the WW2 era. Each time the soldier returns from war, he/she is a little less patient, a little more gruff... maybe dealing with quite a mix of emotions and post-traumatic stress. Lots of little ideas here.

-I'm not always into vampire storylines, but I might be willing to give this one a try. Essentially, a rather powerful and brooding vampire become rather enamored with my character, who is perhaps a ballet dancer or something along those lines. He makes her his blood doll and favorite pet, but perhaps didn't realize what she would do when she found herself surrounded by that power. She is jealous and spiteful, and not afraid to hurt others to keep his attention and affections. Something like that could be fun?

-Times are volatile, and the king is turning to his wife/sorceress even more than usual for her visions as well as other comforts. She senses his growing weakness, and also can see that there is someone else who will soon be competing for the throne. One of his top men is making a plot to kill the king and usurp the throne, and she wants in on this action, always needing to be with the man who has the most power. We can see how this relationship would develop, and plan out the betrayal of the king's closest confidantes.

-Royal Fever! A young couple get together and rise to the throne of their country. They must deal with the struggle of constantly being watched, of losing their privacy. This becomes increasingly difficult because of the dark cravings that both have for each other. It’s hard for a woman to explain to the press that she –wanted- the bruises on her body, after all. This is pretty general, so I’m hoping to find someone to hash out the details with!

-The Hades/Persephone story from Greek Mythology is one I've been longing to play for a while. The idea of such a powerful, forceful god wanting an innocent goddess so badly that he would actually steal her away? Pretty sexy. What's more, the idea of him struggling with the need for her affection and approval... I think it's a storyline that has plenty of opportunities for twists and turns!

-A darker version of the classic Beauty and The Beast - A young woman trades places with her father in the beast's dungeon to save him. Their relationship grows. We can decided together which parts of the story to scratch (though I imagine that the singing clock and candelabra will not be in our version, haha).

-A storyline based in Ancient Egyptian times. Maybe a woman manipulates her way up to the Pharoah's side and becomes his wife, but it isn't all that she thought it would be. Maybe it genuinely started as a love, but she soon feels like nothing more than another one of his possessions. (Like the Pharoah is over Anak-su-namun in The Mummy movies!) Totally flexible with this!

-A Professional athlete and his high school sweetheart have an off and on relationship. Perhaps when he goes pro they split up, thinking its for the best. They spend a year or so apart from eachother before getting back into eachother's lives.

-A Jacqueline Kennedy/Aristotle Onassis type of relationship. America's princess marrying the world's richest man. But not all the money in the world could make him match up to her deceased husband, the love of her life. Their marriage spawned from a mutual need, a mutual appreciation, and perhaps a mutual love. I would like to explore the dynamics of this relationship, and maybe give it a darker spin as well. I would be interested in maybe doing a separate storyline involving a couple's ascent to the Whitehouse as well.

-A well-known playboy and a notoriously flirtatious socialite get together, and a tumultuous relationship ensues. Jealousy. Arguments. Wild parties. Dangerous fun. The possibilities are endless!

-A demon's favorite pet is stolen from him and sent to Earth, her memories of the underworld wiped. He has to track her down and somehow bring her memory of him back, before wreaking havoc on those that did this to them.

-Their marriage was to bring peace between their kingdoms, but there was already so much bad blood between their families. How could anyone look past that? The new King and Queen can keep a polished, poised face in public... but what's it really like behind closed doors?

-A high profile relationship, a rocky kind with all the extra fun that riches and the press can add.

Hai, beebee. =)


Hai, beebee. =)

Depraved Lucidity

I'm down for the Impregnation Scene, send me a message if you're interested!


Hai, beebee. =)